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NCT 127 During A Long Car Ride

Taeil: I feel like Taeil is the type to just plug in his earphones and shut everything else out. He’d enjoy looking out the window and getting lost in thoughts as time went by. If you wanted to have a conversation with him then you’d have to shake him a little to catch his attention but you’d get it eventually. If he was in the car with his S/O then he would possibly use the time to catch up with them and just forget that the world existed until you reached your destination. 

Johnny: Would probably be the type to call shot gun on sitting at the front. Has control over the radio and suggests a bunch of games for you all to play so that time went by quicker. Would probably sit at the back if he was with his S/O so that they could hold hands and possibly cuddle if they knew that nobody else was watching. The one guy who, despite how lengthy the journey is, stays energetic the whole time. 

Taeyong: The type to just create small talk so that there’s no awkward silences and it makes the journey seem somewhat interesting. Probably that one passenger who has their window all the way open but its freezing in the car. Stays on his phone the majority of the time to text friends or his S/O if they weren’t already with him. Would allow you to fall asleep on his shoulder if you were tired. 

Yuta: Just as energetic as Johnny to keep both his and everyone else’s spirits high. Is the type to bring food and drink so that if anyone needs it it’s there for them to take. Drinks a whole bottle of pepsi and then realises halfway through the journey he needs to pee and so you pull over for him to go in a bush. Would sit at the back with his S/O to shower them with affection (e.g, kisses, cuddles, all that cute stuff-) 

Doyoung: I could see Doyoung being quite a calm and peaceful passenger. Sits and gets on with texting his friends or playing games on his phone. Will more than likely talk when spoken to and every now and again will pipe up and be wild to entertain others. Begs his S/O to let him sit next to them so he can lay his head on their shoulder and talk about anything and everything. 

Jaehyun: Possibly the quietest member as he sits at the back and listens to every one else’s conversations. Would possibly bring a book and read it if the car was quiet just so he had something to entertain himself with. Has the window open ajar just so he can feel a breeze hit him whilst going down a motorway. Sits and rests his hand on his S/O’s thigh the whole time. 

Sicheng: Has one earphone in and the other out whilst he listens to everyone talk. Laughs along with jokes and plays along with any games that everyone decides to play. The type to say if he doesn’t like a song which ultimately leads to someone changing the channel afterwards. Non stop talking with his S/O so he can catch up with them and enjoy being with them. 

Mark: A very giggly and excited baby - can’t wait to get to wherever you’re going. Another person to bring along food and drinks just so everyone can help themselves. I could see Mark taking a blanket so if he sat at the back he could share it with the others. Super energetic until the tiredness hits him and then he would be quietly snoring on his S/O’s shoulder. 

Donghyuck: The type to ask “Are we there yet?” just so he can get a kick out of everyone’s reactions. Suggests songs which are super amazing and gets everyone hyped. You hear something from him every five minutes because he’ll have something to say about the scenery or anything going on in the car. Would ask his S/O if they were alright every now and again and would place a soft kiss on their cheek.  

I hope you all enjoy this! Gifs aren’t mine, credits to the owners! Hugs and love to you all! X 


a #starmora week fic. since i was unable to participate pretty much all week, i kinda incorporated hands and hurt/comfort!! :p (maybe holidays, if you consider summer one lmao…) also, i’m WEAK for gamora giving peter nicknames. i need more of it!!!

summary: peter takes gamora to his old childhood school to share some memories and get a bit of closure. post vol 2, probably before infinity war?


The long, winding Missouri roads are the Guardians new way of travel. Having acquired an earth license after painstaking practice, Peter spent time showing them his hometown. Today, however, it’s just him and Gamora in the car.

Windows partially rolled down allows the warm summer breeze to fill the small rental car. Gamora gazes out the one in the passenger seat, oddly at peace with the wind caressing her cheeks and tousling her long hair. It’s soothing, a literal breath of fresh air after being cramped in a stagnant spacecraft all these years. She overlooks the mighty cornfields in awe, amazed by how much greenery Terra has.

Peter’s mostly quiet for this trip, merely holding her hand with his free one as he sings along to the radio. His eyes focus intensely on the road in front of him, even though there’s not a single car in sight. He’s been extra cautious with his driving skills – something Gamora wishes would’ve also played into his reckless space travel. She’s grateful, nonetheless; it’s been a peaceful experience riding with him.

Eventually, their travels bring them to his quaint old hometown. All the buildings seemed old, history ridden, the bricks in them a beautiful contrast to the wide, open skies. His hometown is almost exactly how she pictured it.

Peter pulls into a rather large parking lot, a sign greets them to an elementary school. She looks over at him inquisitively, thinking it’s an odd date to go to a children’s school. But the nostalgia sparkling in his eyes keeps her mouth shut. She half smiles at him as the car goes still.

“What’re we doing here, Peter?”

“C’mon, I’ll explain in a minute.”

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Mr. Fluffy

Description: I don’t really know, but this is what happens when you let your imagination run wild

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

[Y/C/N]= your character name

Y/N = Your name

Word count: 1,689

Warnings: Bad words (as per usual)

A/N: I’m a bit new to this so constructive criticism  is always welcome, Enjoy! :)


You loved Comic-Con you really did, ever since you joined Marvel as [y/c/n], your life has been flipped upside down but it felt kind of good seeing the world in a different perspective. But you had to admit that after 3 consecutive days of photo ops, autographs, and panels, you were ready to go home and sleep for 2 weeks straight.

