Pasquale Riggi and Theresa Riggi married in 1989 in the US before moving to the UK as husband and wife in 1997. A few years later, the Riggis decided to start a family in their new home country, which entailed Theresa undergoing IVF treatment before giving birth to unidentical twin boys on 17th December 2001: Augustino (Austin) and Gianluca (Luke). Almost 3 years later, the couple also had a little girl named Cecilia on 9th August 2004 after Theresa had a previously frozen embryo implanted in her womb. Evidently, conceiving their children had not been an easy process, but Theresa had been desperate to have babies.

However, despite gaining the family they had always wanted, the relationship between Pasquale and Theresa began to deteriorate after the children arrived. Mrs Riggi would sleep alongside her children every night whilst not allowing her husband to share the same bed, instead insisting that he moved into another bedroom. Theresa became the picture of a possessive mother, consistently denying any help offered to her and refusing anybody visits to their home. Resultantly, by November 2006, her husband ended their relationship and moved to Aberdeen in Scotland. In February 2007, Theresa moved nearby with the children so that they could visit their father. Despite this amicable set-up, the situation further deteriorated when Theresa suddenly decided in 2009 that her children were not to see him any more. Pasquale was able to see them again the following year in 2010, but Theresa had made each of them wear electronic locators to track their movements at all times. This proved to be the last straw for her estranged husband, who after this point began divorce proceedings and an uncomfortable custody battle ensued.

47 years old at this point, Theresa Riggi had become consumed by the idea that her husband wanted to shut her out completely and take the children away for himself. Prior to a scheduled court hearing, she contacted him via telephone to enquire about his intentions, and when he confirmed he wanted full access to his children, she ended the telephone call with the words: “Say goodbye then.” In light of this conversation, it was anticipated by the authorities that something may be gravely wrong when Theresa failed to turn up to the hearing, and so Pasquale reported his family missing on 20th July 2010. It was subsequently discovered that she had fled with their children to an apartment in Edinburgh. 

On 4th August 2010, when authorities first arrived at the new property, Theresa Riggi was seen rocking back and forth on the balcony. Upon entering the flat, police witnessed the lifeless and bloodied bodies of the three Riggi children lying side by side on the living room floor. There were also three knives nearby, each one covered in blood which indicated that a separate weapon had been used for each child. Austin, Luke and Cecilia had each been brutally stabbed eight times and had died an excruciating death as a result of their injuries. It was also reported that church music had been eerily playing in the background when the apartment was stormed and the children were found. Theresa had several injuries to her body, including 5 self-inflicted stab wounds, but she was alive. There was a space left between the children for herself, as she had intended to commit suicide that day and die with them. While in hospital recovering from the wounds she sustained, she repeatedly told staff “I’m not meant to be here.” At one point, when it was recognised that Theresa had stolen a knife, she reluctantly returned it with the explanation “I just want to be with my babies.”

On 26th April 2011, Theresa Riggi was sentenced to spend 16 years in prison after being found guilty of culpable homicide on the grounds of diminished responsibility. However, despite this already seeming such a lenient sentence for the horrific crimes committed, Theresa did not even serve 3 years as she successfully committed suicide in prison on 10th March 2014.

Disinvolte, anche in condizioni di precario equilibrio, si barcamenano tra gli scogli che digradano verso il mare, sorvegliate a vista dal cane da pastore. In Cilento, le caprette diventano una vera e propria attrazione: nella cala del Marcellino, tra Scario e Marina di Camerota, lungo la costa della Masseta, può capitare di scorgerne gruppetti sparuti alla ricerca di fili d’erba da brucare. Romantici scorci di un piccolo mondo antico che resiste alla globalizzazione.

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Disturbi alimentari e tabù: uno scatto per vincere la lotta contro anoressia e bulimia

Anoressia, bulimia e disturbi alimentari: prospettive differenti e originali per cogliere le mille angolazioni di un problema largamente avvertito in Campania. I lavori, che chiudono un percorso di formazione guidato dal fotografo Simone De Sanctis per conto dell’associazione di volontariato “Accoglienza il Girasole”, hanno dato vita a “DCAmolo in mostra”, un percorso espositivo allestito alla Torre di Michelangelo di Ischia.

(visitabile fino al 2 settembre, 10 -13 e 18 -21, donazioni a favore delle popolazioni terremotate)

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Eric walked to south side of table 19, he slapped the surface twice and knelt saying “Peek-a-boo” to Cassie Bernall before kill her with a shotgun blast to the head. When Eric fired the recoil from the shotgun smashed into his face, breaking his nose.

Eric then turned over to Bree Pasquale, who was sitting on the floor because there was not enough room under the nearby table, Eric asked her if she wanted to die. When Bree said no and pleaded for her life, Eric said they were all going to die, “We’re gonna blow up the school anyway”. Bree said Eric was bleeding heavily from his nose and seemed a bit disoriented.