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85. God, he was gorgeous. With Pride ❤🙏

After the incident with Hamilton, laughter in Pride’s kitchen was becoming more and more frequent. Passing jokes while your co-workers while shuffled in for some coffee or making fun of LaSalle’s bed-head because he just woke up from a nap on his desk and was scrounging for a late-night snack.

But tonight was different. Everybody was here; Loretta, Gregorio, Sebastian. Pride was finally cooking whole meals now. Beers were passed around. It felt like old times.

But it felt like old times because Pride was laughing and grinning again. There was a light in his eyes and laughter rumbling in his chest. Just a couple weeks ago, it seemed like this was a sight you’d never see again. But here he was; smile as bright as the sun. Warming the entire kitchen.

God, he was gorgeous. Pride has always been handsome, but when he was truly happy, that’s when he could be described as breath-taking.

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Something I’d like to get some broader opinions on:

How many other aroace people, and people who identify exclusively as aromantic or asexual (without use of split attraction) have felt unable to discuss their experiences properly in spaces that are specifically for either aro or ace people, or otherwise alienated/sidelined within those spaces?

Please add specific thoughts and opinions about the issue if you’re willing, and feel free to reblog and pass around.

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Hey I saw the anon about Wonder Woman and did you all know that she is a trans woman because the day I learned it my life has changed for the better. (there's a post going around tumblr with the comic book page where it's stated and if you search wonder woman in my tags you should find it pretty quickly)

unfortunately that was faked :(

but she’s still a trans woman in my mind tbh


So, I was like, away from Tumblr for days because I was baking cookies since Sunday night. I had to finish 65 dozens of cookies until Wednesday morning. But I suck sometimes, so I asked my client if we could meet by Thursday morning instead because I needed the whole Wednesday to finish them.

Swear, I had no breaks. Swear, I was baking for almost 24 hours each day. And I had to go back and forth to supermarket. I only napped during the ride.

On Monday, it was the 19th, around six in the morning, my grandma slipped and hit her head against the edge of our wooden sofa. She bled and too much blood flowing out. My Auntie Cel panicked and cried, (She’s always like that so I really need to stay calm. Lol.) while I helped her, kept talking to her so she won’t pass out and wrapped towels around her head, but really, no use because there was too much blood. REALLY. Like we were literally bathing in her own blood. But not really. So yeah, she was rushed in the hospital and immediately treated there. As usual, I didn’t cry. I only cried when it’s over because of what ifs. Like, what if we weren’t there, if she was alone when that happened. So Monday was a really long day for me. She’s okay now, btw. I cut her hair this morning using pinking shears, and helped her bathe.

On Thursday morning, Ceng and I delivered the cookies at DLSU-Mnl and after that, I got my brows threaded and my hair trimmed.

And ahhhhh, finally. Sleep.

And I’m really excited for The Maine!

9th grade, North San Pete middle school shot of Laura Aime 1972. Old passed around shot, but from the book. Saying Fairview, but really a town called Moroni. She lived in Fairview, but commuted 20 miles.

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You've mentioned that Dean dry humps you sometimes. What does that entail and where does he do it?

He literally humps me randomly throughout the day in passing or whatever

And everywhere around the bunker

Even though Lefou and Stanley aren’t actually in this, I would still consider it a Stafou fic.  Takes place after the ball at the end of the movie, where Lumiere, Plumette, Belle and the prince are cleaning up afterwards.  Under what context these four would be left, I don’t know, but I liked playing with the dynamic… and Belle totally ships Stafou.

June 21st, Dance

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Hey so this is a really long shot but my cat is lost. I depend on her for so much. She’s the living embodiment of my fight for mental stability, I adopted her exactly a year after I was released from the hospital after threatening suicide. She means so much to me and she’s lost because my dad let her out of the house when she was annoying him. I live in Plymouth Minnesota. It’s cold as fuck here and it’s supposed to snow tonight. Please try to get the word around.

using your time wisely on public transport

The bus ride to my university takes an hour there and back each day. Those hours spent on the bus tend to feel like a waste of time. However, that time doesn’t have to be useless. 

