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“Hippolyta, I love her as you do. But this is the only way to truly protect her.” Do not worry. Do not fear, Antiope wanted to tell her. This was hard for her sister, very hard. She dipped her head, sealing a wordless vow.
- excerpt from Nancy Holder, Wonder Woman: The Official Movie Novelization

there is no passion; there is serenity

Rating: Mature

Pairing: Reylo

Prompt: two miserable people meeting at a wedding AU

Notes: Thank you so much @lariren-shadow for sending me this prompt. I spent too much of last night writing this, but it was totally worth it!

Rey’s assignment for the night is simple enough: guard Senator Organa on her wedding day.

The senator makes a beautiful bride, if an unconventional one. She has eschewed anything ornate for a plain white dress, long-sleeved and high-necked. It isn’t as though she can’t afford something fancier; Leia Organa was a princess, then a rebellion commander, before becoming one of the foremost Senators in the galaxy. She’s famous for her fine clothes and elaborate hairstyles, but today she’s dressed simply, her grey-streaked hair falling loose to the small of her back.

She smiles when she catches Rey looking at her, and there’s the gentlest tug in the Force—Senator Organa reaching out to her, Rey realizes. She remembers with a sudden lurch of embarrassment that this woman is also Master Luke’s sister.

“I wore a dress almost identical to this one the day that I met Han,” she says, smiling. “I thought a bit of nostalgia would be appropriate—and the look on his face will be priceless.”

Rey smiles. She hopes it doesn’t look as strained as it feels. The Senator seems kind, and she doesn’t deserve a dour Jedi dogging her footsteps on a day that should be joyful.

When it’s time for the ceremony to start, the senator pats Rey on the shoulder and says, “It was thoughtful of Luke to send some extra protection to my wedding, and I appreciate your effort, but I can take care of myself. You’re dismissed for the evening.”


The senator’s smile sharpens. “But nothing. Enjoy my wedding, and if I catch you shadowing me, I’ll only give Luke grief about it.”

She walks out of her dressing room before Rey can think of anything useful to say.

The ceremony is short and informal, but the reception is a party unlike any Rey has ever seen. There must be two hundred people in this ballroom, and by the looks of them, they range from the galaxy’s highest legislators and diplomats to its bottom-feeders. A representative sample of the bride and groom’s respective social circles, Rey imagines.

The senator and her husband are as different as night and day, but there’s no denying their love. They look at one another like they’re alone in this crowded room. It’s charming, beautiful even, but Rey can barely summon any feeling for the sight of them besides bitterness.

“So what did you do to get stuck with this assignment? Draw the short stick?”

Rey glances to her left, then up, because the man speaking to her is uncommonly tall. There’s something familiar about the curve of his lips, the shape of his brown eyes, but Rey can’t quite place it.

“Do I know you?” she asks.

He looks her up and down. “Doubtful. I’ve never set foot in my uncle’s charade of a Jedi school.”

“Uncle,” she says dumbly, a moment before her brain catches up to her mouth. “You must be Ben. Master Luke speaks of you.”

Rarely, and sometimes with frustration, but it would be rude to tell him as much.

“It’s Senator Organa these days,” Ben says dryly. Then he points to his mother. “Not to be confused with the Senator Organa in the white dress.”

Rey bites her lip, but she can feel her smile peeking out anyway. “It would be an easy mistake to make. You favor your father more, but you look like her too.”

“And yet uglier than both,” Ben says. He smirks, as if this is a joke, although Rey thinks it might not be, at least not entirely.

“You must not own a very accurate mirror.”

She didn’t mean to say that, but it’s hard to regret it when Ben’s pretense of a smile softens into something real.

“Aren’t Jedi forbidden to flirt?” he asks.

Rey shrugs. “How would you know? You said you’ve never been to the Academy.”

He could have, if he’d wanted to. Rey would know that even if Master Luke hadn’t told her about his nephew rejecting the Jedi path. She can feel the vibrancy of the Force all around him, potent and overwhelming.

Ben leans down, until the warmth of his breath fans across her temple. “I understand the rules,” he says. “Even if I chose not to follow them.”

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Let’s talk about this moment from How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury, shall we? 

