pass the carrots

Things that the Shepherds aren’t allowed to do anymore.
  1. Chrom, please stop spinning the Falchion and stabbing it into the ground after every victory. We’re still patching up holes in the training room.
  2. Whoever’s putting bear meat in Frederick’s dinner needs to stop. He will kill you.
  3. When someone asks for the time, “Vaike Time” is not an appropriate response.
  4. Tharja is the queen of Robin’s heart.
  5. Tharja, stop cursing my pens.
  6. Sully, Vaike, no more arm wrestling. We’re running out of tables.
  7. Cherche, you may not let Minerva eat Risen anymore. Last time she threw up a live zombie in the barracks.
  8. Stop switching the men’s and women’s bathing signs. Lon’qu is pale white.
  9. Virion, while I’m sure shooting arrows at apples impresses the women, it’s a waste of food.
  10. Nowi, please don’t tell Kellam to play hide-and-seek with you anymore. We couldn’t find him in time for the march last time.
  11. Anna, no more selling Owain “special rare swords”.
  12. Gerome is not a Dark Knight. I don’t get why you all call him that.
  13. Gaius, you can’t steal candy from Nah and not expect retaliation.
  14. Nah, you can’t melt Gaius’ candy and not expect retaliation.
  15. Libra, prayer on the battlefield is natural. Please do not drop to your knees mid fight to pray though.
  16. Inigo, stop using your left hand to fight. You don’t need a handicap in battle. I don’t care if the village girls swoon.
  17. Panne, no hiding Lon’qu’s potatoes.
  18. Lon’qu, stop hiding Panne’s carrots.
  19. Miriel, you can’t just light random things on fire for “science”.
  20. Frederick, you can’t just light random things on fire for…reasons.
  21. Cordelia, I understand you’re trying to be good at every skill you can. But stop trying to out eat Stahl.
  22. Please.
  23. The next person to tell Kjelle that it’s her turn in the mess hall is dishonorably discharged.
  24. Do not tell Morgan fake memories of the past. Morgan did not once “slay thirty Risen with a single belch.”
  25. Stop pretending Ricken is one of the children who came from the future. You’re going to make him cry.
  26. Lissa, stop pranking other Shepherds. Especially Gangrel. He will cut your other twintail off.
  27. Walhart. The entire army can’t live off vegetables alone. Cancel the shipment of 3,00 potatoes. We don’t have enough gold for that.
  28. We’ll find gold.
  29. Go away, Lon’qu.
  30. Priam. I know you only eat meat. I didn’t think I needed to say this but…not everyone in the army can eat rabbit.
  31. Whoever painted a Brand on Lissa’s forehead needs to stop. She was really excited.
  32. Severa, stop trying to “teach Olivia to have a backbone.” I don’t think she can handle any more of your…”training”.
  33. Gaius, stop spreading rumors about Chrom eating an unpeeled orange.
  34. Gregor, you can’t offer mead to the children. Especially Noire. She’ll either pass out or get angry and I don’t know which is worse.
  35. Stop asking Basilio “what makes him a good demoman.” He doesn’t even use pyrotechnics. That’s a ridiculous accusation.
  36. Flavia, your drinking contests with Gregor have got to stop. We’re out of ale already. We bought some yesterday.
  37. Brady can’t help what makes him cry. Inigo, no singing sad songs as you pass him.
  38. Yarne, one meal without carrots will not make you go extinct.
  39. We are not placing bets on whether Emm or Morgan will get their memory back first.

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potato-3404  asked:

I'm wondering how would the s/m react to their s/o having an eating Disorder ❤️❤️

I’ll do the Mukami’s because in my last post I did S boys.



Ruki: Does his best to cook up nutritious meals that his S/O will  enjoy to encourage them to eat. He always asks if his S/O wants to eat with the others or if they want to wait till later and eat with him. Even if his S/O isn’t hungry, they will be eating.

Kou: Encourages his S/O to eat constantly - after all, a great idol such as himself can’t have their S/O starving. Never lets them eat alone and occasionally tries to cook things for them himself.

Yuma: Researches a lot to try and find out what kind of vegetables are best for someone with eating problems. Works even harder in his garden and always brings out his S/O with him, occasionally stopping to pass them a carrot or tomato and watching intensely as they chew.

Azusa: Wasn’t sure what to think at first - if his S/O’s stomach was hurting then surely that’s a good thing? Only when he finds out a little more about the disorder does he ask his brothers for help and begins to help Ruki prepare meals.

By the way guys, there’s this awesome story on Ao3 that reminds me of this ask, it’s called Nociception and you should go read it :)

hellsfaerie  asked:

Oh I'd like to participate in the game :) Wonwoo and me(Caroline, dark blonde curly hair and blue eyes a bit on the taller side and I like to wear plateaus) in the zoo. That would be so kind of you thanks ♡♡

