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sometimes I just imagine Saitama finally facing off against some god-tier creature and actually having a good fight that tires him out. and he somehow saves the world and ppl finally recognize him and try to praise him but he just wants to sleep and like everything is wrecked and he is just SO TIRED he passes out and Genos is there like, "Let's go home, Sensei" and carries him home on his back, mumbling in his sleep about what to do for dinner and Genos just kinda smiles??? idk man idk

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I will automatically unstan her ass if she does more of this stupid show

It just makes me so so so uncomfortable.  


Hey! Damian here. He/him. Do I pass? Definitely transmasculine but not sure if I’m ftm yet??? I’m still figuring that out. Anyways. I’m 19. My personal blog is @rainbowlickintastic and my side blog is @nonbinary-pride feel free to lms! I always need new friends 😅

You definitely pass! I am honestly envious of your hair omg. <3 


Eirella zoomed down the halls in her wheelchair, determined to make the best of her hospital stay if she was going to be confined here for so long. She’d ditched the nurse a while ago (there were more serious medical situations to deal with, after all), and was now making a game of dodging people in the corridors. Still, that didn’t mean she never ran into anyone, and she had to skid to a stop in front of a poor soul she hadn’t accounted for. “Yoooo, sorry about that. At least I didn’t actually run you over.”

Snippet: Adapt [Part 8]

Kentas grunted as his back slammed into the tree, the bark splintering at the impact. The trunk held, but there was another crack, the wood digging into his skin, when M-21 threw his forearm into Kentas’ throat. The claws of his other hand were pressed to Kentas’ stomach, threatening to gut him if he moved wrong.

Kentas panted, blood trickling down from the head wound M-21 had given him earlier and dripping into his eye. He was lightheaded, legs trembling from exertion and his skin was slick with sweat.

He was also lightheaded from M-21 himself, his intoxicating scent that filled his senses, his aura thrumming against his own, the sight of his werewolf form.

He couldn’t stop his soft groan when M-21 leaned in closer, his slitted eyes staring into Kentas’.

“Well?” M-21’s fangs flashed as he said it, the word soft. Dangerous.

Kentas swallowed and closed his eyes, turning his face away to expose his neck as he let go of his transformation. “I concede defeat.” His heart hammered, heating him more.

M-21 frowned, tilting back to study him. “You were holding back; I shouldn’t have won.” There was a mild accusation in his voice and Kentas chuckled.

“You think I’d do that?” He inhaled, taking in M-21’s scent again. “You’ve gotten better.” M-21 was fighting like a werewolf now, shifting between fighting on two legs and on all fours with ease.

“Hn, only because we’ve sparred so much.”

M-21 removed his forearm and as Kentas was drawing in a deep breath, M-21 pressed his lips to Kentas’.