A few Words about P.L.U.R. When I was first introduced to this concept it was in the early 90’s at undergrounds. At that time it was a Spoken thing. A discussion. Sometimes it was written in the corner of a flyer here and there. But they were definitely the overriding Principles of attending an Event….and also for trying to live your Life Outside of Events.✨✨✨This was Pre-Kandi, Pre-Merch, Pre-Just about everything. Promoters were breaking into Warehouses in LA by Bolt Cutting Locks, there was maybe 1 or two lights, and all the money was spent on a booming sound-system. Security was sometimes Non-Existent. Which was always amazing to me because then Drag Queens, GangBangers, Goths, Breakdancers, and Kids like me and my friends from Westside would Get Along. Better that that, WE PARTIED! 😋✨✨The concept of P.L.U.R held people together then. In a very REAL way. It still holds the same Gravity for me now.💖 I’m not sure when it became popular or “Cool” to clown on “PLURRRRR Bro”.😑😂 But I just laugh and give those people a Big Hug, because they don’t get it. PLUR is O.G…PLUR is why I keep doing Events, and The spirit of PLUR saved my Life a few times when things got sticky back in the Day! 😎🙏🏼✨✨ More on this Later, but I will leave you with this… ‪#‎PEACE‬ – To be in the same place as another, to exist similtaniously without conflict or adverse effects/reactions.✌🏼✨✨✨‪#‎LOVE‬ – To unconditionally feel great affection for a fellow being, and offer friendship regardless of race, sex, or creed.💖✨✨✨‪#‎UNITY‬ – To come together and defend common interests and give a sense of well being among those who feel unaccepted, to allow any and all to be a part of you and your friends. 🌎✨✨✨ ‪#‎RESPECT‬ – To allow yourself to be who you are without expectations, and allow others to do the same while helping each other, giving those around you the pride, courage, and honor you would yourself.✊✨✨✨‪#‎PLUR‬ 😎✌🏼💖🌎✊"
—  Pasquale (

WOW, so season 3 of @starwars Rebels is shaping up to be the best ever! New upgrades for the crew, older Ezra and Maul together again, a glimpse of an Outrider class ship, Wedge Antilles, McQuarrie Mandalorians, Grand Admiral Thrawn! AMIRITE! And a bad ass blind Kanan looking to put the beat down on somebody! Quick sketch of one of the scenes from the trailer, check it out here if you haven’t seen it already!