A Date with Svt: Wonwoo at the zoo

  • you sprinted around the kitchen grabbing a backpack
  • filling it with snacks and water bottles
  • but not the shrimp chips
  • never. the. shrimp. chips.
  • “Caroline!”
  • a text on your phone sent a ring through the room
  • Wonwoo texted you
  • “I’m outside:)”
  • you giggled at his little smiley face
  • how cute
  • as much as he seemed to act mature
  • Wonwoo was a huge dork
  • and when he had asked if you wanted to go on a date
  • at the zoo no less
  • you had screamed and basically rolled around on the ground
  • and Wonwoo’s face
  • the cutest happiest smile ever
  • you weren’t sure what he was more happy about
  • going on a date with you
  • or getting to see all the animals
  • he was so happy
  • and he had wrapped his arms around you and lightly pecked your cheek
  • it was good you were only a bit shorter than he was
  • you tied up your curly hair as best as you could and placed a cap over your head
  • and walked outside
  • where Wonwoo was waiting with a huge smile
  • and was that?
  • “Is that a monkey?”
  • one of those stuffed plushie monkeys
  • that had the Velcro on the hands and allowed the monkey to hang around his neck like a scarf
  • “Yep, it’s a monkey.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Why not?” he chuckled unvelcroing the hands and sticking it to his backpack
  • “ready to go?”
  • “Yep, let’s go”
  • it had to be one of the silliest and cutest dates you’ve ever been on
  • Wonwoo had brought a book with animal facts
  • “Isn’t that book for little kids?”
  • “Hey just because it has cute pictures doesn’t mean it isn’t informative”
  • “If you say so Mr. Bookworm”
  • him wearing sunglasses though
  • and lowering the sunglasses just slightly on his nose to give you a look over the top of his sunglasses
  • tbh stopping you dead in your tracks
  • because damn he’s too handsome
  • and you can almost see your blue eyes reflected in his
  • wearing a bucket hat too
  • bc what a concept
  • and holding onto your hand with his right hand
  • and holding the map of the zoo with his animal facts book in his left
  • reading out random animal facts
  • “Did you know wolves are found in more places in the world than any other mammals except humans?”
  • “No I didn’t.”
  • “Well someone hasn’t been reading their animal fun facts book.” he teased poking your cheek
  • “Sorry, I’ll make sure to pick one up the next time we go to the library.”
  • “I’ll just buy you one.” he laughed
  • you passed the safari animals
  • and saw the tigers and lions and cheetahs and giraffes
  • and Wonwoo would read off facts about each
  • and help you take pictures
  • and you guys would trade off who held the selfie stick because you both wanted those anglessss
  • you both stopped to look at the anteater
  • and how it lapped up ants with its long tongue
  • and Wonwoo would occasionally try out some animal impressions
  • “What am I?”
  • “A dying sea lion?”
  • “Caroline please, I’m an elephant, wow.”
  • and you’d both burst into a fit of giggles
  •  you both saw red pandas and zebras and took lots and lot of pictures together
  • and he never let go of your hand once
  • which made you blush a bit
  • and once you saw the hedgehogs
  • “Wait wait….”
  • he lowers himself to get as close to one as possible
  • “Do I look as cute as the hedgehogs do?” he said blushing at his own question
  • you’re shook because wow he is as cute if not cuter
  • “Yes, you’re the cutest!” you laughed and gave him a light kiss
  • next was the petting zooooooo!!!!!
  • legit did the both of you die from the adorableness
  • the goats that would come up behind you and Wonwoo to nip at your hair
  • and Wonwoo holding the BUNNIES
  • basically cradling them in his arms like you cradle babies and passing them over to you
  • being super careful with all the animals too
  • and legit all the kids come up to you and Wonwoo with your baby carrot sticks
  • asking if they can feed the bunnies too
  • and you and Wonwoo are just passing out carrot sticks to the kids
  • and laughing at how you both don’t have any left for yourselves
  • but that’s ok because the kids and bunnies being happy made you guys happy
  • and he places an arm around your shoulder
  • and you both just observe how adorable everything was
  • and your last stop of the day?
  • the gift shop!
  • he wondered off for a bit while you looked at some magnets and some other plushies
  • and he comes back
  • with a butterfly clip
  • “Try this.”
  • he smiles as he clips it into your hair
  • “I didn’t think you could get any prettier” he smiled
  • you blush
  • and he buys the clip for you
  • and you surprise him with a gift too
  • “A book?”
  • “Not just any book!!! Fun facts about animal sounds! For improving your impressions!”
  • “Thanks, it sounds like a very stimulating read.” he chuckles and gives you a hug
  • “Thank you for going on a date with me today, I had a lot of fun.”
  • and he kisses you again
  • in the middle of the gift shop
  • underneath the hanging monkey plushies
  • it had been
  • a beautiful day

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MASTERLIST (where the other date scenarios can be found)