General tips:

  • Check out the transit schedule before you make your timetable. For me, there’s no bus at 3 pm so if a class ends at 2:30 I have to wait till 4 for the bus.
  • You can’t always be productive the entire time. When I’m on the 7 am bus on Mondays I make a deal with myself: Be productive for at least the first half of the bus ride. After that, listen to music and stare out the window all you want.
  • Pack your bag lightly. Your back is gonna hurt if you try to bring everything with you. If you and a classmate have a break together, make a deal that only one of you will bring the textbook each week. Or buy a binder-ready copy of your textbook (so you can bring individual chapters with you).
  • Bring snacks and a water bottle always! You’ll be thankful for that granola bar on your way back, especially on days when you’ve been on campus for 12+ hours!

Things you CAN do on public transport:

  • Study flashcards. Bring a stack of flashcards with you or use Quizlet. Quizlet is a good app because you might find that someone else has already made flashcards for the class you’re taking, you can star which terms you already know, and you can have the app read out the flashcards to you (I find I remember thing better if I hear them as well)
  • Do your readings and/or prelabs. I wouldn’t recommend bringing more than one textbook otherwise your backpack will be super heavy all day. Read through a few chapters. If you like to write down notes as you read, bring a pen and a pack of big sticky notes. If you have labs like me, finish up your prelabs for the following week when you’re heading home after a lab. I’ve managed to finish my physics and chemistry prelabs on the bus, every week so far this semester.
  • Catch up on that Netflix show you’ve been watching. Not so productive, but I see it as a way of unwinding. And if you’re going to watch an episode when you get home anyways, why not do it on your commute? So download those episodes and relax (I recommend The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine if you need a laugh)
  • Read over your lecture notes. You should be doing this anyways so why not do it on your commute? Looking over your lecture notes from classes you had that day will help reinforce the content in your mind. Look over notes from weeks or months ago too. Reviewing older content will help you so much when finals come along.
  • Watch some Khan Academy videos. Did you know that Khan Academy has an app!?? Download videos beforehand and watch them on the go. Since this requires a bit more focus I’d recommend not watching videos for stuff you just learned that day – go home, read your textbook, and then watch a video the next day to clarify things/learn the info in a new way.
  • Catch up with people you haven’t talked to for a while. Send a text to your mom or that friend who’s studying across the country. Trust me, they miss you and talking to people who support you is good for your mental health.
  • Get out your planner (or bullet journal) and plan your week. If you’re feeling overwhelmed making a to do list for each day of your week can help. This also ensures you won’t be forgetting about an essay due the next week.

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Recently, I came across a post warning against storing your herbs in glass jars. “They will mold,” it claimed. I reblogged it, with my owns comments on the subject, explaining to others that simply is not the case.

If you have done the homework on the plants you are gathering, learned how each plant needs to be dried, and followed the proper steps, storing your herbs in glass jars will not make them mold. 

*Herbs in the store can be purchased in glass jars.* 

*Herbs have been stored in glass jars for hundreds of years.*

This is a small sample of my larder, all my herbs are carefully air-dried, and stored in glass jars. (Some are in plastic bags, as I ran out of jars!) None have ever molded.

My point is, don’t believe every post you come across, but read up on the subject, and educate yourself well. It’s disappointing to see misinformation being passed around as fact, when in truth, it is not. 

  • Some leaves and flowers will need to be air-dried for 3-5 days.
  • Some leaves and plants need to be dried for 7-14 days.
  • Some flowers, (like lilacs) along with any member of the pine/evergreen family will require 3 weeks or more to dry.
  • Some plants with stems attached may need to be dried for 14-21 days, maybe even longer.
  • Air-drying maintains the colour, as well as essential oils/benefits of the plants the best, where oven drying can reduce them, and turns the plants brown.
  • Oven dry fruits like berries, at a very low setting (150°C-200°C) for anywhere from 2-4 hours, checking in between to see if they have completely dried yet. Since oven temps vary, you may have to tweek your drying times.

Do extensive reading on plants and drying/storing. You’ll have a far more rewarding and successful results!

