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Games in “Cabin Pressure”

If you get bored on your upcoming trip to your holiday destination, why not try some of these time consuming fun games instead?

1. Brians of Britain
(e.g.: Blessed / May / Eno…)

2. Name dropping of as much musical numbers in the cabin address as possible
(e.g.: Fly you to the moon / Come fly with me…)

3. Books that sound more interesting with the final letter knocked off
(e.g.: Of mice and me / Three men in a boa…)

4. The seven deadly sins

5. The Travelling Lemon
(Hide a lemon in plain sight inside the plane. Find it, retrieve it, hide it again)

6. Rhymes for flight
(e.g.: bite / kite) (“We hope you’re enjoying the flight.
On your left we are just coming in sight
of Swindon or Stroud - all covered in cloud.
And it’s matched the same thing on the right.”)

7. People who aren’t evil but have evil sounding names
(e.g.: Russell Crowe / Agatha Christie…)

8. Yellow Car
(When you spot a yellow car you say “yellow car”. For a more elaborated explanation go here: “How to play Yellow Car” by Arthur Shappey)

9. I came through customs and I had to declare…
(e.g.: Jelly from New Delhi / A tunic from Munich…)

10. Departure - Arrival rhymes
(e.g.: Kent to Brent via Stoke-on-Trent…)

11. Beat the Manuals
(No-one but Martin can play that! So don’t even try that one.)

12. Conversations with words of one syllable only

13. Q&A Film double bills
(e.g.: Who framed Roger Rabbit? - Gandhi!…)

14. Fizz Buzz
(For any number that’s a multiple of 3 you say “fizz” and any number that’s a multiple of 5 you say “buzz”. Uncomplicated version: instead of odd numbers you say “fizz” and instead of even numbers you say “buzz”. To make that easy version more complicated: when someone says “fizz”, you have to say “buzz” - when someone says “buzz” you have to say “Have a banana”. Then when someone says your name, you have to say “fizz”)

edit - thanks to murphyfiveanddime (I thought of this while brushing my teeth this morning):

15. People who should have been arch enemies
(e.g.: Anna Wintour and Donna Summer / Vivienne Westwood and Clint Eastwood))

and the classics: Simon says and Passenger Derby (but you can only play PD if you are flying an airplane and be in charge of the off-switch for the seat-belt signs - which is ever so unlikely!)

A bit of Carolyn appreciation

I’d like to take this opportunity to mention the amazing episode that is Gdansk. I’ve loved this episode for ages and I didn’t really know why, I just did. But then I realised that yes, Madame Szyszko-Bohusz is hilarious, the passenger derby is epic, and we finally learn about Martin’s situation, but the thing that makes me love this episode so much is Carolyn.

We got a glimpse of her way of treating pesky customers in Cremona. She doesn’t take crap from anyone, and when crap is thrown at her, she gets her revenge.

But the way Carolyn handles Madame S-B is one of my absolute favourite things.

You put a paranoid bassoonist onboard GERTI with this crew and you expect things to go fine? It’s basically a disaster waiting to happen. But Carolyn with her rude and snarky comments (which often goes way over Madame S-B’s head, mind you) and years of experience with not only handling weird customers, but also her own crew, manages to control the situation.

“But the old woman – she’s rude and ill-favoured but somehow I trust her. All is well. There is nothing to worry about.”

Despite Disney codes, poisoned cheesecakes, broken glass and general MJN madness she got Bloody Madame Szyszko-Bohusz to trust her! 

Carolyn is incredibly professional and has control, and even when she doesn’t, she manages to pretend and still fix the situation, and all while adding snarky and amazing comments.

I love Carolyn so much

And they’re off! And it’s Trombone Churchill taking an early lead. He had his seat-belt undone behind his paper. Classic maneuver there. But he’s slow out of the chair and it’s Little Bighead who’s up in the aisle first. Little Bighead looking strong but, oh! He’s tangled with a stray cellist! And now Trombone Churchill’s making up ground! But who’s this streaking up on the outside? It’s Harry Potter’s Granny! She’s past Little Bighead, she’s past Wandering Cellist! And in the final straight it’s neck and neck between Trombone Churchill and Potter’s Gran! Potter’s Gran and Trombone Churchill as they reach the door and oh! Trombone Churchill takes an elbow to the gut and it’s Potter’s Gran! She’s in and she’s safe!

Arthur the Steward

Just spat iced tea all over my computer keyboard listening to this, no joke.

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Cabin Pressure - Passenger Derby (by Curreeuss)

I lost it at “Harry Potter’s Granny.”