If The Basement Tapes were videos of Eric and Dylan crafting or baking: Easter Special
  • Dylan: *filming Eric*
  • Eric: it's April 3rd, 1999. what's so special about this day, V?
  • Dylan: tomorrow is our last Easter before NBK. our last chance to decorate godlike Easter eggs. our last chance to be in the Littleton Easter parade. we need to make it special.
  • Eric: we have so much shit planned and we're going to record it all to show the world how godlike we are. the world will not be ready to see these tapes.
  • Dylan: our Easter celebration will be better than NBK. people won't be able to handle Reb and VoDkA's Easter Eggstravaganza.
  • Dylan: *whispers* reb, can that be the name of the tape?
  • Eric: no
  • *10 minutes later*
  • Dylan: *is filming inside of Walmart* we are at Walmart buying supplies
  • Eric: *looking at eggs* how many eggs should we get? two dozen?
  • Dylan: we need more than that. I'll get a shopping cart
  • Dylan: *goes to the front of the store and gets a shopping cart*
  • Dylan: *rides the shopping cart with his trench coat blowing in the airflow*
  • Eric: *sees Dylan riding the shopping cart towards him* V, what the fuck are you doing? are you 5?
  • Dylan: *reaches Eric* wheee!
  • Eric: omg I wanna try get off
  • Eric: *rides shopping cart back and forth down the aisle*
  • Dylan: *films Eric*
  • Customers: *staring at them like wtf are those weird kids doing*
  • *a few moments later*
  • Dylan: reb, get in the back of the shopping cart and I'll push you around
  • Eric: *says this is stupid but gets in anyway*
  • Dylan: *pushes the shopping cart around the store while riding it*
  • Eric: *hands camera to Dylan*
  • Eric: *stands up* I FEEL SO TALL FOR ONCE IN MY LI- *dramatically falls*
  • Dylan: I got that on tape!!
  • *a few minutes later*
  • Eric: *is filming*
  • Dylan: *filling the cart with cartons of eggs*
  • Eric: ok that's enough, now we need some egg decorating kits
  • Eric and Dylan: *walks to the aisle with the egg decorating kits*
  • Dylan: *puts a bunch in the cart*
  • Eric: I need to get an ice pack for my ass
  • *at the self checkout*
  • Dylan: but we already have everything bagged
  • Eric: *cancels checkout*
  • Eric: *scans one carton of eggs* a dollar and two cents, that's better
  • Eric: *pays* let's go
  • *20 minutes later*
  • Dylan: *filming* we're back at my house to decorate the eggs
  • Eric: we're not going to boil the eggs, we're getting straight to decorating these fuckers
  • Dylan: we've got forty cartons of eggs
  • Dylan: *sets up camera so it's recording them*
  • Eric: where are your cups, we need cups to put the dye pellet things in
  • Dylan: *points* up there in that counter
  • Eric: *tries to reach it* I'm too short *climbs on top of counter*
  • Eric: take the cups and fill em all with water *hands them to Dylan*
  • Dylan: *fills the cups with water and puts them on the table* now we need to put the dye things in
  • Eric: *takes the camera and films the dye pellets going in then puts the camera back down so it will record them decorating eggs*
  • Eric and Dylan: *are sat down at the table*
  • Dylan: *to the camera* now we are about to begin decorating our godlike Easter eggs
  • Eric: pay close attention as this is a special routine that will make your eggs very godlike, this is a two man job btw
  • Eric: *picks up an egg* V, hold the blue water for me
  • Dylan: *grabs the blue and holds it* now Reb will gently lower the egg into the liquid
  • Eric: *slowly puts the egg into the blue* ok now we wait
  • Dylan:
  • Eric:
  • Dylan:
  • Eric: ok now we can take it out, go ahead V
  • Dylan: i'm not putting my hands in there, it's going to stain my fingers
  • Eric: use the spoon, jfc V
  • Dylan: *uses spoon to take the egg out*
  • Egg: *falls onto table and breaks*
  • Dylan: this is why we're supposed to boil them, now there's egg yolk and blue dye all over my mom's Easter tablecloth
  • Eric: *uses paper towel to clean up the mess* but we can't boil them, I have plans
  • *3 hours of egg decorating later*
  • Eric and Dylan: *covered in egg yolk and egg dye*
  • Table: *is a mess*
  • Eggs: *are drying on the Easter kit egg dryers*
  • Dylan: *tells the camera* we are almost done!
  • Eric: we have 8 eggs left
  • Cat: *jumps onto the table*
  • Cat: *sits in front of the camera*
  • Dylan: Rocky, you're blocking the camera, shoo
  • Cat: *walks across the table and knocks over all the egg dye*
  • Eric: *throws a tantrum* THAT CAT GOT EGG DYE ALL OVER MY TRENCH COAT!!
  • Dylan: *angrily* SAME
  • Cat: *runs away*
  • Dylan: how are we going to finish the last 8 eggs??!
  • Eric: *storms out of the house* I'M GOING TO BUY MYSELF A NEW TRENCH COAT
  • Dylan: *follows* WAIT FOR ME
  • *a short drive later*
  • Dylan: *filming* me and Reb came to the mall to buy new trench coats, as you can see *awkwardly films self in the mirror* we have already bought some new ones, *yells* Reb get over here and show off your new trench coat
  • Eric: *walks over* it looks exactly the same as the last one
  • Dylan: *continues to vlog around the mall*
  • *10 minutes later*
  • Dylan: *filming* I just adopted a bunny
  • Dylan: *films the bunny sitting inside of a pet carrier*
  • Eric: *appears out of nowhere* I go to the bathroom and you buy a fucking bunny are you serious
  • Dylan: he was only $20
  • Eric: omg let's just go
  • *back at Dylan's house*
  • Eric: *filming*
  • Eric: *zooms in and out of eggs* the eggs are dry and looking very godlike, v show em off to the camera, one by one
  • Dylan: *picks up an egg* this egg is black with purple spots, it is very creative and godlike *places egg in a giant bag*
  • *471 eggs later*
  • Dylan: those were all of our eggs
  • Eric: *films self* we're going to take them all in my car at midnight and go on a little rebel mission across the neighborhood. we're going to throw one egg at each house until we run out. me and V are the official Easter bunnies of Littleton. this will be the best damn reb-
  • Dylan: *screaming* CAPTAIN CARROT IS MISSING!!!! I CAN'T FIND HIM!!!
  • Camera: *captures a 'what the fuck' look on Eric's face*
  • Eric: why couldn't you name him "the destroyer" or something
  • Eric: *sets camera down on the floor and forgets to turn it off*
  • Eric: *mumbles* captain carrot are you serious
  • Eric and Dylan: *in a different room looking for captain carrot*
  • Dylan: *yells* CAPTAIN CARROT!!
  • Captain Carrot: *is filmed hopping across the floor and out of the window*
  • *a few minutes later*
  • Eric and Dylan: *comes back into room*
  • Dylan: where could he be??! I paid $20 for that rabbit
  • Eric: I don't care, we need to go on the rebel mission, get the eggs
  • Eric: *picks up the camera*
  • Dylan: *grabs the bag of eggs with a pout on his face* let's go
  • Eric and Dylan: *gets in Eric's car*
  • Dylan: *takes camera from Eric*
  • Eric: *starts to drive*
  • Dylan: *sees captain carrot outside* CAPTAIN CARROT!!!!!! *dives out of car*
  • Eric: *stops car* what the fuck
  • Captain Carrot: *runs into the street*
  • Dylan: no captain carrot, get out of the road!!!
  • Car: *approaches Captain Carrot*
  • Captain Carrot: *runs*
  • Car: *passes*
  • Eric: *gets out of car*
  • Eric and Dylan: *are running after Captain Carrot*
  • Captain Carrot: *runs and disappears in a hole*
  • Eric: we need to go, Captain Carrot wants to be free
  • Dylan: *sighs*
  • *some time later*
  • Eric: *slowly driving down a street*
  • Dylan: *throwing eggs out the window at houses* FEEL MY WRATH
  • *the next day*
  • Eric: *filming* it's 11am, me and V are about to crash the Easter parade
  • Dylan: we're going to run into the parade right when the Easter bunny gets there and we're going to pull off the guy's head
  • *about an hour later*
  • Parade: *is going on*
  • Dylan: *filming*
  • Eric and Dylan: *waiting*
  • People: *cheering*
  • Easter bunny float: *starts to appear*
  • Eric: there it is
  • Dylan: and there's the Easter bunny *zooms in*
  • Eric and Dylan: *runs into the street and climbs onto the Easter bunny float*
  • People: *gasping*
  • Dylan: *still filming*
  • Eric: *pulls off the head of the Easter bunny*
  • Children: *gasps*
  • Eric and Dylan: *gasps* BROOKS??!
  • Security: *starting to come forward*
  • Eric and Dylan: *runs away and takes the Easter bunny mask with them*
One Piece Chapter 878 Short Review

