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AMTK F40PH 369 w/the Hoosier State by Robert Thomson
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Reproduced 35mm Slide Photo shot by my Dad, Jay Thomson, at Chicago, IL in May 1984 On May 26, 1984 Dad shot AMTK F40PH 369 with the Hoosier State at Chicago Union Station moments after we disembarked.


The Commodore Vanderbilt departing Chicago’s LaSalle Street Station, 1935 by Michael Ryerson
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Louisville & Nashville 797 and a Santa Fe passenger train at Dearborn Station in the last month before Amtrak took over most passenger operations in Chicago

April 1971

Photo by Lee Hastman


Ах, какое небо было позавчера! И вообще отличная погода. Мы прогуляли весь день. А это - привокзальная площадь на Главном вокзале. Он так и называется - Новосибирск Главный. Наверху фото исторической части вокзала - то самое здание-локомотив для пассажиров поездов дальнего следования, а внизу - пригородный вокзал. Между ними находится фонтан и памятник со старинным паровозом.
Ah, what a beautiful sky we saw this Sunday! That day was such a wonderful weather. We were strolling all day long. And this - is a station square at the Main station. It is really called the Novosibirsk General. The upper photos is the historic part of the station - the locomotive like building built for the passengers of the long distance trafficking, and the lower one is a suburban passengers’s station. Between them are situated the fountain and the monument to the old locomotive. It’s a kind of a park where the passengers can spend some time at the peaceful solitude.


From a little on going series made on the road in (mainly) east Ukraine. Because I almost never have money for drivers I spend a lot of time on busses which are cheap, slow, freezing cold and uncomfortable, and to overcome this I like to take pictures of the world going by. I did this for years, from trains, taxis or buses, mainly for myself to help me find locations later via Google Earth etc, but it became a bit of an obsession. Every window is either tinted, frozen, steamed up or dirty giving a soft painterly effect and strange colours. They are a collection of random, everyday moments inside a ‘conflict zone’. I like them because they are ‘bad’ pictures. They are not pretty - there is almost no control over composition, light, angle etc, but I feel like these fleeting moments reveal something about the time and place they were made. I have hundreds of these…



The Prospector, Denver Union Station, October 1966.


Top: Milwaukee Road FP7 101-A crosses Canal Street as it heads into Chicago Union Station.

Bottom: A Pennsy GP7-powered Panhandle freight crosses Canal Street and will run on the though track on the east side of Chicago Union Station.

Early 1960’s

Photos by Frank Hirsch


Sokolniki (Moscow Metro)

The station opened in 1935 as part of the first starting site of the Moscow Metro. One of the first three endpoints in the history of the Moscow Metro. From the station “Sokolniki” May 15, 1935 went to the first in the history of the Moscow metro train with passengers.

The station was designed by architects Ivan Taranov and Nadezhda Bykova and features tiled walls and pillars faced with grey-blue Ufaley marble. A model of the station was awarded a Grand Prix at the 1937 Paris World’s Fair.

 Сокольники (московское метро)

Станция открыта в 1935 году в составе первого пускового участка Московского метрополитена. Одна из трёх первых конечных станций в истории Московского метрополитена. От станции «Сокольники» 15 мая 1935 года отправился первый в истории московского метро поезд с пассажирами.

Станция была спроектирована архитекторами Иваном Тарановым и Надеждой Быковой. Путевые стены облицованы светло-жёлтой керамической плиткой. Цоколи стен отделаны чёрным марблитом. Пол выложен серым и чёрным гранитом (изначально пол имел асфальтовое покрытие). Проект станции «Сокольники» был удостоен Гран-при на Международной выставке в Париже (1937 год).


Postcard- Northern Pacific Train #408 in Seattle, WA. by Track Walker
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Old postcard- NORTHERN PACIFIC Train 408 departed Seattle’s King Street Station, location of this photo, at 12:15p.m. and arrived Portland, Ore., at Power this day, September 6, 1967, was 6703A, 6509B and 6700C. -Photo by J.W. Swanberg