64: A Fashion Gala; A Designer to Watch out for

(This is a super backlogged post, but still worth the wait):

Last April 12, I went to “64: A Fashion Gala.” It was the unveiling of the collections of the DLS-CSB Fashion Design & Merchandising students batch of 2011. The event was held at the A.Venue Hall, Makati City.

Michelle, my friend from way back, invited me to watch her set. After we graduated from High School, we both enrolled in Ateneo together. However, despite doing really well academically, she decided to transfer and take up what she was really passionate about more than anything: Fashion Design. I really admired her for that - she knew what she wanted, and went for it despite having to get out of her comfort zone. Not a lot of people have the guts.

Here are some pictures of her collection (she had to follow a “Geometric” theme, and she came up with one inspired by Filipino indigenous tribal costumes):

This was the Pièce de résistance:

- unfortunately, I couldn’t find decent full body shots of this one!! :( But take a close look at the intricate detail:

There were hundreds of young designers who presented their collections, and out of all of them, only 10 were chosen as finalists. I was hardly surprised to hear Michelle’s name called, what with the fierce and defiant collection of hers standing out from the rest (many of which were, and I mean no offense, hardly groundbreaking). 

What really got me cheering, though, was when she was called for a second time to claim a trophy for being in the top 3 of the whole graduating batch! Here’s a picture of her during her winning walk:

Here are some pictures of us, her fans, during the event:

my sister and I, matching in maxi-dresses

myself, Nelly, and Micole

ten years of friendship.

Congratulations Michelle! You’re definitely going places, and I couldn’t be happier for you :)



(Photography by Gab Villaruz, Juan Janeo, and Micole Gotauco)


We’ve been together for four years, you idiots.

Now that it’s supposed to be the fifth year, we’re not together anymore. The sad part is that I feel like I don’t know what’s going on in your lives anymore.

I wish we weren’t so far away from each other.

I miss hanging out with youuuuu. </3


TURN ON: Yung lalaking NAGDADASAL muna bago kumain.

Na-remember ko tuloy yung ExCrush ko. During nung intrams i saw him at the foodcourt; Nagdasal siya bago kumain. Major turn-on Hihihih♥

Talaga bang nangyari yun? I kan't bilibit!

I can’t believe it… praise the Lord…

Kasi kahapon ay exam namin kay Dr. Joseph M. Pasia sa Mathematics 64 or Calculus II kung yung iba tatanungin. What the hell. Kasi tuwi na lang kami mag-eexam, nag-eexpect kami makakita ng alien sa questionnaire namin. Aside from that, expected din namin na after the exam, malilinis ang blue books namin. But dude! ‘Di ko alam kung anong nakaen ni sir pero kung anuman yun sana kainin na ni sir lagi tuwing gagawa siya ng exam namin. Akalain mo, for the first time, natapos ko yung exam niya… gooooooosh… talaga naman…

1. Find the directional derivative of blah blah blah…

2. Find the equation of the tangent plane to the surface f(x,y,z) = blah blah blah… at the point (x,y,z) blah blah blah…

3. Find the symmetric equation of the nomal line to the surface f(x,y,z)

4. blah blah blah…

5. Prove the the partial derivative of f with respect to x at the point (0,0) and the partial derivative of f with respect to y at the point (0,0) exist but f(0,0) is not differentiable blah blah blah…

6. Find the relative maximum of f(x,y) = blah blah… bounded by the region R { (x,y) | ( |x| <= 2 and |y| <= 1 }… blah blah blah…

7. Find the absolute extrema of f blah blah blah…

8. Suppose that at a certain moment you have a rectangle of length 6cm increasing at a rate of 1cm every second and width 10cm decreasing at a rate of 2cm every second. Find the rate of change of the area of the rectangle…

9. Prove the limit by showing a Є > 0 for every δ > 0: lim blah blah blah…

yan yung exam namin… surprised ako kasi madadali yung items at walang alien masyado… grabe kasi si sir kung minsan as in hindi namin alam kung parte pa ba ng math yung binigay nya sa exam… yan… hopefully naman makapasa na ako no?

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Pak rupee further weakens in open market to reach 104.75

Pak rupee further weakens in open market to reach 104.75

KARACHI: The Pakistani currency Wednesday remained under pressure against the US dollar in cash-free markets.

According to the local currency market, the greenback gained another 10 pasias to reach 104.75 in open market, however, it lost 30 paisas in interbank to be traded at 103.80. On Tuesday, the US dollar gained 40 paisas in open market to reach 104.65 mark.

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)…

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Twitter Convos.
  • Ulep:John Mayer used to be my one less lonely boy.
  • Me:Yeah, John Mayer is now Michael Angelo in your life. And I used to be your Maria Erika.
  • Pasia:YOU HAVE A MARIA?!
  • Me:WHATTA FRIEND. We've known each other for 6 years and you tell me you don't know my whole name? U BITCH....
  • Ulep:This is why Twitter's not healthy sometimes. #joke Maria Erika Gabrielle D Fernando.
We are forever alone.... (ke, my girl friend broke up with me last last week.... OTL)
  • Pasia:I just saw a dog. It reminded me of **** then you.
  • Me:why'd it remind you of us? (secretly happy she thought of US)
  • Pasia:US.... btw, I need to be in a relationship with someone on FB.
  • Me:PICK ME!!!!
  • Pasia:GAME! And then when people ask, we'll say we're each other's rebounds!!!!!