It’s a shame that I won’t write a long review on this, but needless to say, it’s a pretty tensed chapter that left a sheer hype at the end. Oda is going out of his way to certified that Pedro has died and so far, it’s pretty convincing. He passed the torch to Carrot, so things are looking promising for her future; maybe not as a new crew member but as a backup fighter down the road.

Oda essentially gave a middle finger by having Peros alive instead of Pedros alas Nappa surviving the suicide blast by Chiaotzu. Then again, it stopped the effect of time bomb for Chopper and Brook, so nothing has gone in vein. The rest is pretty filled with intensity and everything is going to a panic state. The art keeps up the intensity without feeling lost.

Luffy shows a rare sign of a true captain, which pleases me. The use of Mirror World for the grand stage for Luffy versus Katakuri is smart and all hype. That last page got me hyped for the epic battle. Overall, a pretty thrilling chapter that has a lot of stuff going on yet remained excited throughout the chapter. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

[ChristmasTeen Series] Building a snowman with Hoshi! (G)

Prompt: Building a snowman with Hoshi

Word count: 546
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None!

A/N: Here is Hoshi’s story! Ahhh sometimes I wish it would snow in Singapore so that I can build snowmans HAHAHAH enjoy!! Next story will be up tomorrow at 12am SGT (UTC+08)!


[ChristmasTeen Series]

S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | DK | Mingyu | The8 | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino | OT13

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You sulked as you stared out of the window. The snow seemed to fall non stop, covering the streets with a layer of white. Not that you disliked snow, but you were looking forward to your date with Hoshi, and now it seems that you’ll have to cancel it.

Your phone rang, snapping you out of your thoughts momentarily.


“Yah, I’m outside your door, can you let me in?” he asked.

As you swung your front door open, Hoshi was indeed standing there. He wore a white turtleneck with a black coat and a scarf.

“You could have knocked you know.” You laughed.

“I figured you’d be too absorbed in your own world to even hear anything.” He said while pulling you into a hug.

It had been nearly three months since you last saw Hoshi, as he was extremely busy with the group’s Asia tour. You missed him to bits, and his embrace gave you butterflies. Not only was it warm, it was also comforting, and you were unwilling to break the hug.

“You know our date’s still on right?”

“But Hoshi the snow-”

“Nevermind the snow, I know exactly what we can do.”

Hoshi brought you to an open field near your house. Except that on first glance, you couldn’t tell that it was an open field because of the thick layer of snow that covered it.

You were hesistant whether the two of you should be playing in the snow. Especially since you knew Hoshi was preparing a comeback in a month’s time and his health was crucial. But seeing how excited your boyfriend was, you found it difficult to say no. However you made a mental note to wrap Hoshi in blankets afterwards.

Hoshi pulled out a plastic bag from his backpack and passed it to you.

“A carrot?”

“We’re building a snowman today.”

Right. That would probably explain why he was so bundled up and why he threw more coats onto you and told you to wear gloves.

Hoshi began by rolling a ball of snow which reached your knee level, you then proceeded to make the middle section of the snowman. Finally the two of you formed the head and Hoshi helped you stack it on top.

“Here, help me put on it’s nose, I’m gonna go find some twigs and pebbles.” Hoshi didn’t even give you time to answer before he ran off.

You grinned as you put the nose on, before deciding that you were going to name the snowman Olaf, simply because you were in love the movie Frozen, and of course the small adorable snowman was your favourite character.

Within five minutes, you spotted Hoshi running back, hands full of materials to complete Olaf. You quickly assembled the rest of Olaf, mainly because you were starting to get cold.

“Wahh it’s so cute!” You squealed as you took out your phone to snap a photo of the masterpiece you finished building.

Hoshi looked fondly at you from a distance, wondering how he managed to find such a lovely girl he could call his.

Your eyes caught Hoshi and you felt your cheeks heating up. You were thankful to have someone like Hoshi by your side.

