These #lesbophobia posts about how lesbians are so much more oppressed than bisexuals in a way bisexuals can never comprehend or fathom are ridiculous.

My sexuality shifts, and I identified as a lesbian for many years, I identified as bisexual for many more and now I’m just queer, and can I say the oppression I’ve felt as each one of these identities has never changed

This ‘passing’ privilege that lesbians talk about with bisexuals is fucking ludicrous. You want to know why? Anyone who doesn’t walk around with a t-shirt that says “LESBIAN” or “BISEXUAL” or pashing their gfs in public 24/7 gets to benefit from ‘passing’ as a heterosexual. Not just other-gender-dating bisexuals. YOU benefit from passing when you don’t tell everyone your sexuality, so stop weeping tears over the fact that bisexuals are so lucky to be able to do this when you do it yourself. 

Bisexuals/pansexuals/queers get people really struggling with their sexuality and people tend to treat us like we’re a half-breed lesbians or a half-breed heteros (or just treat us like lesbians or heteros), when in actual fact, we’re neither. I had much less drama coming out to people as a lesbian than I ever did as any other sexuality. People in general ‘get’ gay/lesbian. They struggle with multiple-gender attraction. You do get the odd hetero male who wants in on the action, but regardless of what you identify as, he wants in on the action. This is not lesbian-exclusive bullshit. Some men just don’t understand ‘no’, this is not related to your sexual identity. 

If you think bisexuals have got it good, you are very confused and misinformed about what it’s like to be bisexual. Please reflect on your prejudice and self-educate. Also, stop being so divisive. We are all queer and we all get bullshit for it - let’s work together to eradicate these issues instead of sooking about which sexuality has it worse on the oppression ladder. 

Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種トーキョーグール) poster art work with white-haired Kaneki Ken and Tsukiyama Shuu is featured in the latest issue of PASH! Magazine (Amazon Japan), illustrated by Mari Kitayama (北山真理). Quite a stark contrast to this Otomedia poster by the same artist earlier this year!


Scans of the chibis from the PASH! mook for great justice! Chibi healing power!

…Except they didn’t have chibi!Rei, which is because — as far as I’m concerned — they’d buried the little sucker in lots of huggable caterpillar dolls with beautiful hearts stitched into every caterpillar hand that say “YOU ARE THE BEST I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.” So the older Rei had to fill in.

Great new Durarara!!×2 (デュラララ!!×2) giant-sized poster of Izaya Orihara with PASH! Magazine (Amazon USJP), illustrated by key animator Takuo Tominaga (冨永拓生). Easily my favorite poster this month, even though there were so many nice ones.

Tokyo Ghoul √A (東京喰種トーキョーグール√A)

Kaneki Ken is out of control on the extra large poster with the latest issue of PASH! Magazine (Amazon US | JP), illustrated by animation director Tomomi Ishikawa (石川智美).


Kuroshitsuji - Book of Circus: Character design & Staff interview

Funny how they had the courage to include William in the title page, but not the guts to present his full design or give any comment whatsoever. _(:з」∠)_

Grell, time to take your yellow suit blue vest-wearing fashion disaster of a boyfriend home.

You are more than welcome to translate the contents. If you have difficulty reading the text, I am happy to share the raw scans with you.

If you would like to request more scans from this month’s PASH!, please refer to this post.


Haru was taller than Mako in the terrible flashback scene but Mako was 6cm taller by sixth grade, so I’m guessing something like this had to happen in elementary school.

Also, I think it’s adorable how Makoto acts like the younger kid when he’s alone with Haru (like in the duet CD) even though it usually seems like he’s the more mature one when everyone else is around. 


PASH! Perfect File mook is actually very interesting. There was not only more talk about the writing/animation process, but also bits about the “back-stage” clarification of episodes that I’d never read in previous interviews. The voice actors in their interviews also spoke clearly this time about “We hope there is a season 2,” when they had never put “season 2” into words in previous interviews, as if it were some sort of jinx (always saying other things like “We hope you continue to support us” and “We hope to see FREE continue in other forms”), so after reading this mook, I still have much hope for another season of FREE.

Busy holidays and long translation backlog, so this will be my last post here until probably the end of this week. The scans above from PASH! are my offering, and I hope you all spend a safe, cozy, and happy holiday! (Also, thank you for the birthday wishes, I know that I missed replying back to some. (´„•ω•„`)