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Trevor prompt bc I had scary turbulence today? Reader's flying to Europe with AH for one reason or another, literally everyone she's flying with upgraded to first class, it's her first time flying overseas/on a plane for that long, and really rough turbulence in the middle of the night makes everything start to get overwhelming and either she goes up to Trevor in first class or asks a flight attendant to get him to bring him back to her and it's some comfort hugs/cuddles after that?

A/N That must have been awful, hope you’re okay! I’ve not had a lot of experience flying, literally one 1 hour flight, so please excuse my lack of knowledge in my writing!

Pairing: Trevor x Reader

Words: 1615

Warning: Flying, Turbulence, mentions of anxiety and panic attacks

Planes were never your favourite means of travel. Cars you were great with, the ground was always a nice place to stay. Boats were alright, you weren’t fighting against gravity or high in the sky, just sailing on water. But planes, they were your least favourite. It wasn’t just the fact they weighed a couple of hundred tonnes, wasn’t the fact you could see the ground from thousands of feet above. It was more the fact that mother nature never liked you being in the air. Every time you have got on a plane, you’ve either had to make an emergency landing or the turbulence had been awful. It didn’t help that you had a large fear of death, and the amount of ways you could die on a plane terrified you. This meant you avoided flying as much as you could. But, this time you couldn’t avoid it.

You were now waiting to be checked in at Austin Airport, most of Achievement Hunter and a few other editors were off to London for a convention as well as having a few meetings with business partners. You kept saying to Geoff that you shouldn’t go, but he insisted,

“You’re being over dramatic, you’ll be fine”
He rolled his eyes at you every time you came up with excuses not to go.

The whole time in the airport you were a nervous wreck. You had your headphones on, curled up by a window as you watched multiple planes taking off and landing, hoping that you flight would be delayed for hours.

“That’ll be us soon” Someone said from behind you, it being muffled by your headphones.

You smiled as you saw Trevor sat next to you. Pulling off one headphone, you turned and faced him.

“Can’t wait” You said sarcastically with a smile.

“Guessing you’re not a fan of flying” He lightly chuckled,

“I mean I don’t like the large possibly of death… but nature doesn’t really like me flying either”

“How so?”

“Well every time I’ve flown the turbulence has be horrific, I’ve been in 3 emergency landings due to weather. Mother nature doesn’t like me” You laughed but out of seriousness,

“That’s stupid, you’ll be fine. Anyway, every time I’ve flown it’s been perfect, so maybe I’ll counteract her hatred for you” You laughed at his attempt of comfort.
“Thanks. I mean, I don’t love flying, even if it wasn’t for the weather. I just get anxious about the what ifs, you know?” you admitted.

“What seat you in?”

“B27, you?”

“Hey, I’m in D27, maybe whoever’s in C27 will swap so I can sit near you, just in case you start feeling anxious” He stated like it was nothing.

A blush crept up on your cheeks and you smiled, “Thanks, but you don’t need to do that, I’ll be fine” You laughed. He nodded, muttering an ‘alright’ and carried on scrolling on his phone as you went back to your music.

Soon you were boarding the place, handing your ticket and passport to the desk you smiled at them before heading towards the plane. Before you, you had heard them mention to Gavin and Geoff that they had been upgraded to first class. You weren’t surprised, they both flew a lot. Then behind you, you heard the same sentence repeated to Trevor, and then to Jack. You rolled your eyes, typical that you’re left out of the upgraded crew.

“Hey, you sure you’re going to be alright if I move up?” Trevor ran up to catch you, even though you were all stopping in line before boarding.

You smiled up at him but nodded, “yeah, go have fun with all the business people, make sure you throw a peanut at one’s head for me” You joked,

“For you, I shall consider it” He teased,

You waved off to the crew going to first class, going to your own seat and putting your bag away. You got yourself comfortable pretty quickly. You were glad to have remembered to bring comfortable clothes for the 10 and a half hour flight.
The first 4 hours were not as bad as you expected. There was a little bit of turbulence but nothing like you’ve had before. You were happy enough, watching new films on the screen in front of you, your neighbours all keeping to themselves and no kids to annoy you. It was almost enjoyable. Almost being the keyword.

As soon as you flipped to the next film you saw the seatbelt sign go on, making your chest tighten. You pulled out your earphones to hear the piolet speaking over the speakers.

“Please all fasten your seatbelts. We will be enduring some heavier turbulence in a few minutes, just a small storm over the west coast of Europe. Please stay seated until the light it off.”

Your hands gripped onto the arm rests as you tried to control your breathing. Thoughts of death ran through your mind, not calming you at all. What if lightening hits us and we explode? What if survive the explosion and plummet to the ground? What if we crash into the ocean and get eaten by sharks?!

