pase one


OKay time for food then buckle down to do homework


  • Environmental Design:
    • Finish top view map of room
    • Draw out some props
      • Bed and desk combo, window seat, chemistry set, bug plushes
    • Rough stage out isometric view of room
  • Character Design
    • Finish up Vespa and Biker chicks with tone and proper layout
    • Silhouettes for Pirate Leader and Traitor assignment
      • 1 page each of head studies and full body iterations can be done later
  • Digital Drawing
    • More digital sketchbook stuff if I have the time
  • Sketchbooks
    • Environmental Design
      • 25 sides/pages due May 4th
    • Character Design
      • Probably 15/20 Pages…? Week of May 4th???
    • Digital Drawing
      • Probably 15/20 pages…? Week of May 4th???
Versus Podcast #31

Como cada semana tenemos un nuevo podcast, y aunque hemos estado un poco ausentes, ahora podrán notar que tenemos nuevo sitio web y muchos planes por delante.

Mientras tanto, te compartimos el nuevo episodio de nuestro programa en el cual abordamos temas polémicos como el pase de temporada de Batman: Arkham Knight, la disputa en la que se vieron involucrados ValveBethesdaasí como el silencioso…

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I can’t stop fuckin laughing everytime i see this one guy on campus, i try not to let him see me smiling, because he can get the wrong idea but heres why:

this guy was my biggest childhood crush, like oh damn i think at one point i cried over him. prolly lot more

but anyways
I seriously when i was younger, was just dreaming about us one day finding ourselves in our workplace and just, him crushin on me back, and we would go out and ykno get married, but then i rationalized and thought, the chance of us meeting up when we’re older/ have similar career interests is fuckin slim

and im just laughing because not only do we go to the same university, WE ARE ALSO HAVE THE SAME FUCKIN MAJORS

and i just

thats the funniest shit to me