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Kinda sucks to know ur folks never really supported something they said they were 💯 for, u know??

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blastr(.)com/2017-4-18/sexuality-sells-hollywood-capitalizing-lgbtq-characters-better-or-worse I love t100 getting dragged a year & 6 weeks later.

Bless this entire fucking article. This isn’t really about The 1OO, this is about the problem with media rep that I’ve been talking about for YEARS now and how y’all keep falling for the crumbs of rep every damn fucking time. 

…This, in and of itself, is not an issue. In fact, it’s a very good thing that creators are taking the opportunity to update older stories to fit a more modern view of the world.

The problem is that the sexuality of these characters is being used for marketing and not much else.

When a TV show or a movie introduces a gay character, two things happen without fail: there is a lot of press, and there is a core audience who will tune in, no matter what. LGBTQ+ audiences, generally, will see anything that shows even the slightest inkling of being a little bit gay.

There’s a particular way that LGBTQ+ audiences interact with media. It’s a kind of desperate need of representation akin to an abused animal. We want and need to feel like the media we consume cares about us and wants to represent us truthfully and compassionately. At the same time, we’re extremely well aware of the fact that that same media has mistreated us horribly in the past and continues to do so. If there’s a gay character on TV, you can bet that character has a legion of loyal fans simultaneously cheering them on and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Will the character be evil? Die? Both?

It’s that deep need and deeper fear that makes LGBTQ+ viewers some of the most passionate: perfect to market to, and dangerous to cross….

and fucking this…

Characters who happen to be gay have become a brand new form of tokenism. They are not, themselves, token characters - their characterization exists outside of their gayness - but they are being used to appeal to a certain demographic. Rather than serving the role of traditional token characters, Trini and LeFou do not support tired stereotypes or to allow the creators an out for borderline jokes at their expense. But, much like their token predecessors, these characters also do not exist because said creators think representation is important or meaningful. They get butts in seats, they stir up controversy, but they are inoffensive. You cannot rightfully fear them because they don’t do or say anything scary. You cannot hate them because they don’t actually do any of the things you hate.

But at the same time, you can’t really champion them, because they aren’t really doing or saying anything at all.

Read this article, then read it again thirty more times or until you understand that they’re literally playing you and that thankfully I’m not the only one pointing it out anymore. Every studio, every network, every showrunner. They are using you for ratings, money, and publicity without doing the work and you keep giving it to them. Stop falling for it. 


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It's farmer's market season, and you're a plant-y witch! My market has all kinds of weird stuff I don't recognize and I can be afraid to branch out, so what weird stuff would you recommend? Magically or for eating? Thanks!!!

THIS IS THE QUESTION I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR AND I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT! I am so passionate about farmer’s markets! And plants! Ah! 

1. Live plants
This is not something every market has, but mine has a woman who is clearly a secret witch who sells little potted plants. But not the same basil/thyme/parsley every stall has, no! She has St. John’s Wort, verbena, catsfoot, cinquefoil, and on and on and on. (My beloved wormwood was originally purchased from her!) But even if your farmer’s market doesn’t have Weird Witch Herbs, still consider buying your kitchen herb live plants there–they likely have less pesticides than the same thing bought at Lowe’s or wherever, and the person who grew them will be able to tell you for sure. 

2. Less common mushrooms
This was my find at the market today! I can get oysters and chanterelles anywhere in town, but my community has recently gained a mushroom guy, a guy with a mushroom farm! He has both foraged and farmed mushrooms, some of which I’d heard of but never seen irl. Tonight I’m cooking up some lion’s mane mushrooms, which are fabulous and vaguely oceanic in flavor. I have never done magic with mushrooms–I’m sure it’s possible, but they always get eaten long before I could dream up a use.

3. Garlic scapes
I don’t know that these are “weird” because they’re so easy to grow, but they’re never carried at supermarkets–at least not where I live. You can use scapes in nearly any preparation similar to how you’d use green onions; I like to pickle them with red pepper. In magic, you can use them in place of garlic with similar protective and banishing qualities, its ~greenness~ adding a kind of catalytic speed to spell processes. 

4. Gooseberries
Goddamn I love gooseberries, and they are an underrated fruit. Tip to the wise: they’re often sold pale green/clear, and they will be exceptionally sour. I love them that way, but most prefer to cook them down with a lot of sugar. If you let them sit for a few days they turn purpley-pink and become much more palatable. Gooseberries are an ingredient in a number of folk remedies, and are also beloved of fae–do with that information what you will. 

Bonus (confidential to my Eastern US witch buds): Pawpaws
Sorry to everyone else, but I’ve never heard these discussed or sold outside of their native range. I’ve heard these called custard apples before, but most know them as pawpaws, not to be confused with papayas. They’re kind of mango-like, kind of banana-like, and a completely unique experience in their own right. My gran’s old books are filled with pawpaw recipes, both magical and mundane, as seems to be true of every Ozarks folk witch or herbalist of her generation. The flesh or juice of the fruit can be used in love spells; the seeds in curses. 


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it’s 12:00 a.m. and I just wanted to be sappy okay !!

I’ve been on tumblr for quite a few years now, hoping to achieve the same goal as many of you are or have, and even though I’m trying to get there, I’ve realized one thing along the way. The friendships you build on here isn’t something you should take for granted, and I’d like to share with you guys about a few wonderful people I’ve met via tumblr that’s had a great impact on my life, and thank you guys for being such wonderful, encouraging human beings.