He was caring, sweet and most importantly, he was yours.

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Foxhollow Chapter One

Requested by @ktrk5

Nick has a kingdom to rule, a fact he’s impartial about.  But his royal life is turned upset down when he receives a gift with long ears and a cottontail.



Chapter One: The Tribute

           Once upon a time, there was a vast and resourceful land. It was full of forests, and lakes, mountains and valleys. Naturally, the land was full of animals of all kinds, as time went by there came predators who decided they wanted specific acres of land for themselves and their families, through fighting and debating territories known as Regions came to be. Predator couples ruled each and were known as kings and queens they would protect and rule their territory and the other predators and prey that inhabited it until it was time to past it on to their children.

Many different Regions were founded and named, each unique with its own resources. And, naturally, many stories came from these Regions, epic tales of adventure, betrayal, danger, friendship, and love. While all respectable stories in their own right the tale we will be telling today is without a doubt one of the most peculiar but also one of the most memorable: The tale of a bunny and a fox.

           Our story starts in the Region known as Foxhollow, an average sized territory flush with forests and vegetation; it had been many, many years since it had seen a bad harvest.

The rulers of this prosperous land were the royal Wilde family. The King and Queen, Maximillian and Amelia Wilde, had decided to retire and announced their son, Nicholas Piberius Wilde, would be taking the throne. The news brought other royals and citizens of Foxhollow to the castle.

The minutes before the coronation is where this grand tale of bravery, romance, and change, begins.


           Nicholas Wilde was in every way, shape, and form: neutral.

He would not reject the crown of Foxhollow, his birthright. But he would be a liar if he said he was jumping off the walls, overjoyed at the thought of taking his parents’ responsibility.  It was odd, he had spent much of his childhood in stuffy study rooms, pouring over history books, sitting through dull meetings alongside his parents as they talked over trading and taxes, going to sleep with sore arms and legs after hours of sparring.

All those years, all that time, had led up to this moment, a day that was going to change his life. Yet all he could muster was an apathetic ‘hmm’.  Maybe he’d become more invested after he was crowned and had a few days to adjust to it all.

           Nicholas turned around, fully clothed in his Region’s colors: emerald and amethyst, as his bedchamber door was open, in stepping his mother who was dressed in her own royal garb.

Amelia Wilde’s eyes and lips were decorated with both laughter and age lines, caused by years of running a kingdom and laughing at the eccentric quims of her husband and son. She smiled warmly at her child as she walked toward him, her green eyes the exact same shade as her kit’s, were glittering with pride and tenderness.

“You look so handsome, dearest,” she praised him, “And so regal.”

He returned her smile, accepting the embrace she provided. “And you look stunning as always.”

She giggled softly at him, stepping away, her tender grin now more humorous and messy, showing off her white fangs, “Don’t you go wasting that charm on your mother, I already love you.”

“No other woman is worthy of my praise,” he smirked but it quickly dropped when Amelia gave him a pointed look. “No other woman is worthy of my praise,” he repeated firmly.

“That’s because you never look,” his mother replied in a clipped tone. Her words made Nick’s shoulders droop, they had had this very conversation weekly since the day he turned eighteen. “Mother it’s not like I need a queen to be a successful ruler. Look at King Lionheart, he is an eternal bachelor and is doing just fine on his own.”
Amelia’s nose curled, revealing her opinion of the lion who was now in their throne room, a guest for Nicholas’ coronation. “But so is King and Queen Otterton, which is more impressive considering they have one of the smallest Regions in the lands.”

“You realize why, Mother? Because they are two mammals who, as you said, are ruling one of the smallest Regions known.” He placed his paws on his hips, “Besides, those two are a good match because they married for love. Love doesn’t happen after one conversation, it takes time.”

“Yes, but you aren’t even looking,” the elder vixen pointed out. “Nicholas, you’re father and I aren’t getting any younger and I just hate the thought of leaving you by yourself with all of Foxhollow to run.”
Nicholas bit back another sigh, he could never banter long with his mother, “Let me get through this coronation first and then I’ll look.” He linked his arm with hers and headed toward the door, a relieved smile already across the vixen’s face. “In fact if I spot any vixens as lovely as you then I’ll even talk to her.”

Amelia nodded in satisfaction as they left Nicholas’ bedchamber. As he walked it didn’t go unnoticed that he was leaving his room as a prince…and would be returning as a king.


           Judith Hopps straightened up, rubbing the dirt covering her paws on her foggy grey skirt, her dress more rags than anything at this point.

The farm bunny was with a handful of her other siblings, having planted the last seeds for this harvest, she noticed how her brothers were filthier than she or her sisters, they truly did not mind looking the part of peasant. While Judith didn’t mind having to work to live she knew that the animals of Foxhollow, the middle class and nobles and royalty(though the latter she knew she would never meet) would look down at her even more so if she was caked in dirt.      

“We should be heading back,” Rose, the eldest of the current group stated, her head turned up as she studies the darkening sky. Night would soon be upon them.

Rose’s siblings made no arguments, walking across the rows and rows of not yet grown carrots as they made their way to the burrows that were their home. It was almost time for supper, their mother no doubt slaving away in the kitchen.      

           Judith was having a pleasant conversation with one of her younger sisters, Gwen, asking about a brush that had gone missing when they noticed a carriage.

It was a few yards away, passing the Hopps carrot fields as it dashed across the gravel path. The carriage was a beautiful color of sapphire, silver lining the doors and wheels. The black mare pulling it looked incredibly pompous and self-important. Adding that all together it wasn’t hard for Judith to deduce that it was a royal carriage.