23. Each house acted differently at meal times:


  • Before anybody eats they all pass around the food
  • Everybody has a full plate before anybody starts
  • Most likely to try and feed animals under the table
  • Most memorable incident of this was when the teachers found three generations of rabbits hiding under the table (the Niffler was a close second)


  • There are some kids reading while they eat but there’s just as many talking with each other
  • Once a week they make a point of having a meal from a different part of the world (ex Chinese food one week, lobster the next, bison the week after)
  • Ravenclaws pop in and out of the kitchen all week making suggestions to the house elves (who enjoy the challenge and always come up with a feast)
  • A few items have even been added to the regular menu this way (there was almost a riot over the beignets from the other houses trying to snatch them)


  • By far the loudest house in the hall, with everybody shouting over one another and grabbing food
  • Whenever anybody has a birthday in their house they make sure to sing “Happy Birthday” for them (at the top of their lungs, of course)
  • Birthday kid has to walk down the centre of the table (and try to avoid getting tripped)
  • Everybody learns that not all Gryffindors are good at singing, but not for lack of effort


  • Polite table manners, but heaven help you if you take food off somebody’s plate, they see that as a grave insult
  • Slytherin spends all year preparing for one day to change their routine and confuse everybody (they keep changing it every year, to keep people on their toes)
  • Sometimes they all speak a different language for the meal, sometimes they communicate with hand signals without words, sometimes they all levitate everything and eat their meal while slowly floating in the air
  • One year this got so out of hand that an over enthusiastic student set the Great Hall on fire (to this day nobody knows which one it was as Slytherins never snitch on a fellow snake, so the entire house got detention)

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  • M/MA/R/18 Rated Franchise Fanbase: generally gets along pretty decently, minimal shipping wars, teenagers into it are either edgy idiots that get mocked into oblivion or are surprisingly funny and mature. Jokes casually and memes about horrifying events in story. Generally friendly with the original creators/actors/artists. Closely examines and philosophizes about the themes. The weird, disturbing, transgressive and taboo porn is casually passed around and consumed with minimal drama. Make a mixture of mature, dark and silly fanfic. Generally a relaxed community.
  • Children's Series/Broadly All Ages Fanbases: bake needles into cookies given to fanartists, harass creators and actors when they do the wrong ship. Sexually harasses actors and cosplayers. Obsessive policing of even the most vanilla porn. Fanfic is frequently edgy to a self parodying degree. Discourse over EVERYTHING. FICTION IS REALITY. Rancorous screaming about the themes. Teenagers are all horrible, adults are even worse. A tense environment where nobody wants to speak openly lest they incur the wrath of the Big Fans.
Small book things that prove Shadow Moon is precious

-Shadow Moon cheated on a coin toss so he would purposefully lose and have to buy a hitchhiker dinner (instead of the hitchhiker buying Shadow dinner)

-Shadow Moon left a dead cockroach on a motel floor instead of getting rid of it “out of respect for the dead”

-Actual quote: ”He [Shadow] drove over a big muddy river and laughed out loud when he saw that the name of it, according to the sign, was Big Muddy River”

-Shadow Moon does coin tricks whenever he sees little children to try and entertain them. It’s always his first reaction if he catches a kid looking at him

-Shadow Moon smiles to himself quite often when he is alone 

-When Shadow orders hot chocolate for himself he specifically asks for whipped cream on the top

-Shadow Moon felt proud of himself when he performed coin tricks for adults for the first time, as he always just practiced alone or in front of children 

-When Shadow arrived at his apartment and saw that there was a cat outside of it, he immediately bent down to pet the cat 

-Shadow Moon would go on walks alone and wave at the people (locals and tourists alike) he passed around town

-Shadow bought a bottle of Cabernet as a gift for someone because he had seen “life is a bottle of Cabernet” on a bumper sticker and it made him laugh

-Shadow Moon likes listening to the oldies radio station 

Road Trip

Rick tricked Stan into a ‘vacation outing’ when really they needed some major counseling from Carol in the middle of space because they wouldn’t agree with anywhere else.