You wished Trevor hadn’t moved up to first class now, having a friend near you could calm you. The air hostesses were still moving about so you knew it couldn’t be too bad, that was how you were trying to convince yourself. You waved one over,

“Are you okay?” She asks politely,

“Is it possible for me to go to first class? I really, really need to talk to someone” You quietly pleaded, your hands shaking on your lap as your anxiety started getting the better of you.

“I’m sorry ‘mam I can’t allow that. Would you like a brown bag to breath into?” She could tell you were going into panic, and it did not help that the plane started shaking.

“No. Please, I need to talk to him” You said again. She looked at you sadly before shaking her head, then she looked behind her and back to you,

“Do you know what seat he’s in? I could pass on a message”

“I don’t know, he was upgraded from D27..”

She gave you a piece of paper and pen, “I’ll go look on the system”

You quickly wrote a message, as readable as you could in your shaky state.
She came back within a few minutes, trying her hardest to keep her balance through the turbulence. She told you she’d come back in a bit if he sent anything back. You thanked her as she was doing as much as she could, but you were still mid-panic attack.

You tried staring at the screen, pleading your mind to focus on the film playing but your body refused. You ended up as curled up as you could be in your seat. Thankful that the seats were a decent size so you weren’t on top of the person next to you. Out of nowhere you felt a hand place itself on your shoulder.

“Hey, y/n. Look at me” The voice said calmly to you. You looked up and smiled slightly seeing, the newly blond, Trevor crouched in front of you. “It’s alright, you’re alright”

His hand moved to hold yours, gripping it and gently rubbing his thumb over the top. Already you felt calmer, his eyes and smile distracting you. “Just breathe slowly, you okay yeah?”

“I don’t know what happened, I just-” You started, your voice coming out shaky, “I just started to panic”

“Well I’m here now” He said softly, looking up at you slightly,

“How did you get back here, I didn’t think we could move” You muttered, realising he was in coach not first class.

“The hostess let me back here, saying I had a friend in need.”

“Thanks” you couldn’t help the blush rising from your cheeks, “You must think I’m so childish, it’s just wind pushing the plane” You tried to laugh it off, even though the thought still panicked you.

“Not at all, we all have fears we’re embarrassed about, just glad I can help you through this”

The man next to you said he would move to Trevor’s old seat so he could sit next to you. He held your hand so gently, keeping you calm, you were sharing headphones so you could enjoy a film together. But you couldn’t help but feel like a burden to Trevor, he should be enjoying first class, not be stuck here with you.

“You can go back now, I don’t want to keep you from enjoying the high life” You laughed, not meaning the slight pun, still gripping his hand.

“Oh please, it’s not that special. Plus, I think the man next to me may have it out for me” He admitted, making you chuckle,


“He may or may not have had a peanut hit his eye…” Trevor trailed off, attempting to look innocent,

“Aw, you did it”

“Yeah, half for you, half because Gavin dared me too”

You just rolled your eyes, a sudden yawn escaping your lips. You landed in a little under 5 hours’ time, that being mid-day in the UK but the very early morning of Austin.

“Sleep, I’ll be here if you wake up panicked, okay” Trevor insisted,

“I’ll be fine, I’ll have a nap when we get to the hotel” You replied, trying again to focus on the film but failing as your eyelids slowly kept closing. Soon you found yourself falling asleep against Trevor’s shoulder, it much more comfortable than you expected. What you didn’t see in your sleeping state was Trevor’s blushing cheeks or a gentle kiss against your head.

💕 10 FUN ways to build stronger bonds & grow closer! 💕

Q: My chapter has recently had some problems with sisterhood. It just seems like we aren’t as connected as we should/used to be and there’s a lot of gossip that goes around behind each others backs. Any tips on how to build a stronger sisterhood?

A: Being kind to each other year after year is a challenge for most chapters. The importance of respect, dignity and the principles of your creed must be reenforced constantly. Your sisterhood “message” needs to be preached frequently and consistently, so all the members remember what’s most important. Education, ceremonies, rituals and traditions are the top ways to keep sisters on track.

Your chapter leadership sets the tone. They should be monitoring bad behavior and nipping it in the bud. Ultimately, chapter success or failure rests with them. A loose ship springs leaks. It sounds like your organization is not water tight. Getting your officer’s and advisor’s attention would be step #1 in mending your chapter. 

I have a several posts with ideas for strengthening sisterhood bonds. Retreats, games, events and activities with a focus on getting closer are very helpful. There should be a mix of “discipline” for inappropriate negative behavior. And a series of positive programs to promote togetherness in a healthy way. All memberships need refreshing and reminding of their core values.

