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azaras-spirit  asked:

i havent been following you for very long but u are already one kf my favorite klance blogs and artists!!! so ill fight for u from that rude crazy anon even tho ive never been in a fight before in my while life lmao idek if i could really punch anyone???? lmao but yeah im here to back u up babe! i hate art thieves woth a burning pashion!


Sam Wilkinson Blurb - Kiss my best friend.

You’ve been befriended with Sammy for quite a while now. You can even call him your best friend. But secretly you think he is sexy as hell. You certainly wouldn’t mind a tumble in the hay with him. But you try not to let it show, in order to keep him close as a friend.

But then, one day, Sam comes back from digitour with the Jacks and knocks on your door. You immideately open your door. Before you can even say hello, Sam janks you towards him, with quite some force. His lips fall down on yours in a possesive fashion. You stiffle a bit, but regain yourself quickly and kiss him back with equal pashion. Sam moans to your lips and gives you the chance to turn this into a french kiss.Sam pulls back for air. “Fuck your friendzone. I am boyfriend material and you know it.” He pants. “Oh Hellz yeah.” You smirk widely at him. He grins and picks you up bridal style, kicking the door shot and taking you up to the bedroom.