See, the thing that has always struck me about Hiccup speaking in Dragonese is the fact that, nine times out of ten, he doesn’t really need to. Throughout the series, it is clearly shown that almost every single dragon Hiccup meets can understand Norse, even if they cannot speak it themselves, and every other Viking gets on fine training and working with dragons without ever needing to speak in the dragons’ own language. Consider the beginning of How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse, in which Hiccup attempts to get the Sabre Tooth Driver Dragons to help the Pirate Training Programme boys by speaking to them in Dragonese, only for Snotlout to barge in and yell-and-whip them into following orders, speaking only in Norse. This is just one example of how Cressida shows us that in everyday life, actively speaking in Dragonese doesn’t really help Hiccup all that much. 

Of course, understanding what the dragons are saying themselves is a different matter: it allows Hiccup insight into what Toothless is thinking and feeling, and indeed has saved his life numerous times when he came across dragons that could pose a threat to him. Additionally, he has repeatedly managed to get out of scrapes by manipulating the dragons he encounters through speech when they were unlikely to have been among the dragons that understood Norse (the Monstrous Strangulator in How to Be a Pirate, for example, had probably never even met humans since being placed in the cave by Grimbeard). 

However, while speaking and understanding Dragonese is clearly incredibly useful, when it comes to ensuring that dragons understand what Hiccup is saying, then like I said, nine times out of ten it is shown that speaking to them in their own language isn’t necessary - and arguably, if both humans and dragons generally understand Norse, then in some cases it would seem most logical to speak in Norse, wouldn’t it? I’m sure almost all the dragons Hiccup addresses in his speech here would understand him speaking in his own language, and even if not then there would be enough dragons there who understood to fill in all the rest. 

So why does Hiccup do it? Why, in every single exchange with a dragon Hiccup ever has, does he bother to speak in Dragonese? 

The answer is simple: it is generally accepted that speaking to someone in their own language is a sign of respect. 

Look, I live in England, and while I am proud of my country on a lot of issues, language is not one of them. My foreign language education at school has been patchy at best: we only began getting any foreign language lessons at all when I was about seven or eight, and while we had timetabled French lessons at middle school, for the first three years we suffered from a hugely inconsistent teacher. At high school the only foreign language options available for GCSE were French and German, and most people only took one of these to complete what was called the English Baccalaureate, rather than because we had been filled with passion about foreign languages. While the picture is not as bad all over the UK (I went to very small country schools with limited resources, whereas my city cousins had teachers available for language lessons since they started primary education), the general sloppiness of UK foreign language education compared to the foreign language education in place in other countries has left us apologetically relying on the impeccable English of foreigners to get by whenever we venture anywhere beyond our borders. 

This is something that has always really frustrated me, not only because I feel naturally vulnerable when I can’t understand everyone around me, but also because every time I’ve ever relied on someone switching to my language for us to be able to communicate it has felt like an insult to them. English is such a widely spoken language that as a country we’ve become lazy. It is because of all this that I am choosing to study French at A Level, and potentially at university, because I so desperately want to be able to show my respect by putting in the effort to speak to someone in their own language. 

Hiccup? He understands this. He, at a very young age, realised that the best way to show respect to the dragons he loved was to speak with them, not just to them, using their own unique language. This is evident throughout the series - why else would he work with dragons and train them through speech when he could just as easily make himself understood in Norse? He even speaks to Stormfly and the Wodensfang in Dragonese, despite knowing that they can speak Norse themselves. It all harks back to Hiccup’s fundamental belief in equality - if dragons can put in the effort to understand Norse, he can put in the effort to understand Dragonese. 

This is something I find extremely cool in and of itself: the demonstration of the power of language and the portrayal of such a humble and compassionate hero in a children’s series is amazing. However, I also love the significance of this simple, everyday choice by Hiccup in his wider message and ambitions for his kingdom. There is a quote from A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons that really sheds light on this, just after Hiccup discovers that Stormfly can speak Norse: “Long ago, the bards say, dragons and men spoke together as happily as you or I. Now, Hiccup was one of the only people he knew who spoke Dragonese, and although dragons generally understand Norse (which they call ‘lumpentongue’) Hiccup had never before met a dragon who could speak it.”

