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AU where Yondu becomes a Facebook parent and won't stop sharing pictures and videos of Peter with the crew. Kraglin accidentally sets off a mutiny by asking if, for once, they could just watch cat videos.


Yondu is That Facebook parent who shares every theory and lifehack and sends you copy/paste messages at 2 in the morning like ‘IF YOU GET A FREE PERFUME SAMPLE DON’T SNIFF IT BECAUSE IT COULD BE POISON AND TWO WOMEN HAVE DIED; PLEASE PASS ON TO SAVE A LIFE’. 

(Peter’s like ‘bruh why would I be getting a free perfume sample in the mail?’ Yondu’s like ‘I dunno kid, I don’t control what you like’.) 

He also shares outdated memes, and summons the whole crew round to laugh at Long Cat several years too late. Everyone’s too scared to say they’ve already seen it.

Kraglin is a closet redditor; discuss.

I feel silly for saying this but I’ve been waiting on Jon and Dany for 6 long, long years. I’ve been telling my husband for years they’re going to get together. He just thought it was my inner fangirl unable to help herself. And now it’s happening. Like for real!

The grandest show of all time giving me the grandest ship of all time. I couldn’t love George more if I tried.

Pass the tissues bruh

I’ve been reading Anne comments on YT “trying” to debunk Reylo and say that Finn is going to end up w/ Rey. I feel so mentally exhausted from all the denial.

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Back to that Scalia scene though, DID YOU SEE THE WAY MALIA LOOKED AT SCOTT WHEN HE PASSED BRUH SHE WAS SHOOK! She was so scared that she was gonna lose him that her feelings for him made way for her being able to take his pain! Then the look Scott made at her when he woke up and saw her hand on his face as he watched his pain go right up her veins! Amazing fucking amazing.

okay but how did the rajavi family get so wealthy. they have waaaaay too much money for it to just have been from the assembly. they’re obviously a legacy family, but how far back is the legacy? what did they do in the old days that put them so far ahead of everyone else?

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raphael and magnus brotp headcanons GO

i have waited 3362 asks for this i am so ready right now here we go

  • their favorite show to watch together is project runway
  • magnus once convinced raphael to go out to buy chocolate wearing only pajamas at like 4 am
  • they play the piano together :)

  • whenever raphael knocks the door to magnus’ apartment and magnus asks who it is, he replies with a different name of his ex’s so magnus has a mini heart attack opening the door magnus absolutely hates that he falls for it every time
  • they have this ongoing joke where whenever they’re on the phone the other person screams PASS ME THE DRUGS BRUH behind them

  • whenever raphael feels really down about something he sends magnus a text only saying “i need a hug” and magnus stops whatever hes doing to pick him up from wherever he is

  • on a halloween party back in 2014 magnus goes as raphael and raphael goes as magnus BUT ITS NOT PLANNED AND THEYRE BOTH SHOOK WHEN THEY SEE EACH OTHER
  •  raphael calls magnus “mags” and magnus calls raphael “rafi”

  • even though they both know that they’re just joking when they say they hate each other raphael always says “you know im joking and that I would die for you right?” after it and magnus goes “I know dear I love you too”
My First Time Getting High

Homie: You wanna smoke something bruh?

Me: nah its a waste of time bruh, nothing ever happens to me

Homie: i gottchu, we gonna hotbox

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(so we got them blunts in rotation…) 

Me: *Thinking* we on the 2nd blunt, i don’t feel shit. i can’t breathe in this hot ass car. i don’t understand why niggas do this to they lives.

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Homie: You Good Bruh?

Me: Yeah I’m pretty good, can’t breathe in this hot ass car though (I’m the pink mofo)

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Homie: You’ll be alright (pulls out a 4th Blunt)

Me: Oh Fuck no…i can’t hang bruh, I’m sorry i can’t breathe in this hot ass car.

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Me: (so I’m sitting chilling now) i don’t feel anything. i told you this shit don’t work

Homie: haha…idk then man. you just might have to smoke more. but aye I’m about to grab us want some snacks (walking out the room) 

Me: Oh Shit (it hit me all at once)

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Me: i done fucked up…my soul… i can feel everything. i can hear everything. I’m thinking I’m gone die

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i know I’m fucked up beyond my beliefs.I am trying to grasp the concept of chill. so i look at his dog and it looks back at me…(im trying to read its mind and everything)

Dog: You done let my master fuck over you…

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Me: I’m skipping through life within seconds. this nigga dog talking to me. I’m dying. 

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This nigga come back in the room with a glass of Kool-Aid and some chips looking like a master from a karate movie

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i completely lost my shit laughing and couldn’t stop. thought i was gonna die laughing. i had to beg this nigga to make another face cuz his straight face too funny.

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Homie: You tripping bruh. lol you not that high though. ( he sat the the Kool-Aid in front of me)

Me: I can see how cold it is through the glass. at that moment it was literally the coldest thing on earth, and this nigga Kool-Aid could give you diabetes just looking at it. 

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Me: i could literally taste every particle of the juice (after i figured out how to attack the cold ass glass)

Homie: catch the chips bruh. we gotta see if your motor skills still good. (tosses the doritos) 


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I’m dead for a solid minute and shit, and he turn some music on, loud ass hell and i come back to life and start dancing.(i can’t even dance but I’m on point with the beat Lmao)

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Me: I aint know life could feel this good bruh. never again shall i let you fuck over my soul though. (passes out eating and happy)

Homie: You a lightweight though bruh. i can get you higher. All in due time.

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-I do not condone drug usage, but if you gonna try it have fun :) 

Texts the signs have sent me

Aries: And when my mind starts wonder, I usually think of you. I tried to reach out a while back but it must not have sent. I’m not sure what happened between us but things seem different then before.

Taurus: Don’t be salty! He’s getting the dough so he can be your sugar daddy

Gemini: oh ok. Thanks! Sorry I thought this was someone else

Cancer: dog appreciation pic *inserts picture of dog*

Leo: Yesterday I kept noticing my hand was black and I couldn’t figure out why but then when I changed I realized a pen exploded in my pocket and my whole thigh was black and I couldn’t get it off.

Virgo: I wanna watch scooby doo now!! But all of it you have to rent on demand !

Libra:I couldn’t believe you were there with me I was like I can’t fuck this up. I would’ve been sick with myself if I had. I didn’t think I would just know or be so certain but I was right away

Scorpio: Damn that is pretty but also mournful

Sagittarius: did you tell him to die for me?

Capricorn: Quit singing and go shave you legs!


Pisces: BRUH I JUST LIKE PASSED OUT FOR REAL And now I’m walking in this creepy town

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When you get this respond with 5 things that make you happy!!!! Then pass this to the first 10 people on your notifications. 🌼🌸

bruh why do you keep sending these to me. like i just answered this. YOU especially know the 5 things that make me happy so no wont  

Jason and Annabeth are taking matters into their own hands while Will has no idea and Nico just wants the ground to open up and swallow him whole.

(psst…Clueless and awkward fictional teenagers have a special place in my heart)  ★~(◡‿◡✿)

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who made fun of you and do I have permission to punch them ???? what the fuck ??????? I feel personally victimized by them and I want an APOLOGY and the ABILITY TO PUNCH THEM

lol chill bruh that was throughout school. time has passed and ive def been over it. lifes too short and stressful to worry about others opinions about you 👌👍🦑