“If we love someone so much, how can we bear it that one day we will be separated by death?”

rage post #0

i don’t like the fact how you can think that you can judge anothers love towards someone. Yeah i know im being an illiterate fuck atm, but whatever. let me rage. You have no right what so ever to even say that i dont love him the way you love your bf. Dude, what the fuck? You dont even live with me, you werent even there for me and we didnt even fucking talk then. When shit went down, you never even asked me anything nor was there anyone even remotely there for me. You’re meant to be my sister. just because you broke up with your bf does not mean that you can judge how i felt towards him, does not even give you any rights to say that i did not love him the way you loved your bf. Love is love. it’s the same emotion but people do react to it different. hearing you say ‘whatever, you dont love him’ makes me angry. seriously? are you stupid? youre feeling vulnerable atm, yes i get that. but fuck. pick yourself up and let him go. pisses me off how youre so attacthed to someting that isnt even giving the living fucks for you. i know it takes time to move on, but youre obviously staying stationery in this situation. 


ive tried helping you, but you wont even listen to your only sister. whatever, live however you want to live. i respect your decision but dude, never say that i dont love him, you have no right to judge.

Sunday 5th, December 2011.

Time. Seems like the only valuable thing right now. There’s such little time for significant things to happen, and such little amount of effort put into it. Time will tell us everything. It’s amazing how time can pass by so fast and it would soon become history to you it will simply become the past. Some will cherish these days or some will waste their lives wishing they did something at that moment. That’s what I hate and despise about myself. That I could waste such valuable time with someone so significant that could one day even disappear out of my life again. And like I’ve mentioned, time is everything and time is such a valuable thing.

I found something that I was never meant to see. Now I can’t stop thinking about it. I keep looking at it over and over again. It hurts. Those words that you have written about that someone. I don’t care about that, but I do care how hurt you were. It just made me sad. I’m sorry that I saw it, but it was an honest mistake. It secretly makes me closer to you. Knowing how you think and how you felt.