Clearly, when the rift grew between humans and dragons, their skills of communication dwindled. Eventually, humans were so sure of their superiority and so powerful over dragons that they stopped putting in any effort to converse with the dragons as equals. It was down to the dragons to understand the humans - why would it ever be the other way around? We even know that Stoick banned the speaking of Dragonese. All of the glory of the original Kingdom of the Wilderwest fizzled out into everything that Hiccup knew was wrong, with slavery and inequality rife. Yet the simple speaking of Dragonese is one of the clearest and most powerful ways that Hiccup tried to reverse this and build a better world, even from the very beginning, at ten years old, when he knew from the start that he wouldn’t be the sort of person to train his hunting dragon by mindlessly yelling at it, but instead by speaking in its own language.

Dear Thor, there’s so much in this. This series is so deep and important and powerful. And never has this beautiful message been more evident than in the moment in How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury when Hiccup asks Stormfly to translate his speech. 

For one thing, it makes it very clear that Hiccup is speaking to Furious, appealing directly to his enemy with a message of respect, compassion and love, in the only way he can. Most of all, Hiccup’s choice here means that the dragons are forced to listen to the human voice, and the humans are forced to listen to the dragon voice. 

This is the speech that ends the war, and begins a new era, one with a future that is brighter and better, and Hiccup chooses not to use his own language to gain power, but to begin this new future alongside a dragon, with the two languages intertwined and equal. 

It’s poetic. It’s beautiful. It’s powerful. And it makes me love him all the more. 

here is a list of some fonts that one of my teachers from the past school year said we weren’t allowed to use

please help me make a “lazytown characters as cursed graphic design fonts” list (the above picture being a possible reference)

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HIIIII !! i love your writing! ! i was wondering if you could make a dunkirk smut of alex (harry ) spending the night with y/n before he leaves for war ?

Thank you so much, angel! It’s a little bit funny, because I just watched Dunkirk. And believe me, it’s amazing! Xx

It’s slow and passionate, the air is filled with tension, because none of you two have the courage to say what’s coming. You both know what the intense touches of your lips are for, what your tears running down your cheeks are for, what you can’t do nothing about. The kisses you two share are deep and meaningful, not just quick pecks on the lips. He holds himself up to the bed with one of his hands and he uses the other one to lift you so your chests can touch. You’re closer than ever because tomorrow you’re gonna be separated. And it’s not going to be easy at all.

Even now when the feeling of him inside you is making you moan his name, you’re crying, because it can’t overtake the feeling of knowing he’ll be in dangerous after a few hours.

“I love you” you whisper, finally managing to tell him what you couldn’t a second before. “I love you more than everything, Alex.”

He buries his head inbetween your neck and you shoulder and somehow you already know it’s going to hurt so much when he’s away from you.

“I love yeh too, my love” he whispers in your ear. “Promise I’ll come home back to you.”

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I imagine this being yelled at me from a car when I’m walking down the street. I’m filled with both slight fear and incredible happiness. Thank you!

The Forgiveness You Don't Deserve

(Tom Holland!Peter Parker x Reader)


She always forgave him. Every time their plans were canceled or cut short, but how could she not forgive him? She knew his secret superhero identity. So she understood he was out saving the world.

Every time he would return from the dangerous situation he left her for he would apologize over and over again, and every time she would just giggle at his puppy dog eyes.

She forgave him because she was proud of him. So young, and risking his life so that others can be safe. How did she get so lucky as to love Peter Parker? The boy who puts the world before himself, and still found time to love her back.

She stood in the shower, rubbing her fingers over her eyes vigorously trying to rub of her make up that she had applied for tonight.

They were in the middle of a dinner date when Peter once again had to run off, but she watched him run out the door with a smile on her face that was hinted with worry.

He didn’t deserve her. None of this was fair to her, she deserved someone that was there for her 24/7, during all the little and big things life has to offer her, and he just couldn’t promise that.

So as he made his way back to her 7th level apartment he felt a small tear escape his eye from under his mask. He entered her room through the window, hearing the sound of her shower still running he sat himself on her bed and pulled his mask off with an exasperated sigh.

