pass the carrots

I’ve rid my house of chocolate

And by “rid”, I mean, I ate it.

I haven’t had any today and I passed up carrot cake at work for someone’s birthday. It honestly didn’t bother me because I am more of a savoury tooth than sweet. 

It pisses me off when people try to force feed you though. I had to basically argue my way out of getting a piece of cake with one of the ladies from work. What they don’t realise, is that I have zero self control and if I had one piece, I would probably say “fuck it, I’ve ruined the day now so I might as well eat crap for dinner”. Its just easier for me not to have any. Above all else, they should just accept my “no thanks” and leave me alone.

Feeling really tired today. My upper body is very sore from weights the last 2 nights and my knee is playing up a little (noticed it in the pump squat track last night). I’m going to listen to my body and have a rest day today. 

Work was a bit boring this afternoon. I had things to do but I was bored with them. I have been researching a little about some more courses/quals I can do. I want to move away from the WHS and move towards the wellbeing part of it. There have been a few jobs come up recently that would have been good, but I need a particular Certificate behind me to even be in with a chance.

Zootopia scene wish # 4
  • Judy: do you mind playing with my little nieces and nephews while I help out my parents?
  • Nick: Sure, I don't see why not.
  • Judy: okay good, I'll be over there if you need me, they can be a handful.
  • Nick: how hard will it be? *looks down at the twelve little bunnies* so what do you guys want to play?
  • 5 minutes later.
  • Nick: *dramatically* oh no! I am being attacked by a swarm of little bunnies!
  • Kids: rawr! We got you! We are going to feast on your flesh!
  • Nick: *laughing* oh nooooo! Judy! Judy help me!
  • Judy: *passing out carrots to customers* maybe later Nick. Play nice kids!
  • Nick: ow! Hey who bit my tail!?
Carrot emerged, waving a small yellowing sheet. Vimes squinted at it.
“Looks like nonsense to me,” he said, eventually. “It’s not dwarfish, I know that. But these symbols—these things I’ve seen before. Or something like them.” He passed the paper back to Carrot. “What can you make of it?”
Carrot frowned. “I could make a hat,” he said, “or a boat. Or a sort of chrysanthemum—”
—  Men at Arms (Terry Pratchett)