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So, I was in my middle school sex ed class, 8th grade I believe, and for the most part it was boring stuff we already knew, since it was a school for “rebellious” or “unruly” kids. It was obvious we were bored, so she cut the video she was playing short, and moved on to how to put on a condom. Now, you’d expect a simple explanation, right? No such thing. She pulls out a freakin’ dildo, and uses that to show us! Then had the students pass it around! She knows how to teach sex ed, and if not then damn the orthodox methods!

hey pals! a blog called has been recreated! i encourage everyone to block the blog just in case you are mentioned, it would suck to read something about yourself on there when yall are all talented amazing peoople!!!!

EDIT: they have been following several krp blogs, just block them! dont fuel the fire and support your fellow muns! spread love and positivity folks xx

tcc nerds arent allowed to say theyre “respectful” and “dont condone” when theyre like passing around ways to write fanmail to serial killers or mourning their deaths or making cutesy edits of them or posting images of their fucking victims bodies. you all are freak losers who think being tryhard edgy makes you cool and scary but its just really embarrassing to see you all being living embodiments of “welcome to my twisted mind”

Five Times Scott found Stiles or Derek Sleeping, and the One Time He Didn’t

Part I | Part II |  Part III | Part IV

Part IV: aka Halloween

Someone was screaming. Scott couldn’t tell what direction it came from because everything around him was chaos. A witch bumped into his shoulder. He wasn’t affected by the collision, but it knocked her course. She huffed and straightened her pointed hat that had been knocked askew and stomped off, heels clicking against the sidewalk. Scott couldn’t help himself. His eyes slid south to the witch’s long legs under her puffy red skirt and the sexy black fishnets.

Halloween at college was awesome. The girls were hot, dressed slutty, and he had a built-in costume. He let his eyes wander a little longer over a sexy pirate that winked at him as she passed, and he grinned back around his fangs and flexed to make her giggle. It was the one time of year his beta shift wasn’t out of place.

As soon as Scott had finished his paper, he’d stripped off his shirt and shifted in the library bathroom so he could walk back to the frat house in ‘costume.’ It was pretty cool. No one looked twice at him unless it was to check him out. Another sweet bonus.

A little after ten in the evening, Scott was late for the Alpha Beta party. As a pledge, he was supposed to be helping, but his time management skills sucked. He’d left his comparative essay for his required first-year English to the last minute, and since the party would probably go all night, he’d locked himself in the library all afternoon to finish because pledge duty meant he had certain obligations, like helping drunk chicks home safely. A duty he took very seriously, and apparently, so did the president of the frat.

Derek had been adamant that the fraternity offer aid to anyone that felt unsafe. There was a story there, but Scott was a little afraid to ask.

The street was packed with partiers in costume, drinks, and glow sticks, and some dude was sitting in a treat chucking handfuls of candy into the crowd. Scott had never seen campus so packed, not even during rush week. To escape, he ducked down a partially hidden walking path that would take him to a shortcut through the woods that backed the frat house. If he hopped over the back fenced fully wolfed out, he could probably scare a few girls.

Scott fished his phone out of his pocket to send Isaac a text and let him know he was on his way. Focused on his screen, he tripped over something lying across the path. Only his supernatural reflexes managed to save him from face-planting on the concrete by snagging the arm of a nearby park bench.

There was an arm across his path. He’d seen enough severed limbs to last him a lifetime of nightmares thanks to the feral alpha that turned him going on a rampage during his sophomore year of high school. Thankfully, this arm was connected to a body, and the red hoodie was suspiciously familiar.

“Stiles?” Scott staggered upright and let his beta shift melt away. The kid was lying half on the ground with one leg propped up on the seat of the bench. “Ah, shit. Please don’t be dead.”

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Hey yall if you're having a bad Thanksgiving at least we're suffering together because I cried a lot today over being called a beautiful daughter and having old photos of myself passed around

Ugh im sorry. Thats so hard. We are here if you need to talk. And also a ton of others experience that as well.


Y'all need to understand why it’s important to reblog artwork, fics, and any content creator’s original work.

I have seen in my short months on this website threats in my inbox, ableist slurs, and accusations of abuse apology and other nasty things from antis just because of my artwork. I have seen OTHER Reylo people in the fandom openly mock and make fun of the artwork of another Reylo. I have seen antis bully someone and target them over being a Reylo by reposting and modifying their art and passing it around with mean captions – the antis’ repost got thousands of reblogs and likes by the way.

Content creators put our work out there and it’s a vulnerable place to be in. Reblogging helps reaffirm to us a part of the reason why it’s worth making and uploading the work in the first place.

Support creators, or else all we’ll have left are shitposts and the Discourse™.

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you: i think we should bring back "this is in terrible taste but not actually hurting anyone" instead of purity politics || tumblr sjws: OMG WE MUST GO ALL PURITY POLITICS. (like... the irony?)

