Poison (Part 2)

Title: Poison

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language & long smut

As you stand up and gently grab Dean’s tie, you guide him to the dance floor as “Partition” by Beyonce starts blasting. You sway your hips when you both make it to the floor while Dean snakes one of his hands on your waist and pulls you closer to him. You arch your back against his chest as you press your ass against his crotch and sway your hips around harder, grinding on him as he grinds against you. You turn your head to the side to face him, looking at him like you want him to take you now. You wrap your hand around behind his neck and pull him to kiss you. His kiss was intoxicating. His dick was hardening against your ass and he moved his hands down your breasts to your hips. You turned to face him and dropped down to drag your breasts up his crotch and brush against his chest. He pulls you close and cups your ass and gives you a light spank with one hand. You are dripping wet and can’t wait any longer. Lust and fire is burning in his eyes. “Lets get out of here.” You yell to him over the music. You grab his hand and you two walk out. The cold air makes your nipples harden even more and you are dripping wet from dancing on him. He pushes you against your car, “it is taking everything in me not to fuck you against your car right now.” He practically moans against your neck. He nibbles your neck as he presses against you. “Not yet,” you whisper against his ear, “I live 20 minutes away, you drive.” You toss your keys to him and get in the passengers seat. Dean groans in response, unhappy that you are making him wait. 

As Dean is driving, you decide to fuck with him. You lean your car seat back so you are laying. Dean looks at you confused, “are you feeling alright?” he asked concerned. “I’m amazing, Daddy,” you moaned. You lifted your skirt up and pushed your thong to the side and licked two of your fingers. Dean tried not to stare too much to avoid a car accident. Next thing he knows he hears you moaning and turns around to look at you. You are fingering yourself and rubbing your breast while one leg is on the dashboard. “Fuck, baby, you’re going to make me go crazy,” he had the look of desperation in his eyes as you give him the biggest smirk, and move your fingers faster. “What’s wrong daddy, don’t you want to fuck my tight pussy?” you teased. Dean is practically sweating and his hard cock is clearly visible. You pull your panties up and move your chair forward.

You lean over the seat and start to palm his dick through his pants as you lean over and nibble on his neck and his breath hitches. “What are you doing princess, we are almost there,” he moaned. You surprise him by unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock and kissing up his shaft. Deans mouth parts open and he bites his lower lip. Glancing at him before you go down on him, he slows down and grins at you and says, “suck daddy’s cock slut.” Name calling is such a huge turn on for you. You start to lick the tip of his penis around his hole. He starts to breathe a little heavier as you start sucking the head. Dean gets frustrated and tangles his fingers in your hair and pushes you down further. “Oh fuck! Fuck that feels so good. Such a good little slut.” You start to choke a little, but push down further until you are deep throating him. You quicken the pace a little and dean is a moaning mess. You feel his dick twitch against you and you come back up and pop. He looks angry that you’ve stopped moving, but you told him that he made it to your house. He parks in your driveway and comes out to open the door. “Get ready because as soon as you open that door, I am going to fuck you so fucking hard.”
You open the door and Dean slammed the door shut as he pushed you against the wall. He cups your face and kisses you with so much passion and he grinds against you. You jump as he grabs your legs. You wrap them against his waist as he takes you upstairs.You lift your shirt up to reveal your sexy black laced bra and big breasts. Deal kissed you down your neck and sucked on your cleavage to leave a hickey.

You both make it to the room and he drops you on the bed and takes his shirt off. You bite your lip when you see how fit he is. “Like what you see sweetheart?” He gives you a wink and you chuckle. He puts his knee in between your legs as he leans in to kiss you down your chest to your stomach. He pulls your skirt and panties off. He grabs your legs and pushes them apart and kisses you above your mound. “What do you want me to do to you baby?” he asks. “Eat my pussy, please,” you beg. “Please what?” “Please, Daddy.” his dominance started to come out as he liked up your pussy. “You taste sweet, baby,” he moaned. He went back to licking you and you began to squirm. You grabbed the sheets on the bed with one hand and grabbed his hair with the other, pulling him closer to your pussy. He ravaged you and you were a moaning mess. His beard slightly kept scratching you, creating more friction. He added two fingers and you moaned his name, pushing him to go faster. His tongue moved faster and your pussy clenched and you screamed his name when you came.

He stood back up and took off his pants while you took off your bra. He leaned forward to kiss you and massage your breasts. He began tweaking your nipples, moaning into the kiss. He kissed around your breasts and started to kiss your tits and started licking your nipples and sucking on them while pinching the other nipple. He used his teeth to lightly tug on your nipple as you rain your nails through his hair.

He soon moved up and you got on your knees so that Dean could fuck you doggy style. “You have an amazing body, I love your ass, its so round,” he said as he rubbed his hand on your ass before spanking it. You moaned, “you like that you dirty whore?” you moaned in response. Positioning himself, he shoved his dick in your pussy and began to fuck you from behind hard while he spanked you. “God, you’re so fucking tight baby!” he moaned as you pushed against him, screaming his name.

He got off and rolled you on your back and lifted your legs on his shoulders and began to thrust with force as you closed your eyes and threw your head back. “Look at me, slut. Don’t you fucking dare close your eyes. I wan’t to see you while I fuck you!” You obeyed his command. After a few minutes, he began to slow down and you rolled him over so you were on top. “I wanna ride you, daddy!” you pinned his arms down and moved your hands down his chest, dragging your nails. He smiles at you and you positioned yourself on his dick and slid down on his thick cock. Dean moved his arms and put his hands on your ass. You grabbed the headboard and started to ride his dick while he spanked your ass till it was read. You moved as fast as you could and twerked on his dick while he moaned your name, “Fuck, fuck, fuck! You’re so tight y/n. Don’t stop, I’m almost there!” He started to fuck into you until you both occludent hold back anymore. “Dean, I have to come!” “Come for me, baby!” You came undone and a few moments later so did Dean. “God that was amazing!” Dean exclaimed. “Best fuck I’ve ever had!” you said. you rolled over and laid your head on his chest. You both fell asleep to each others heart beat, in each others arms in pure euphoria.