Y/n pulled the shower curtain open and was met with all the steam rising from her use of the hot water, she quickly wrapped a towel around her body and used another one to taper through her hair.

As she made her way back into her room she was unaware of the presence of her boyfriend. So when he realized she hadn’t noticed him he made himself known.

“Hi.” He whispered just loud enough for her to head.

“Oh- oh my god.” She slightly jumped, startled but instantly laughing it off.

“You scared me.” She smiled adoringly at him as she made her way sit next to him on the bed, shifting her body so she could face him. He let a smile find its way into his face as Y/n lifted his arms up to inspect every part of his body for injuries.

“I’m okay, I promise. I won this time.”

“What do you mean this time? Isn’t it every time?” She joked, smirking and making him laugh.

“If you won then why do you seem so sad?” She questioned, Peter unable to hide his emotions from her.

“I’m sorry about tonight.” He whispered, playing with his fingers as his hands shook, he couldn’t face her so he watched them.

Noticing the uncontrollable shaking, Y/n grabbed his hands in hers causing his teary eyes to finally look into hers.

“I told you, you don’t have to keep apologizing Peter. It’s okay.”

He sighed, preparing his words, “I know you mean that when you say it, and I love you for that. I just- Y/n you deserve so much more. You deserve someone who won’t cancel on you last minute or run out on you almost every single time they’re with you. Y/n I put everyone before you, and I-” he swallowed loudly, desperately trying to hold back his tears so he could finish, “I don’t deserve your forgiveness.”

She didn’t say anything at first, silent tears running down her face as she watched how broken he was saying this to her. She placed her hand under chin and moved his head up until his face was level with hers.

“Listen to me, Peter Parker.” She gulped, emotions taking over the tone of her voice, “You do not owe me anything. Don’t you ever say that you don’t deserve my forgiveness, because Peter I don’t think you understand that I never have to forgive you. You can’t forgive someone who doesn’t do anything wrong. God- I am so incredibly proud of you, and all this weight you willingly place on your shoulders, you take it all with such grace- well I mean when you aren’t falling all over the place,” they both laughed, lighting to air in the atmosphere, “Peter you prioritize the safety of others over spending time with me doing silly couple things, you don’t need to be forgiven for that.”

He smiled at her with such adoration he barely understood how it was possible to love someone this much.

“The day you put me first, over the world…” she began once more in a whisper as she leaned closer to him, “is the day you won’t deserve my forgiveness.” And everything she needed to say, she finished by gently placing her lips onto his. Their lips tasted like salt from the tears, but it was filled with passion and greater understanding for each other.

And as they pulled away, foreheads still touching and eyes still shut, they had never been more in love.

Ô toi ma Rose...

Toi, la jeune fille posé dans le hall d’entrée du bâtiment A. Je t’ai remarqué. Je t’ai remarqué dès lors que j’ai pu poser mon regard sur toi, dès lors que j’ai pu observer les lignes de ton visage. Tu m’as de suite foudroyé, attiré, doux serait l’euphémisme si je disais que j’étais tombé amoureux de toi. Sans même que je t’ai parlé, sans même que je n’ai songé savoir ton prénom, je t’aimais déjà. C’était la première fois que ça m’arrivais, et je crois que je n’avais aucune envie de venir de parler. Aucune envie de venir te parler, de peur que la magie s’effondre, que mes fantasmes s’abandonnent, que mon amour s’envole. Alors je suis resté là, à te regarder, à chaque récréation, à chaque sortie. Sans rien dire, sans jamais ne m’être fait remarqué, sans jamais que mon regard ne puisse croiser le tien. Un beau jour, j’ai paniqué, tu venais en ma direction, tu m’as parlé. Timidement, mais tu m’as parlé, tu m’as adressé la parole. J’en étais heureux, soulagé, comblé. A la manière de Jack, t’aurai été la Rose pour laquelle j’aurai tout donné, tout quitté, à laquelle j’aurai donné ma vie, ma vie toute entière.

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We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race and the human race is filled with passion. Medicine, law, business, engineering—these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life, but poetry, beauty, romance, love—these are what we stay alive for.
—  Tom Schulman, Dead Poets Society