           “Isn’t that the emblem of the Riverway Region?” her brother George asked, pointing to a symbol of what looked to be an otter on the carriage door.

Rose nodded in confirmation, “Tonight is the coronation of Prince Nicholas.”

“That’s tonight?” Judith looked to her sister. She could recall a few mammals talking about the coronation on her last tri p to the last marke.t She had not paid much attention since buying apples had been of more importance in her eyes.

“Yes,” Rose told her. “Poppa said he saw King Lionheart’s carriage pass this morning, must have wanted to get there early to show a good impression.”

           “What is Prince Nicholas like?” the youngest of the current group, Agatha asked.

Her older siblings shrugged their shoulders, none had ever seen the prince. Years ago Judith had caught a glimpse of him as he visited town with his father, but once again food held more importance.

Suddenly Rupert, the youngest of the brothers there, shuddered, “When I hear about a new predator getting crowned I always get uneasy.”
George crinkled his nose, “This is the first coronation you’ve ever lived through.” w

“Yeah but I’ve heard of others. You know they crowned some real brutes before.” He wrapped his arms around himself, “I heard some were even bloodthirsty.” A few of the sisters joined his shivering at that word. It was a word whispered not only by the Hopps family but many a prey in many a Region. It was the reason they were always sure to lock their doors at night and give their predator neighbors a wide berth. You just never knew…

           “And Prince Nicholas is a fox,” Rupert hadn’t stopped his fear mongering. “And we’re rabbits! By nature we’re born enemies. What’s to stop him from sending his guards over to snatch us ad make rabbit stew?”

Agatha gasped in fright while Rose scowled. “I really do not think Prince Nicholas, or any predator, for that matter is going to make any stew-rabbit or otherwise. That hasn’t happened in centuries.”

Rupert didn’t look convinced but by then they had arrived home and talk of bloodthirsty predators ceased. But one problem was replaced with another when they saw no smoke rising from the chimney of the dome of earth they called home. Their mother wasn’t cooking…which could only mean something bad had happened.

           They hurried inside, Rose sending the youngest away to the safety of their rooms and other siblings while Judith and George followed her to the kitchen.

There was a mob waiting for them. All crowded up before the kitchen doorway but none daring to even stick a whisker in. Judith’s stomach twisted in dread but she forced herself through the mass, murmuring excuse me’s and resorting to elbow shoving. She couldn’t stay in the back of the crowd, not knowing what was going on. But when she had finally made it to the front of the group she wished she had.

           The bane of the Hopps family existence stood at their kitchen table, before her parents: the red fox known as Gideon Grey.    

He was a landowner, running the farms of the quaint village of Bunnyburrow. When the harvest came in he decided how much a famer’s family got and where the rabbits sold the produce. And since he owned the burrow the Hopps’ called home he made them pay a steep rent to stay there. Tragically it was a rent too steep for them to pay this month which was why the fox was polluting the kitchen with his stank musk now.

“We’ve given you all we can afford, sir,” her father said, spreading his arms in an I-don’t-know-what-else-to-do fashion, keeping himself firmly between his wife and the fox. “One of our little ones got sick and we needed an apothecary.”
“Yes, I heard ya the first time,” Gideon replied, his lip curled to reveal the glint of fangs. “But that doesn’t solve my problem, does it? I needed that money so I could buy a gift for the new king of Foxhollow. They could easily take these lands away from me-and you-if I don’t stay in their good graces.” He placed large, clawed, paws on his hips, looking around the kitchen, unimpressed and disgusted. “I’d take something of yours as a gift but there’s no way in hellfire he’d-” Gideon’s long jaw shut as his eyes reached and stopped at Judith and the other rabbits watching the scene before them. Immediately the bunnies behind her scampered back but Judith forced her legs to remain still. She may have been terrified of Gideon, probably all foxes if she knew any others, but she refused to let him see, especially when he was looking straight at her, his blue eyes thoughtful.

Eventually his scowl pulled up into a nasty and deceitful grin fitting for a fox.

Gideon turned back to her parents, trying to appear pleasant. “I was wrong, you do have something of…average value.” He pointed one claw at Judith. “Give me her and you’ll be free from three months’ worth of rent.”

Her parents already frightened expressions morphed into ones of horror, Gideon might as well have bared his fangs and gone for their throat. “But-but,” her father stammered, “Wha…”
“Many prey were given as tributes to newly crowned royalty decades ago,” the fox explained, his smile making the rabbits sick. “I’m sure soon to be King Nicholas will love this call to the old traditions.”

“You can’t!” Judith’s mother finally spoke, her voice tight and fierce. “You will not take my daughter all the way across Foxhollow as a gift to an animal I’ve never met! Take me if you must have a tribute but Judith stays here.”

           Judith wanted to step forward, to tell her mother it was fine, but she could not, her legs were stone and her mouth was cotton. All she could image was what this fox prince looked like, acted like, she knew he was older, she could see a creaky old fox with graying fur, snarling and snapping at her, mouth wet with saliva as he tried to have a taste…

           Gideon’s eyes were dark as he glared down at the two. “You don’t have a choice, either give your daughter up or your entire family will be homeless.”

The conflicted expressions on their faces made Judith’s stomach twist even more. Again she tried to say something but again nothing came out, she blinked and could see the prince rubbing his claws across her face and neck and chest as he skinned her alive.

Gideon must’ve been getting impatient and not wanting to deal with resistant rabbits because he added, “Surely you can save up money to buy her from the king? You do have three months to do so.” He wrinkled his nose in distaste as he looked at Judith. “And I doubt she’ll fetch a large price. I wish I could find a prey more presentable but beggars can’t be choosers.” His eyes slid to Mr. and Mrs. Hopps, “And you are beggars.”    

