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謝拉特昨晚頭槌回傳失誤,讓蘇亞雷斯得到單刀機會,攻入 2-1 致勝一球,間接令英格蘭出局。 有人說他黒仔,想不到他會有此失誤,但其實 Steven Gerrard 致命失誤又點止一次?次次拿命次次甘,職業生涯處處黒。作為一位頂級球員,真係無詁可說,以下就同大家回顧下。
Win Tickets to See Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran!

Win tickets to see Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran!

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DTB Players Analysis on Hibs 2-6 Rangers Petrofac Training Cup First Round

Hibs 2-6 Rangers Petrofac Traning Cup first Round 

Written by Thranduil

Foderingham found out yesterday how heavy the #1 jersey is and to be honest his back four didn’t really do much to help him.Unless they’re Dutch,most keepers look like giraffes on ice with passbacks.Some of the passes to him across the face of his own goal were just down right silly.The first goal by Hibs was 50/50 for me. 8/10 times a keeper will save those kind of efforts but it only needs the slightest deflection or swerve and its a finger nail beyond the keeper.He’s a young lad learning the full responsibility of the keepers jersey and his back four didn’t really make it easy for him so with all things considered when you factor in the fact he’s just in the door I think he’ll come good for us.If he doesn’t settle however I’ve total faith in Warburton spotting it long before us and will rectify the problem sharpish. On the plus side for our new keeper, his throw outs and quick releases were a breath of fresh air when compared to the long balls punted out by Cameron with his eyes shut last season.He’s a decent size as well and not afraid to come for corners so he’s got that in his favor.

Kiernan & Wilson Obviously still learning each others game and will need about ten games to gel properly.We know what to expect from Wilson and he’s improved since his spell as Captain of Hearts. Kiernan was no-nonsense at times with a solid tackle and determination on him.Once Wilson and Kiernan click the hole in that defense will be a lot small.Having been told on here that the through ball to Waghorn for his second was played by our central defender Wilson shows that Warburton understands his system to the finest detail.Any solid possession / counter attacking based formation needs at least one center half who can thread a pass and trigger a counter. Especially when our midfield are being swamped by opposition marking…This is going to come in handy as the season progresses.

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Wallace & Tavernier Thought wallace was his usual ( safe ) self yesterday. Plenty of groud covered and several investigations up the wing providing some options and outlets.Give him another 4 games and he’ll be blazing up the wing working the overlap like we know he can and as usual he’ll give the opposition nightmares.Speaking of nightmares, Tavernia is another who is going to terrorize the opposition this season. He’s got it all going on.. Good first touch, godo pass, nice bit of trickery and deception to compliment a tenacious attitude.Our formation isn’t obviously a flat 4-3-3 its a fairly complicated fluid multi layered effort and Tavernier knows how it works as he covered every blade of grass yesterday.He’s a right back who ghosts up the wing, into the centre and one a couple of occassions, slipped into left back to cover wallace before promptly returning to right back to start another raid up the Hibs wing. It’s always a joy to watch an intelligent player strut his stuff. Looks like we’ve two legitimate wingbacks now. Gone are the days of our rightback jogging to the halfway line then punting it to the opposition then pretending it was suppose to be a deep cross.

Holt,Halliday & Law Holt impressed me well beyond expectation. He turned up everywhere and made himself useful. Plenty of running and provided cover and options for himself and his team mates. Has a bit of dig about him and a decent pass as well. I’m going to enjoy watching him this season. Halliday….Holy Ravioli…That goal was just down right insulting. He’s a die hard as well so we can rest knowing we’ve got a warrior in the middle of that park who knows the score and knows what’s required. Very impressed with Andy. Nicky Law..We know this guy has goals in him, quality goals but to be fair, he does look like he’s improved and added to his game since last season lacluster excuse of an effort. He’s added tackles and drive this time around.I doubt it’ll be enough to keep him in the side but I’m willing to give him one last roll of the dice. If anyone can get this player to unlock his potential it’s Warburton but I think its a case of do or die for Law. Luckily for him our new system allows goals to come from all over the park so we know he can play his part if he stops the stupid mistakes like his poor first touch and needlessely giving possession away. We’ll know by the end of this year if he’s evolved or not but I personally don’t believe he’s the answer to the left of our game.

