Fascinating stuff at the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu. We went along for a couple of hours and sat as discreetly as we could on the far side of the river.

It felt slightly gruesome watching families bring their recently dead relatives down to the water’s edge to wash their feet, but also fascinating to understand more about the Hindu traditions and rituals.

The bodies were wrapped in cloth and taken further down the river to funeral pyres where they were placed on wood logs and covered in wet reeds and flower garlands before being set alight.

It was an experience worth having, albeit a slightly uncomfortable one.

The Homeless man from the Pashupatinath Temple - My second day in Kathmandu was to visit one of the greatest Shiva sites and the most sacred Hindu shrine in the world. The temple will take you in totally different dimension. Burning dead bodies, kids swimming in the banks of the Bagamati River, tourists, beggars, homeless people, all of these faces can be seen at the temple. This homeless guy caught my attention while i was exploring the site. He had the angry face on him so i took the shot pretending that i was looking at my previous ones, using the flip-out, rotating display on my Canon.