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anonymous asked:

Pretty please would you write a fic where Oliver and Felicity decide they are done travelling and want to settle down, I am assuming Oliver is the one that brings it up because...engagement ring in a souffle, that guy is a hopeless romantic.

Thanks for this prompt, anon! I think I may have taken this in a slightly different direction. It is pretty short. Just a little scene. But I think it might have gone this way. Knowing Oliver and his brooding ways, this seemed plausible. Enjoy! 

Oliver realizes it suddenly. So unexpectedly.

It is after midnight and he’s driving down an empty stretch of highway, between destinations. Felicity is asleep in the passenger seat, the peaceful sound of her breathing mixing with the hum of the engine, calming him. The only light comes from the headlights, illuminating the road ahead. These lights trigger the thoughts.

Where are we going?

It is a loaded question. He knows they are heading for Lake Tahoe. But after Tahoe…

How long will we keep this up?

He sees the beams lighting their path and realizes that they’ve made no plans. They’ve set no goals. And suddenly their gypsy summer isn’t enough for him. He wants more than just a life of wandering. It suddenly feels as though he’s running away from the past. He doesn’t want to run. He wants to settle. To look the past in the eye and say: “I’m not afraid of you!”

He pulls the car over to the side of the road. The desert air is sweltering even at night, but he leaves the comfort of the A/C anyway, meeting the heat with a conflicted heart.

He paces. He doesn’t know how long it has been since he’s paced, but he does it now without hesitation. Somehow this is necessary. It brings his thoughts into order.

He’s tired of traveling.

He’s tired pretending it’s enough.

He’s tired of ignoring the obvious.

He wants a life with her. With Felicity. A life with a house and yard and ordinary schedules and silly obligations. He wants a life that includes a ring on both their hands. A life that could include children down the line.

He wants it all. And he wants it all with her.

He’s unsure how long he’s been pacing before Felicity stops him, her gentle hands grasping his arms to calm him. Her touch sends sparks through his veins, lighting up his desires and making his realization even more important.

“What’s wrong?” she asks, her thumb tracing patterns along his skin.

He takes a deep breath before speaking. “I’m tired of this.”

“Tired of what?”

“Tired of running. Of driving from place to place. I want to settle down. With you.”

She grins. “You’re speaking in fragments, Oliver,” she teases. “That’s my job.”

“I’m serious, Felicity. I want to stop and stay in one place. I want to enjoy a life with you without running.”

“We aren’t running,” she murmurs, but even that doesn’t sound truthful. He can tell that deep down she’s felt it too. Finally she shakes her head. “That wasn’t my intention with all the sightseeing and souvenir buying. It’s just kept my mind off of things. But, I guess that is running.”

“Do you want to settle down with me?” he asks, finding the question silly as soon as it escapes his lips.

But then he sees the smile on her face and the glow in her eyes, and he knows he asked the right question. “Yes!”

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this morning, the world was awaken by tragedy. a plane carrying 81 players, coaches, staff, and journalists crashed. the accident killed 75 people. 6 survivors were found on the crash site. one has died in immediate care. one has lost a leg, and another is in spine surgery. 

the brazilian team chapecoense was on their way to copa sudamericana final. the side who climbed to the top division of the brazilian leagues had reached their first major tournament final in years. the coach had said he wouldn’t mind if he died after his team won. the players described it as a dream coming to life. a dream that tragically came to an end. 

the brazilian government has announced three days of national mourning for the lost lives. the brazilian football teams are donating players to chapecoense on free loan, and the club has been saved from relegation for three years. atletico nacional has given the sudamericana cup to chapecoense. 

although we are all heartbroken, the people of chapecó are hit the hardest by the tragedy. 

in the midst of the horror, tragedy, and negativity, the football community has come together. in the midst of mourning, love begins to prosper. 

as we carry on with out days, please take the time to send your thoughts to the player and their families. we must never forget how short and sweet life is. no matter how small we may seem on this earth, we are all so significant. i cannot stress this enough. please be so thankful and appreciative of how blessed we are. to have the lives we have. and please remember this tragedy should not pull us apart. we have to rebuild ourselves. tragedy does not define us. what we choose to do after does. as we carry on with heavy hearts and minds, let us unite for chape. let the screams of the football community be heard around all the world. make yourself be cannot be said enough. the people and players of chapecó deserve to be known. may the 71 passengers rest in peace. we are united, but you are not forgotten.

#forçachape we are chapecoense. 

Olicity Ficlet #3

The drinking was Roy’s idea. They work directly beneath a nightclub, he pointed out, they should make better use of it. And they’d had a rare good day, a reason to celebrate, so everyone was in the mood to go along with it.

There were shots. And martinis. And more shots. Not for Oliver, who can’t afford to let himself relax that much anymore, but for the others. And it was fun, actually, seeing everyone cut loose. Seeing them all together and enjoying themselves for a couple of hours. But then Diggle went home to Lyla, and Roy and Thea disappeared to do … things that were best not contemplated.

Which left Oliver to drive Felicity home.

“You’re cute when you’re drunk,” Felicity says, settling her head on his shoulder.

He bites back a smile, his hands tightening on the steering wheel. “I’mnot the one who’s drunk.”

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