           Judith could see it the moment her parents looked at her with heartbroken faces. She could see the self-disgust in their eyes. Judith wanted to tell them it was okay, she was a big bunny she could take care of herself, that they needed this home otherwise they’d die starving in the streets, but she couldn’t. All she could do was see her innards falling out of her torn abdomen, blooding spray as the fox she was about to be given to ate her. She could only hope she survived until they collected the money.

Her father nodded, refusing to look at Gideon. Smug and satisfied he immediately grabbed Judy’s arm and dragged her to the door. She bit her lip to keep from wailing, the fox’s claws digging into her skin. She looked over her shoulder and reached her free paw out to her parents, wanting to say goodbye to them, to her siblings, wanting to get one good look at them in case this was the last she ever saw of her family, and her home.

Before the burrow door shut behind her she saw her mother fall to her knees in tears, and her father demanding that Gideon ask the prince how much it would take to get his daughter back. And then the door was shut and Judith was leaving her old life behind.    

           Gideon had his old cart parked near the burrow, his friend, a mule, ready to pull it. Unceremoniously the fox tossed Judith into the back of the carriage that was full of filthy hay and old crates.

“Get going,” Gideon said to the mule, climbing onto the seat of the cart, “We have a lot of ground to cover and little time to do so.”
The mule obeyed, jogging away from the burrow, heading for the capital of Foxhollow. It was when the burrow, her home, disappeared from view that Judith snapped.

“No,” she breathed, moving to jump out of the moving carriage, terror pumping through her veins and bringing tears to her eyes. “No, no, no, no!”          

Gideon let out a snarl as he saw the rabbit trying to escape, he quickly grabbed her waist, claws digging through the worn fabric and painfully pricking her skin. Judith struggled against her captor, kicking and slapping at him as he pinned her down. “No, no, no!” she repeated over and over, her voice rising, becoming hysterical. But she wasn’t strong enough to fend off Gideon who found some coarse rope in one of the crates and managed to tie her wrists and ankles.

“There, that should hold you,” the fox growled, moving back to his seat leaving the bunny lying on her side. Judith could feel her body shaking, her tears staining her fur and dampening the hay, she felt like her thumping heart would burst through her chest. Helplessness and dread weighed her soul down as they headed to the Foxhollow castle which would soon be known as Judith Hopps’ grave.


           King Nicholas Wilde stood between his parents as he was greeted by both royals and nobles who offered him well-wishes and praise.

He had to fight back a smirk as King Lionheart of the Kingsland Region hammed it up, exclaiming how both their lands would prosper together as brothers in bond. When he finally stepped away for the next well-wisher Nicholas noticed his mother rolling her eyes.

King and Queen Otterton were much simpler, smiling up at Nicholas and offering him the best of luck. Queen Otterton told him she had brought him a few jewels native to Riverway, adding teasingly that it was a good way to catch a fair lady’s eye. Nicholas smiled politely and thanked her, ignoring his mother’s pointed smile while his father chuckled behind his paw.

           “I think it’s time to mingle,” former King Maxmilian decided as their last well-wisher departed. “Emmit brought some of his finest dishes and I must try a few.” He patted his son on the back, smiling proudly at him before walking across the room to the buffet that waited for him.

Amelia let out a small sigh of strained fondness, “You’re father was wasted as a king, he should’ve been a court jester.” She smiled at her son, “You have fun, talk with animals and get to know them. You’re their king now.”

Nicholas smirked at her, “And talk to a couple of vixens.”
She returned the playful grin, “My kit’s so smart.”

           Nicholas separated from his mother, looking for a specific mammal. It didn’t take long to find him; his eternally furious personality always granted him a lot of personal space.

Sir Ele Finnick, a noble fox that found his riches instead of being born into it like most, was the one animal in the world Nicholas considered his friend; having known him since he was a kit and the fennec was a street urchin.  

Finnick was leaning against the wall, directly under a tapestry that showed the first Wilde claming the Foxhollow Region as his own. He held a half empty goblet of wine, swirling the red liquid around, his brown eyes looking down into the glass’s contents.

When Nicholas’ shadow fell over him the fennec looked up and smirked, “Good evening, Your Majesty.”

Nicholas playfully narrowed his eyes, “If it isn’t my favorite street rat.”

Finnick snorted in a very un-regal way before turning his eyes to the crowd around them, “Quite a party.”

“Isn’t it,” Nicholas followed his friend’s gaze.

“So, how does it feel knowing you can behead anyone you wish,” the fennec smiled evilly, baring his small but sharp teeth.

Nicholas gave his friend a droll look, “There is something so very wrong with you, Finnick. But to answer your question I’m more worried over finding a vixen to appear my mother than running the Region.”

Finnick laughed, it came out raspy, “You would be more stressed over that.”

“I’ve spent my entire life getting ready to be king, not finding a suitable queen,” the red fox reminded his friend.

“Well, better get to hunting,” Finnick waved his goblet carrying paw toward the crowd.

Nicholas studied the party goers, picking out the vixens and trying to figure out which one he should approach, he knew he wouldn’t be rejected by any-none would dare reject a king. But that was the problem, wasn’t it? Many women would look at him and only see a crown.

Finnick must’ve caught his friend’s hesitation because he spoke once more, “What about Lady Winter? She’s a good catch, smart and kind, and attractive.”

Nicholas studied the artic fox who was having a pleasant conversation with Queen Otterton. He had spoken with her before, whenever her family visited the castle or when he walked the streets of the capital. He supposed he could at least try to talk to her, see if they could find some common ground to bond over.

