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Going through a tunnel of life. [x]

So, it’s my first time playing D&D as the elven rogue Rketha. We’re trying to talk our way out of getting executed by orcs. Two party members down. My character has the team’s lowest charisma stat, but the DM said that if one of us supported our Dragonborn (mage I think, amazing charisma), we could get out. I was the only one who wasn’t passed out in the game.

Db: *rolls a fifteen*

DM: Okay so you say to the orc captors something along the lines of “hey, if you let us go and do our job, we’ll give you part of the pay”. They’re unconvinced but interested. If the other party member passes a charisma check, they’ll let you go.

Me: *rolls a 4* DM can I say what my character’s going to

DM: Sure?


We somehow escaped


I’m both pissed off and excited at the same time

Sometimes I think about how strange and unpleasant it is that Tetra gets left behind in Hyrule Castle. Daphnes tells her that she’s the last descendant of the royal family, and then, having dropped this bomb, he orders her to remain right where she is. He takes Link back to the surface of the Great Sea, and Tetra is expected to stay there by herself, a brave but small girl in a creepy castle deep under the ocean.

Time may have stopped in Hyrule, but Tetra is still alive. There’s nothing for her to eat, there’s nothing for her to drink, there’s nowhere for her to rest, and I don’t even want to think about things like soap and toilet paper. This girl has spent her entire life going on adventures and searching for treasure and bossing around a group of pirates, but now she has nothing to do except sit and wait.

When Ganondorf shows up to kidnap her, Tetra is probably like, OKAY DUDE LET’S GO.

so hear me out: the PE crew playing the fuck/marry/kill game
Bender gives an extended and explicit lecture on who he’d fuck and kill, and just as everyone is about to stand up and go, he concludes with “and of course I’d marry Fry” to which everyone just LOSES IT

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Julian sneaking into the palace to visit Finn?

A tap at the window startled Finn from his studies, pulling him from the bed. His eyes grew wide as he saw the hunched-over figure looming outside the glass, perched precariously on the balcony.

Julian?!” He hissed, scrambling to unlock the doors and stepping aside as Julian fell, quite ungracefully, into the room.

He stood, brushing down his coat and flicking messy curls from his face. “Hello,” he grinned, breathless, and entirely too pleased with himself.

Finn scowled, resisting the urge to leap into his arms like some lovelorn damsel. Instead, he rushed to the door, placing a silencing ward over it and ensuring it was locked… twice.

He ushered Julian to the bed, sitting him on the mattress. “Julian, as wonderful as it is to see you, you know how dangerous this is, right?”

Julian sighed heavily, instantly making him feel guilty. He reached out and pulled at Finn’s hand, urging him to sit. He twisted a leg under himself as he turned to face him, cupping his face with long, gloved fingers. “I couldn’t bear to be without you for another night. If she’s going to keep you here then… then I have no choice.”

Finn leaned into his touch, the warm leather familiar, grounding. He shook himself from his trance, grabbing Julian’s hand and holding it in his lap. “No, you cannot be here. It’s not worth risking—“

You are worth the risk, my love,” Julian interrupted, his eye glassy, rimmed red. He leaned forward, pressing their foreheads together and taking a deep, shuddering breath. “If I die tonight, I want it to be by your side.”

Finn’s breath hitched, and he brought their lips together in a tender caress. Then, he laughed, unable to prevent the sound from bubbling up and escaping. Julian pulled away, looking confused, his eyebrows raised in question.

Finn took one look at his expression and smiled, pulling him in for another kiss, less gentle this time. “You are ridiculous, and infuriatingly overdramatic, but… I love you.”

Julian relaxed, his breathing heavy from the kiss. “So… I can stay?”

Finn narrowed his eyes as Julian’s hand ran up his thigh, the rasp of leather on denim sending a spark straight to his core. He bit his lip as Julian squeezed, his hand coming to rest on his hip.

“You can stay, but no funny business. The walls in this place have ears, it would appear.”

Julian laughed, a shit-eating grin spreading across his handsome face. “Now that I cannot promise.”


etihw…bc yes I still love them to bits

Hey letting you guys know, the original video of Hipsters Love Coffee is gone (because I think the channel Nacho Punch that had it was deleted), but someone DOES have it on their channel now!

So enjoy the cuteness of Danny wanting a wifi password and bby Vernon with no beard.

Is it just me, or Stella looks more like Ravus’ sister despite her outdated PS3 model? Face shape, high cheekbones, violet eyes (Ravus’ grey/blue eye has different shade than Luna’s deep blue, it’s more noticeable in game), hairstyle.

People even speculated that Ravus is gender-bendered Stellla, but he always was his on own character. On FFXV/Versus XIII storyboard they appeared together and with the same hair color.

But considering how awfully Square Enix handled remaining Nox Fleuret siblings, I’m glad that Stella wasn’t in game and she rests in better place now. 

P.S. And as much as I liked Stella in trailers, I don’t understand people’s idea of bringing her back insted of Luna or Ravus. What can change different model, if main problem is writing?

The Scarlet Manor a snapshot of a night

Alright this is an 800 word self-indulgent mess that doesn’t go anywhere but I love the image of everyone working the club together. I only did brief cameos’ tho bc I didn’t want to hijack your kids or write them wrong, I just really wanted to get this picture out of my head. I know it’s probably too complicated to be any kind of canon but that has not stopped me once ever so here we are

Guest starring in order ~ Gloria - @doctormctiddy, Isa - @justmaghookit, Clover - @asrekt, Kani - @therowdyravens​, Avohkii - @nadias-bitch​, and Elyon - @nalshira

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