• Today, the 10th of February, sees the release of the March edition of Animage with its Io/Shirai poster.

the-knight-of-fafnir-deactivate asked:

Hey. quick question. What happens to Nacarat during the neutral ending where Mettaton takes over?

In the neutral run where Mettaton takes over things pretty much go to shit. life is a weird sort of dystopian police state fueled by Tv and glitter.
At first Nac’s life dosent change much. And then the cameras are installed.

Nac just continues to hide in the background, only now there is no escape, there is no hope.
Nac gets even more obessed with blending in.Nac has to be on 24/ 7. Nac’s mental health takes a nose dive as the pressure of keeping up apperances just gets to much.

one day Nac slips up. Nac isnt sure if it was actually an accident or if they
of it all.

Nac’s soul sits on display in a shiny pink case in king Mettaton’s throne room.

Pash visits sometimes.

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (美男高校地球防衛部LOVE!) brothers Yumoto and Gora Hakone share a meal and each other’s confidence in this February PASH! Magazine (Amazon US | JP) poster, illustrated by key animator Yoshino Honda (本多美乃).

If you’re curious, this month’s magazines to buy for Osomatsu content are:

Dengeki Girls’ Style





Newtype’s Osomatsu interview section comes as part of the back of a pull-out poster. It looks like there’s some interesting content within about the characters.