…yup, pretty much.

Luckily, that post wasn’t for them, it was for the people they’re hoping to browbeat. The more they pass it around with middle-school Mean Girls insults as “refutation,” the more exposure it gets among the people who most need to see it.

when people say shit like “if you’re at an antifacist event, don’t talk to reporters” they mean you. you aren’t an exception to that. you can be the smartest, most articulate person on the planet and right wing news stations can still edit shit to make you look like a dipshit.

when people say to not take selfies or leave your face uncovered at antifacist events they mean you. when people say not to get into public debates with nazis (because it just gives them a platform and a persecution complex) they mean you. the way to actually, effectively combat fascism is by organizing en masse - you can’t be a hero or get famous as a black bloc activist and you shouldn’t be trying to.

your fifteen minutes of fame on local news isnt worth potentially giving your political opponents soundbites of “crazy sjws” to pass around on reddit and recruit more scumbags with. it’s not worth risking the safety of other people to take photos at events that might get other, more vulnerable people identified. it’s not worth it to get into pointless arguements with fascists in atmospheres where you’re just giving them an excuse to spout their bullshit and a soapbox to do it on. if you think feeling like a hero is more important than the actual, physical safety of the people you’re supposedly trying to protect, you’re just a narcissist who happens to have left wing politics.

The Turkey Story

 So it’s 2001, and my family drives from fucking California and like three blizzards to get to Ohio for thanksgiving, becuase my grandparents are moving into a nursing home and it’s their last holiday in that house.  So its a bit bittersweet but ultimately a good thing.

Since it’s their last holiday there, the family pulls out all the stops when it comes to dinner, all the Russian desserts come out, as does the Lethal Bacon Mashed Potatoes and the horrible candied yams dish because not all expressions of love are good, even if they are sincere.  In the spirit of going all-out, Uncle Bobby smokes a Turkey.  

Uncle Bobby started cooking as a boy scout by tossing foil-wrapped potatoes into a campfire and has been addicted since, and now has a hand-made smokehouse in the backyard where he makes various cured meats and other delights.  He seasons the turkey in the traditional manner, but he and grandpa have a shared passion for a spaicier mesquite-style bird, so Bobby makes a Cornish Game Hen seasoned that way, for them.

Then Bobby has a Brilliant Idea.  He realizes that he can stuff the turkey (once it has been smoked) with regular stuffing, and there is still plenty of room for him to put the game hen inside THAT, and stuff the game hen becuase why not?  He confers with Mom, and she explains how to cut open the turkey so there’s  dramatic reveal as the stuffing and game hen come out.  It’s Genius.

Except, of course, that my Aunt Sue is attending, Uncle Cliff slouching after her.

So the day of the dinner, tensions are running a bit high, between the marathon cooking, the kids all being trapped indoors due to aforementioned blizzards, and Uncle Cliff deciding that the best way to amuse himself is by hiding from the adults in the basement, getting drunk and rambling about how various ethic groups were destroying America.  Being that I had close Muslim friends that were leaving the country becuase of 9/11, I was near tears from this nonsense and ready to fight a man roughly five times my size.  

Sue, for some reason, keeps coming down and defending him, or telling us we’re rotten children for ‘attacking’ him, becuase she Must Stand By Her Man, even if her man is a hefty bag of feces with an ugly mustache.

My sister eventually bolts upstairs to tattle and my grandfather limps down to the basement and brandishes his Hip-Bone Cane, hands rock-steady in spite of the Parkinson’s slowly taking over him.

“Firstly Cliff, It may not be my roof much longer but while you are under it you will be civil, or I’ll beat your skull in.  Also, dinner’s ready, everyone go wash up.”

We go upstairs and sit down, and do the traditional “Name one thing you’re thankful for” as the bread gets passed around the table, and things calm down a bit.  Bobby brings out the Turkey and everyone goes OOH becuase it’s really pretty, them Mom carves it open so that the stuffing spills out dramatically along with the game hen and there’s an appreciative gasp all around becuase it looks cool.

Only Sue KEEPS gasping, in utter horror, before getting up and clasping her hands to her face ala Edvard Munch and shrieks-


We all stare at Sue.  We all look back at the fully-dressed-cooked-and-stuffed birds that in no way had any internal organs in them or ever gave live birth. Then we all looked back at Sue, trying to figure out where to begin but since she’d been trying to justify Cliff’s behavior she was pretty much free-associating conspiracies and scandals now, and just kept going.

“IT WAS PREGNANT MY GOD WE’VE COMMITTED AN ABORTION WE’RE ALL GOING TO HELL FOR THIS, I’M SO SORRY JESUS-” She goes into full pearl-clutching gibbering horror at this point and falls back into her chair like it’s a Victorian fainting couch only it’s a shitty chair from the Eisenhower administration so it collapses and she slams into the floor, sobbing and kicking her feet like a toddler.