McKay & Templeton Much like Law, I reckon this is the last chance saloon for Templeton. He’s got bags of potential and pace with trickery but it’s like he doesn’t know how to use any of it. Too many times yesterday it was frustrating to see him have 30 yards of open space to his left down the wing and 3 Hibs players to his right,yet he puts his head down and runs right into the Hibs players…I want him to succeed, this formation and system should be the making of someone like David but he needs to learn this is about the team, not him. We can’t have ” Thats not my game ” attitude in this set up, it’s our game! McKay evaded my attention yesterday as I was too busy watching Holt,Halliday, Tavernier & Walalce interchange and swap around…it was very confusing to watch at times but clearly very effective…It’ll be interesting to see what comes of McKay, this is his chance so hopefully he takes it. I was impressed with his 80th minute sprint..I was standing there thinking he was done and probably should have been subbed.But just like that he he found the legs to stick one last thorn into the side of Hibs and left their wingback for dead on the lead up to the goal.

Travernier Free Kick

Waghorn I don’t know if its the flying backheel he scored or that he’s bringing back the Gudjohnson look but I’m developing a bit of a thing for our muscle bound targetman. He’s got strength, a bit of pace, desire and a good dig in him as well as a good understanding of where he needs to be and when. He keeps it simple and I thought his dropping back to interlink with Halliday and Holt was very cute. It looks like the old pain of one striker dropping back to help midfield leaving us wondering how exactly we’re meant to get goals but when you see it from the stands it’s like he acts as a valve. He drops back to either turn over possesion or take a defender out of position then two of our wingers and an attacking midfielder flood in behind him for the through ball. That must be a nightmare to defend against, there was a couple of Hivs bumping into eachother.

Shiels,Clark & Miller Not much needs to be said about these three we know what they bring and they brought it. Shiels is going to enjoy this season I can tell he’s got his swagger back and had a smile on his face yesterday..I’m very much in the Nicky Clark camp. I hope he is able to take on Millers tution and develop his game he reminds me so much of a young miller its uncanny. A lot of people don’t realize that Miller was never that consistent a scorer at Nicky’s age but he had pace, stamina and determination.Looks like Warburton in the meantime is going to have Clark play to his strengths which is legs legs legs. The last thing you want to deal with when you’re getting humbled and tired is a nippy forward pulling the hairs out your defense.He’ll come good I’m positive of this his attitude is spot on. Miller is awesome and it made my day to see him bounce in and bag a brace. A lack of pace and advancing age means absolutely nothing when you know how to be in the right place at the right time. Legends like Romario were still lethal into their 40’s not because they were freaks of nature but because they had mastered the basics. Pace , skill and ability are all very well and good but it’s all built up from the basics.

Its good to see the Rangers bench being used again and providing the manager and squad some options should things start getting jaded or ineffective.That must have been a sight to see as a Hibs defender.. watching Rangers bring on a tricky creative midfielder with a pass and an eye for goal, a leggy runner and a very experienced and dangerous forward coming on fresh to dismantle whats left of the home teams resolve.

Special mention to Scot Allan. My pals in Edinburgh say he’s been playing with green boots on for the longest time yet yesterday had a lovely dashing pair of orange boots on..Don’t know what this means but it’s something that they noticed. He also got an ovation when he came onto the park and tried his best, his movements is troublesome and has energy to boot. He’ll make a fine addition to the Rangers squad I’m looking forward to him in a Rangers jersey. My pals also said that he hugged every Ranger he could find (much to the dismay of the few Hibs fans that were left ) and one or two Gers ( Miller ) had a good wee word in his ear to go along with an unusually long hug.

If we land Allan we sink Hibs it’s that simple… A genius stroke from Warburton and Weir.

My man of the match though, Tavernier….His ability to pull goals out of a hat at dead ball situations has been long sought after at out club and it just so happened to trigger an avalanche of goals.

( Do The Bouncy )