💕 Please check out these posts:

• 8 Tips for Simple Sisterhood Strengthening 

• 6 Seeking Sisterhood Closeness Games 

And here are some more ways to have fun while building stronger bonds….

💕 10 Activities for Sisterhood Sharing & Growing Closer: 💕 

  • Key Chain: At your next retreat or sisterhood sharing session, ask each sister to bring her key ring with her. Ask each sister to one by one pull it out and explain the meaning behind some of the items on her key ring. What each girl finds important and why can be very insightful. 
  • Grab Bag Pass: Fill a brown paper bag with the following items: $20 bill, copy of the sorority composite or magazine, piece of jewelry, cell phone, passport and candy bar. One sister in the group pulls an item from the bag and makes an honest statement about it that reveals something about her. For example, she pulls the $20 bill from the bag and says, “If I had $20, I’d buy ice cream for everybody.” Statements can be deep or simple. The first girl to start then passes the object ($20 bill in this case) to the right and that sister makes a statement, until everyone has said something about it. Then another sister can pull out a second item from the bag and continue around the group again. This activity can be done in one large group or smaller subgroups. 
  • Balloon Pop: Ask each member to write down one piece of information about herself on a slip of paper. Then gather the chapter/class into a circle. Have each sister put her paper inside a balloon. Each girl blows up her balloon and throws it in the middle of the circle of sisters. One by one, pop the balloons and everyone guesses to whom the piece of information belongs.
  • Magazine Movie: Divide the group into teams and give each team one ‘creative’ magazine picture. The teams have ten minutes to come up with a movie based on the picture and perform it for all. This skit activity is ideal for a lock-in, slumber party, or weekend retreat.
  • Human Trivial Pursuit: Divide the chapter into two teams, or several sets of two teams. Give everybody six small papers and a pen. On each paper, the sisters write a fact about themselves having to do with the 6 corresponding Trivial Pursuit categories: Geography, History, Entertainment, Art & Literature, Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure. (For example, Claire writes – “I once rode on a dog sled in Alaska.“ for Geography.) Each team collects its papers and mixes them up. Team A reads one of its papers aloud and team B together tries to figure out who the fact is about. Teams alternate turns and get a point for every right answer.
  • Heart-to-Heart Balloon: Have several large light colored balloons blown up and a black marker ready. Gather the sisters in a circle and pass the balloon(s) and pen around the group. Ask each girl to write a question they’d like to ask, or a question they would like someone to ask them, on the balloon. Depending on the size of your chapter or class, it will take more than one balloon. After all the questions are written, pass the balloons around again and each girl chooses a question to answer out loud. This is an excellent way to share feelings, pose questions anonymously and clear the air when chapters are having issues. 
  • Magazine ME: Collect lots of women’s magazines from alumnae/active members, before your next retreat or sisterhood. Ask each sister to cut out the following and paste the words and photos onto a sheet of paper ~ 1) A picture which describes you. 2) Your favorite outdoor activity. 3) A color which describes your personality. 4) A picture which describes what makes you feel most alive. 5) A picture which describes your favorite time of day. 6) A picture that you just like. After the magazine art collages are created, spend time sharing them with the sisterhood. 
  • My Chapter Journey: Pass out graph paper to each sister in the group. Ask each one to chart their personal journey through the sorority with its ups and downs. Ask them to share how they felt at different landmarks along their greek journey. Each sister should graph her own highlights and lowlights. Then discuss each sister’s graph as part of a chapter/class sharing session.  
  • Four Favorites: Give each sister an index card and a pen. Ask everyone to divide the index card into four sections. In one section, each girl draws a picture of her favorite TV show, in another section her favorite state, in the third section her favorite book or magazine, and last, her favorite food. Everyone then walks around the room showing each other their cards. The object is to try and guess what the other sister drew on her card. Do not tell each other whether their guesses are right or wrong; just listen. After everyone has guessed at the cards, go around the circle and ask the sisters to share what their favorites are. 
  • Mystery M&Ms: Pass around a bag of M&Ms and let everyone take as many as they would like. Don’t tell them anything else. Just make sure they don’t eat them. Then, ask each sister to tell one piece of information about herself for every M&M she took! Specify the topics based on the M&M colors. For example: Yellow = big/little, Red = romantic story, Green = a place she’s traveled, Brown = sorority experience, Orange = hometown/family. Sisters can eat their candy after they share their personal details. 

💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕

The Family Woman - Part 2

Continuation of The Family Woman, based off a prompt from an Anon.  

Part 1-Part 3-Part 4-Part 5

The Family Woman-Part 2

“Holly?” Sophie said, “are you trying to climb out the window?”

“Ummm…” Holly didn’t know what to say.  She wanted to be honest, to tell her that yes, she was in fact climbing out the window.  She was also pretty certain she was having a panic attack mixed with some sort of hallucination.  I must really be working too hard, Holly thought at the ridiculousness of it all.