Everyone watched for a moment before my Mom sighs heavily and starts carving and serving the turkey while my grandmother mouths “she’s not coming back”.   

Cliff, reactions delayed by about six beers, finally notices his wife is on the floor and tries to pick her up, falls on his ass himself.  They are assisted by Dad, who is saintly patient man and less immune to this jacknapery at that point. I am stuffing dinner rolls into my face to keep from laughing at this grand spectacle and it’s not working.

“I CAN’T EAT IT, I REFUSE TO PARTAKE IN THIS BARBARISM-”  Sue begins but Dad puts on his best Kindly Father voice (he went to seminary school long enough to learn that before getting drafted but that’s another story) and assures Sue that she need not eat, or even be in the room if she wants.  She nods, placated by being the center of attention again, and Dad goes in for the kill.

“I wouldn’t want you to go hungry.  Can I make you some Eggs?”

“That would be lovely.” Said Sue, joke flying over her head like a boeing 747.  I recall watching my grandmother nearly choke to death on the green beans over that, and everyone pointedly trying to avoid talking about anything poultry-related while Sue sat there and ate the most ironic scrambled eggs in the history of mankind.

Shortly thereafter, Cliff threw up in the sink and they went home, and the party got underway properly, with Grandpa raising a toast to Mom and Uncle Bobby “For marrying well, for a change”

“Pregnant Turkey” has been an Ohioan thanksgiving staple since then.  I’ll see if I can hit Uncle Bobby up for instructions but if you decide to make it 1. you HAVE to shriek “OH MY GOD IT WAS PREGNANT” when you carve it open, or it’s not authentic and won’t taste as good 2. Share the pictures with me.

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using your time wisely on public transport

The bus ride to my university takes an hour there and back each day. Those hours spent on the bus tend to feel like a waste of time. However, that time doesn’t have to be useless. 

General tips:

  • Check out the transit schedule before you make your timetable. For me, there’s no bus at 3 pm so if a class ends at 2:30 I have to wait till 4 for the bus.
  • You can’t always be productive the entire time. When I’m on the 7 am bus on Mondays I make a deal with myself: Be productive for at least the first half of the bus ride. After that, listen to music and stare out the window all you want.
  • Pack your bag lightly. Your back is gonna hurt if you try to bring everything with you. If you and a classmate have a break together, make a deal that only one of you will bring the textbook each week. Or buy a binder-ready copy of your textbook (so you can bring individual chapters with you).
  • Bring snacks and a water bottle always! You’ll be thankful for that granola bar on your way back, especially on days when you’ve been on campus for 12+ hours!

Things you CAN do on public transport:

  • Study flashcards. Bring a stack of flashcards with you or use Quizlet. Quizlet is a good app because you might find that someone else has already made flashcards for the class you’re taking, you can star which terms you already know, and you can have the app read out the flashcards to you (I find I remember thing better if I hear them as well)
  • Do your readings and/or prelabs. I wouldn’t recommend bringing more than one textbook otherwise your backpack will be super heavy all day. Read through a few chapters. If you like to write down notes as you read, bring a pen and a pack of big sticky notes. If you have labs like me, finish up your prelabs for the following week when you’re heading home after a lab. I’ve managed to finish my physics and chemistry prelabs on the bus, every week so far this semester.
  • Catch up on that Netflix show you’ve been watching. Not so productive, but I see it as a way of unwinding. And if you’re going to watch an episode when you get home anyways, why not do it on your commute? So download those episodes and relax (I recommend The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine if you need a laugh)
  • Read over your lecture notes. You should be doing this anyways so why not do it on your commute? Looking over your lecture notes from classes you had that day will help reinforce the content in your mind. Look over notes from weeks or months ago too. Reviewing older content will help you so much when finals come along.
  • Watch some Khan Academy videos. Did you know that Khan Academy has an app!?? Download videos beforehand and watch them on the go. Since this requires a bit more focus I’d recommend not watching videos for stuff you just learned that day – go home, read your textbook, and then watch a video the next day to clarify things/learn the info in a new way.
  • Catch up with people you haven’t talked to for a while. Send a text to your mom or that friend who’s studying across the country. Trust me, they miss you and talking to people who support you is good for your mental health.
  • Get out your planner (or bullet journal) and plan your week. If you’re feeling overwhelmed making a to do list for each day of your week can help. This also ensures you won’t be forgetting about an essay due the next week.

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Twitter art dump part 2!

Sorry I’ve been so dead lately..There’s been so many things due that I haven’t had much time to draw self-indulgent stuff :’) But I definitely upload art to my twitter often! 

In any case, I love drawing bed cuddles…Mishima is just ??? because when Akira asked him to sleep with him he’d prepared himself for something else (but I mean, this is nice too)