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Today was my last day of working on Pickle & Peanut Season 2!  As you might’ve noticed, it’s already begun airing… though we only just finished the first pass on the last episode today!!  Crazy, right?

This has been an amazing experience, and I’m getting all emotional thinking about how I won’t be walking into the office Monday morning… I’m gonna miss everyone!

Thank you all for a wonderful production!  Here’s to whatever’s next for all of us!

The second round of blood draws was completed today and will be shipped to the lab Monday. Wish us luck - not everyone passed the first round and unfortunately those animals are no longer with me. 

I passed my work call test! Got a 95 out of 100, though. But my call had to be with my manager, and one of the things I need to work on is being able to give open ended questions and engage people.

Not really sure how to do that, but at least I passed the first part of training (still need the written test). What I am afraid of is being on the floor once the training wheels come off lol

What started off as a small lie, but snowballed into “this is my life now”?

My freshman year of college I was walking around campus when a very friendly looking girl waved at me. I’m awkward, so of course I waved back. The next week, the same thing.

This began the weirdest saga of my life.

For the next two years, we greeted each other as old friends every time we came across the other. She knew my name (somehow?), I never could figure hers out and it was WAY too late to ask. I just pretended I knew who she was and why she knew me.

Finally, I joined the honors program and entered my classes for my thesis. Who should be in this class but mystery girl! I was horrified. I wouldn’t be able to pass it off anymore.

First day of class we are all sitting there chatting and she greets me by name, again. I had finally learned her name from attendance, thank God. Someone asks, finally, “oh, so do you two know each other? Where’d you meet?”


I stare at her. She stares at me. Finally she breaks down wailing. “I don’t know! I don’t know, okay, we’ve just been waving at each other for two years and it was too late to ask!”

Shes standing in my wedding next spring as one of my bridesmaids and very best friends.


My friend @missyzero and I were talking about what Shadow’s damage might be in Sonic Forces and she was like “watch it be a Shadow bot and real Shadow was washing his bike somewhere.”

For some reason I thought that was funny and decided to draw it!


names get carved in the red oak tree
of the ones who stay and the ones who leave

Youngjae: “I love you" 
Jaebum, in a soft voice: "Yes" 

*only time he doesn’t scream is when youngjae kisses him*

mc: “play the xylophone if you like the person’s kiss”
jaebum: *plays the xylophone after youngjae kisses him*


anonymous asked:

ok everyone headcanons evan as being like the blushing uwu "c-connor" stereotype after they first kiss but. have they seen the bootleg. he like inhales zoe's face

YA I AGREE ENTIRELY but as far as the zoe thing is concerned i think u should also keep in mind that zoe and connor r two completely diff people and that the situation was drastically different from how most first kisses go, considering evan was overwhelmed with emotion after waxing poetic to zoe thru connor


hey my lovely dear friends, human or otherwise 😺🐶 I was lucky enough to receive an early access code from EA for the new cats & dogs expansion!! big thanks going out to EA!

so, without any further ado, I am so excited to share with you my take on the highly anticipated addition of our furry friends into the sim world. join your girl blarf as I take on my first day in Brindleton Bay! 

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when something impossible happens, there are only two possibilities.
either your assumptions are wrong,
or you have gone crazy.

prince in training

~3k, rated T

Sterek ficlet inspired by this: “i grew up not knowing i was royal and now i guess i’m heir to a throne and you’re the guy who’s supposed to be teaching me how to be royal bc i suck at it and oops we made out” au

This is kind of Princess-Diaries-ish. I know that’s been done before in this fandom (and thank god it has—it’s awesome), but I couldn’t help myself. Yay for self-indulgence!


Stiles thought the most annoying thing about suddenly being a royal heir to a small eastern European kingdom he’s never heard of would be the hyper-aggressive paparazzi, but he was dead wrong.

The most annoying thing is actually Derek Hale, the guy Stiles’ grandmother hired to teach Stiles how not to screw this up.

“Princes don’t chew with their mouths open, Stiles.”

“Princes don’t shove an entire fistful of curly fries in their mouths, Stiles.”

“Princes don’t wear pink-and-green plaid shirts from Target, Stiles.”

“Princes don’t slouch.”

They don’t slump, either, or yawn or sneeze or cough in public, or fist-pump, or drive beat-up old blue Jeeps, or wear bright colors, or rock out to the radio, or do anything fun.

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Here’s a shot from #zootopia that I really enjoyed animating! The big challenge was the moving camera and composing the final frame with clarity. Also managing 10 characters and making the focus and intent of the scene clear. I did a 2d sketch pass first to find my performance and choreography, then I worked really hard to tie down that final image of the shot with all the characters. That way I could work backwards into that final pose. I then animated it stepped on 2’s/4’s before finishing my final polished version. After animation, all the other departments did amazing work. The Lighter did an incredible job to keep the viewers eye focused on the center of the screen. Great team effort!😊 Happy Friday!
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