pasive aggression

So the wages are being kept private which is understandable but this part is sos os ossosososo important. the last sentence is a little pasive aggressive as this is from the USA Hockey website. but it seems like they’ll actually be sinking money into the development of the womens game.

I’ve seen some lectures going on about appropriate grief and the importance of coming together and bygones. People begging for just one day of peace in the fandom. Funny thing is, normally, I would be part of that brigade. Hoping that this nightmare would bring about an a-ha, clarifying, unifying moment or at least some middle ground.

But I’m just in reality mode today. Trying to balance both my compassion for Louis, his siblings and their entire family and my sadness at how awful and ugly the past year has been. I don’t need to hold hands with people I don’t respect who don’t respect me. I just want to reflect and share the words and images that bring me a bit of peace.

No matter what side of the fandom you are on, I think nearly all of us are in the same boat, grief-stricken and shell-shocked. Some people are also in-denial about their actions and hyperdefensive and overcompensating while others are emblazoned by righteous fury, clearly willing to fight. Meanwhile, anons on all sides are doing what they do best to pasive aggressively stir the pot.

And honestly? That’s how the real world works. It’s notorious how often hospital visiting hours, wakes and funerals are also riddled with gossip, speculation, in-fighting and resentment, along with genuine grief and sorrow. It’s what humans do. It’s OK. It’s not always pretty, but it’s real.

For the past week, the majority of my dash stewed in anxiety. They observed the pieces of information we were seeing about emergency flights and frequent hospital visits, and they tried to shut down the nagging feeling in the pit of their stomach. At the same time, they also combatted baseless rumors and conspiracy about the stunt, the fake baby and the gold-digging mother who were making their way across the pond. So forgive them if they don’t feel quite so generous.

Hell, today I’m reminded of someone who told me a week ago that Louis was a shit father on a never-ending party bender. Echoeing the same grumblings I’ve seen for months. Forgive me if I feel even less charitable to that line of ugly, cynical and warped thinking now.

One day of a false pretense and fake peace is not going to solve our problems in this community. Not even a campaign can do that. Maybe we just need to act like adults, own our shit and stay in our lanes.