“Wish me luck,” Nicholas told the smaller fox beside him before heading toward the vixen.

           He was halfway across the room when a scream split the air, sending everyone’s fur on edge.

Nicholas whirled around toward the large doors of the room, wondering if the castle was under attack but instead the door opened to see a husky red fox in dirty peasant clothing walking in, dragging a bound rabbit behind him.

The nobles of the room exchanged confused silence as Nicholas remembered he was king and it was up to him to figure out what was going on. He marched over to the fox and the rabbit, the latter having been released and fallen to her knees.

“May I help you?” Nick asked the peasant.

“Ah!” the plump fox exclaimed, bowing dramatically to him. “King Nicholas, it is an honor to meet you I am Gideon Grey, I manage the fields of Bunnyburrow.”

“Oh, I see,” Nicholas replied, remembering that Bunnyburrow was one of the most prosperous fields in all of Foxhollow. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine, Sire,” Gideon Grey gushed. “I’m afraid I can’t stay long, but I wanted to bring you a gift for your coronation.” He stepped back and indicated to the rabbit, “I’ve brought you a tribute.”

Nicholas finally got a good look at the bunny. She was dressed in an old gray dress that was caked with dirt, her ankles and wrists tied, her gray fur matted and ears drooped across her back. She was staring up at him with violet eyes that popped in contrast to her fur, said eyes were full to the brim with terror as she stared up at him, unblinking. Nicholas noted this was the closest he had ever been to a rabbit.

“Tribute?” he echoed, confused.

“It is an old-tradition for royalty to receive prey tributes on their coronation,” Gideon Grey explained.

Nicholas narrowed his eyes at the rabbit who seemed to shrink into herself, her body shivering like she was in a blizzard instead of a warm space. He could vaguely recall reading about such a tradition but it hadn’t been performed in years and Nicholas couldn’t help it, he glanced over his shoulder to seek advice from his parents. But he received none, his father going back to his meal and his mother turning away.

So Nicholas decided it would be rude to not accept the gift, as bizarre as it was. He turned back to Gideon Grey with a polite smile, “Thank you, it is much appreciated.”

The fox smiled proudly, “It was no trouble at all, Your Highness.”

“Guards,” Nicholas spoke to the two antelopes standing by the doors, “Please take my…tribute, to my bedchamber along with the other gifts.”

Snowman (requested) - Preference #348

Winter/Christmas Edition 2015


Dan - 

“Isn’t it like…illegal to not make a snowman on a snow day?” You pouted, pulling on your hat. “I’m fairly certain it’s not illegal.” “Come on already! Just put your winter stuff on and make a snowman with me!” You stomped your foot down angrily and crossed your arms at the door. “I’m waiting.” A few minutes later you were both outside, the cold air hitting you from all directions. “Well then, let’s get to it!” You announced, trying to roll a snowball into a base. And failing miserably. “This isn’t working.” You frowned, turning towards Dan for words of encouragement. “No, it isn’t.” He laughed, “I told you building a snowman would be a waste of time.” “Time that you were wasting anyway, I’m sure.” You retorted, looking down to your pile of snow. Hearing Dan’s continued snickering, you bent down, feigning trying to form a snowman and gathered as much snow as you could in your arms. You were preparing to turn around and smack Dan with your rejected pile of snowman, when you felt something fall atop your head. “Dan!” You whined shaking your hair free of snow, “It’s cold! I’m cold!” “Well damn Y/N! I can’t control the weather!”


Phil - 

“Pass me the carrot.” You pointed, trying to maneuver the scarf around the snowman’s neck. “Are we going to have to eat this after you’re done.” Phil stuck his tongue out, and making a disgusted face. “You’re going to eat his nose?” You teased, sticking the carrot into the ball of snow and stepping back to admire your handiwork, “dang. I did a good job.” You praised yourself. “Don’t you mean we did a good job?” Phil pouted, tugging your sweater. “No. I mean I did a good job.” You smirked, “all you did was hand me the supplies.” “And help you roll the snow!” He defended, “without me you wouldn’t have this masterpiece.” “Oh alright fine. I’ll include you in my award-winning speech, for Best Snowman in London.” “That’s all I ask.” He laughed, turning back to the snowman, he frowned, “don’t you think it’s missing something?” “Like what?” You asked, cocking your head to the side. “I dunno. A hat? Didn’t Frosty the Snowman have a hat?” “Yes. But this isn’t Frosty.” You giggled, “he is his own snowman.” “I didn’t realize our snowman was alive.” “In spirit, Phil! In spirit!”


Zootopia scene wish # 4
  • Judy: do you mind playing with my little nieces and nephews while I help out my parents?
  • Nick: Sure, I don't see why not.
  • Judy: okay good, I'll be over there if you need me, they can be a handful.
  • Nick: how hard will it be? *looks down at the twelve little bunnies* so what do you guys want to play?
  • 5 minutes later.
  • Nick: *dramatically* oh no! I am being attacked by a swarm of little bunnies!
  • Kids: rawr! We got you! We are going to feast on your flesh!
  • Nick: *laughing* oh nooooo! Judy! Judy help me!
  • Judy: *passing out carrots to customers* maybe later Nick. Play nice kids!
  • Nick: ow! Hey who bit my tail!?
Carrot emerged, waving a small yellowing sheet. Vimes squinted at it.
“Looks like nonsense to me,” he said, eventually. “It’s not dwarfish, I know that. But these symbols—these things I’ve seen before. Or something like them.” He passed the paper back to Carrot. “What can you make of it?”
Carrot frowned. “I could make a hat,” he said, “or a boat. Or a sort of chrysanthemum—”
—  Men at Arms (Terry Pratchett)