I had to give the Pasquals a toddler just so I could check out the stuff. I’ve never decorated a house so quickly.

And wow, they are seriously too cute! I’m still in shock that a) we have toddlers, and b) it was a free update. It’s very surreal. I’m so happy for the Sims 4 community right now; it’s fun to see everyone be all excited. :)


Eric walked to south side of table 19, he slapped the surface twice and knelt saying “Peek-a-boo” to Cassie Bernall before kill her with a shotgun blast to the head. When Eric fired the recoil from the shotgun smashed into his face, breaking his nose.

Eric then turned over to Bree Pasquale, who was sitting on the floor because there was not enough room under the nearby table, Eric asked her if she wanted to die. When Bree said no and pleaded for her life, Eric said they were all going to die, “We’re gonna blow up the school anyway”. Bree said Eric was bleeding heavily from his nose and seemed a bit disoriented.


Schuyler-Hamilton-Laurens family

What’s lost from there may not grow here,
But comes the sun,
Look what they’ve done:
They’ve built themselves a home.


So WOW! We have footage of the portrait bots at Pizza Time Theatre! And I don’t mean grainy home movies that last five seconds, either! I mean professional footage from a news piece!

And what’s more, it includes footage of the portrait Helen Henny! We don’t even have showtape audio of her! This is big! BIG! If you’re a fan of CEC or animatronics in general, WATCH THIS VIDEO!