“Can you come downstairs like a normal human?  The children are getting restless and want to open their presents.  And by children, I mean Gail” Sophie interrupted her thoughts.

“What?  You want me to come downstairs?” Holly sputtered.

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Why does one need to hate on another ship to raise up their own?

@ lili-munster said the following:

I see the word, “progressive” is still being beaten to death on Tumblr. What’s that about? Is the word “progressive” solely and exclusive reserved for interracial couples? How did this debate even begin? More importantly, since when is a gray-haired, middle-aged woman being paired with another middle-aged man slightly younger than her (whom has doused himself fallaciously with Loreal hair color - HA!) not “progressive?”     

So…if recent memory serves correctly, I don’t recall anyone mentioning Daryl and Carol and how progressive they are or aren’t.  I’m sorry, in the Richonne tag, we’ve been much too busy discussing Richonne.  

Since the 50s, starting with I Love Lucy, interracial marriages have been brought to television. In 1968 Star Trek was the first interracial kiss on American network television with exception of I love Lucy. The Jefferson’s in 1975 demonstrated some of the bigotry that mixed couples face. George Jefferson, a black man, routinely insulted Tom, a white man, and Helen, a black woman, for marrying each other. In that generation, the people who disapproved the most with interracial marriages were POC. 

It’s true–Ricky and Lucy were the first interracial couple on television.  However, it would be remiss of you, or anyone, to compare the aesthetics and ethnicity of Desi Arnaz to oh say, Danai Gurira, even though there’s a sixty year gap between those two shows.  You can play ignorant if you want, but the rest of us are well aware of the inherent racism in this fandom, as well as in the U.S.  And to base your opinion about bigotry on one character from one show and attempt to use that as an indicator of where it stemmed from, really, I shouldn’t even go any further with this because you just proved your foolishness.  But I shall continue.  Oh, I shall.


It’s nothing new.

Except it is.

Michonne isn’t just in any old interracial relationship, and she isn’t just your run of the mill black woman.  If you were talking about Sasha, I’d say okay.  But we aren’t.

Michonne is a dreaded up, dark skinned woman with prominent African features.  She is now THE LOVE INTEREST of the lead white male of the show.  Please point me in the direction where that happened before.  And no, even while groundbreaking one shared kiss with Uhura (who could pass the paper brown bag test.  Bet you don’t even know what that is, what it means, or where it originated from) doesn’t count.

I think my point is, if we want to abolish bigotry it isn’t just exclusive to color. 

You sound like the type to crash a leukemia fundraiser and rant about breast cancer, but okay.

Sexism and misogyny is just as bad as racism.

As a woman who is also black, I’m going to vehemently disagree with you there.  

Make no mistake about it, Caryl is progressive. It’s not to take anything away from Richonne. In its own right, this pairing can be viewed as progressive as well.

Dude, you’re using Richonne as a platform to prop up your ship, while simultaneously trying to say Richonne isn’t relevant.  Like, I can see right through you.

With all that said, I’ll be branded as a racist, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Those who know me well know as well as I do, there is no winning with these bitter Bettys. 

It sounds like you’ve been here before.  Perhaps you should pause, let that marinate and ask yourself, “Why?”  I don’t know if you’re a racist, but you do seem ignorant to racial issues.  And with phrasing such as, “these bitter Bettys,” which is no better than “those people,” you may also want to take stock in what you say and how you say it.

I don’t even know you; never seen a post from you till today.  But you wanted a fight, otherwise, you wouldn’t have posted in the tag.  You wanted us to see.  You want to be a victim.  Well congratulations.

*cues slow clap*

It additionally includes raining on someone’s celebration when MMB finally got on the cover of a magazine, and being told it should have gone to Danai despite the fact that she had two or three covers already. 

No one was worried about, or thinking about Melissa, or salty AF (as you seem to be) about magazine covers or lack thereof.  There is no shortage of content on Danai right now, so this feels like you are not only itching for a fight, but you are content to just pulling bullshit out of your ass.  Maybe you saw this some place that’s else, but you mos def did not see that in the Richonne tag.

Please go and have an entire stadium of seats.


Skype Calls and Kisses (PART 18)

Pairing: Phan 
Genre: fluff 
Word count: 982
Warnings: N/A 
A/N: sorry that it’s really short, ive had a busy week and it was basically a filler chapter, i’ll try and make it up to you! i tried to make this majorly fluffy in compensation 
Story Line: Dan and Phil have been best friends for ages but haven’t met yet so Phil’s Best friend Carrie suggests that Dan should come down to Manchester to stay with Phil for while (cute multi paged Phan Fiction) 

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