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anonymous asked:

do you have any advice for guys who like presenting fem and aren't sure if they wanna take T, but absolutely can't stand being read as a cis girl?

Lee says:

If you can’t stand to be read as a cis girl, then your goal is either to pass as male or cope with being read as a cis girl, yeah?



Psycho-Pass turns 5 next month!

To celebrate this, Noitamina Shop and Cafe Theater will hold a campaign for the series, which include:

  • a new illustration to mark the 5th anniversary
  • special voice messages from Seki Tomokazu (Kougami Shinya’s VA) and Hanazawa Kana (Tsunemori Akane’s VA), to be played in the shop
  • a mini gallery with some comments from the people involved with the series
  • a screening of Psycho-Pass New Edit Version, one episode every Sunday starting 1 October
  • a collaboration menu
  • limited goods and novelty items

The campaign starts on October and continues until the end of the year.

anonymous asked:

I'm a ftm trans and I an absolutely obsessed with pastel clothing. Only thing is, people will only view me as a female for wearing it. Is there anything I could do to be more masculine?? I haven't had the surgeries yet and I'm too scared to ask my parents to start T.

Kii says:

Right now, pastel clothes are in style for all genders, and so I would focus on the style of the clothing. We also have tips here that could be helpful.

in other, more positive news - i wrote 6k words tonight on my novel and it’s uuuurggggh c o m i n g t o g e t h e r at last…. very slowly but it IS and i’m actually kind of proud of myself which! I haven’t felt in a long time

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is it okay if I send in a couple photos to check if I pass as a guy? if not, know any blogs that do that sort of thing? the one I used to go to doesn't seem to be doing that anymore.

Lee says:

Hmm. If you go out in public, you could try seeing if people refer to you in a gendered way if you ask where the bathroom is- sometimes they’ll specify where the women’s is or the men’s is if they’re in separate areas.

Online, @bathroom-pass does that, and you could try submitting a post to a selfie blog and ask the followers for feedback!

Selfie blogs I know of:

Followers, any blogs designated for this that you know of, or any other selfie blogs?

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I can think of Mikasa as Akane in season 2, the famous " Ear scene".

Oh my god, that scene is one of my fav scenes OF ALL TIME. The music, the  voice acting. IT’S FUCKING AMAZING.

I’ve been playing that scene over and over again. I just LOVE it.

And I couldn’t help myself but to do this:

Rivamika x Psycho pass CROSSOVER 

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