@tswiftpower- Gracie. we go WAYYYY back, to our fangirl days of nickelodeon shows on twitter, to our friendship with an up and coming artist, to sharing our love for Taylor, and even just listening to each other, encouraging, supporting one another. Gracie, I’m so lucky to have you as a friend!

@taylorswiftornothing Allison. this girl has the most kind soul. we’ve been following each other’s blogs for a good while, and not even realizing that. we met over one of her livestreams, and I’m so glad we did. she’s a hardworking med student who is not afraid to put her passion of dance, a bit of drama and silliness, and love for the world out there. she spent so many hours reblogging and sharing about Swifties that have never been noticed by Taylor, giving them every chance possible be noticed by their role model. Allison, thank you for being so kind and loving, and being one of my best friends.

@talldrinkofhappy Cindy. my name twin, I’ve known of her for so many years you have no idea, but today, she took the time out of her day to just talk to me. She’s so well educated, loves her family and the girl she drank beer with, and has such a caring heart. Talking to her, and getting some lovely words of encouragement from her meant so much to me. Thank you, Cindy, and I hope to keep beings friends!

@1989badblood13 Christina. You are so incredibly kind to always be sharing our posts, spreading so much love and positivity to our tumblr feeds, and I know, to our world as well. Thank you for always being so open to talking to new people, and helping them share their posts! x

@swiftybrains Casey, same to you. You’ve spent so much time talking to me, giving me positivity, and encouragement, especially during that one day I was feeling so hopeless and down. You shared your life experiences with me, and I am so beyond grateful to have gotten to know you and your kind soul.

@like-im-paralyzed-by-time Alyssa. you too, your energy and creativity with your posts is endlessly inspiring. Your willingness to help others and your loving heart makes me smile every time I see your posts, or you reblogging another fan who has never been noticed by Taylor’s posts. You are so gorgeous!

@originalswifty89 Caitlin. You have the most spirited posts, sticking up and defending Taylor through it all. You have such beautiful words and encouragement for everyone you talk to. I’m so glad you got to meet Taylor. You deserved every piece of that night.

@julieswildestdreams Julie. I’m so glad I got to virtually meet you on this platform. You are, first of all, STUNNING. What also really made me inspired by you was your dedication to helping your mutuals share, continuously, their posts, and letting them have your night. Reading through a few of your posts, you’ve helped me realize that it is okay to feel the need to step away from the internet, because this is a crazy world, and just breathe. Thank you xx

@wonderlandtay Quinn. even though we don’t talk often, you were one of the first people I followed on tumblr. we were literally in the same line waiting to meet Taylor Nation in Santa Clara, you and your boyfriend had the cutest power couple outfit. You are absolutely gorgeous, and I’m so happy I met your awesome soul because we were at the same concert. Hope to see you again soon!

@taylorswiftie—13. Jillian. You’re like my little sister, who loves to be nothing but sweet and kind. You have this focus for your studies that I wished I had, and you are so passionate about just being you, and supporting Taylor. I’m so glad you fINALLY decided to join tumblr, and I can’t wait to meet you in person soon.

Of course, there are so many others who have made an impact as well, and I’m just so thankful for all of you guys I’ve gotten to talk to in the past few years, months, weeks, and days.

Finally, @taylorswift and @taylornation. Taylor, you’ve been a part of my life since 2007, when I first heard Teardrops on My Guitar. You were the first artist I learned music to as English is my second language. You taught me that it’s okay to feel insecure, but also to embrace confidence and who I am. You inspired me to teach myself the guitar, and no matter how many times I moved to opposite coasts and missed you on tour, I vowed that you’d be my first concert as well, and that’s exactly what happened on August 15th, 2015 in Santa Clara, CA. That’s where I had the chance to meet Taylor Nation. You guys are an INCREDIBLE PR and management team. I am so passionate about the music business/marketing and PR industry, and I learn SO much from you guys just observing what you do. I’m currently a college freshman at Penn State, and I sometimes think about the fact that this is the state Taylor was born in, and smile because I have the best role model to look up to.

I hope one day, Tay, you’ll get to know who I am, and I’ll be able to finally give you a hug and thank you for being such a bright light in my life, helping me through most of my darkest days, changing my life at the age of 7, and giving me this opportunity to virtually and physically meet all of these wonderful people I talked about. Thank you for everything, @taylorswift and @taylornation.

also i kinda wanna start my writer’s blog separately and give like… writing advice. i know there’s people who tell you how shit works so you can describe it right (medicine, injury, military, etc etc), but i wanna. get into style, and how to convey emotion, how to use vocab and formatting to make everything you do illustrate the point your making until it’s a well-rounded whole.

i feel like i’d be outta shit to say in a few posts though, but maybe that’s okay.

is anyone here interested in that? like i feel i could help at least some people pretty well, even if there’s plenty i have to learn. i could accept pieces of writing to give my critiques on.
it could be fun.

But that only begs the question: why haven’t the Republican free-market fanatics mobilized their base in support of the bill? Why aren’t they flooding the Senate with phone calls in favor of making people fend for themselves in the healthcare insurance market? Where’s the passion for the market, the hostility to the welfare state, that has so defined the conservative cause since the New Deal?

300+ followers to celebrate! I never have been one to care for keeping track but there are just too many of you that I appreciate for any of you to go unnoticed. I thank you all so much for sticking with me and my muse for Tamaki as we venture through Tumblr together. Now let us celebrate with a few notable shoutouts to my baes! 

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