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Bright  - Nozoeli Mermaid AU

Dedicated to my hardworking beta @pasdechat who has long suffered over Daemon au but now is Free. Thank you!

Summary: Some truths that Nozomi has always known: The sun rises in the East, the merfolk live alone, and gifts have a price. Enter Eli.
Word Count: 10625

Every night for the week up until Ayase Eli got on the boat, it rained like Heaven was falling and slick, expanding clouds draped the world in a shimmering grey.

The moment she puts her shoe on the gangplank, her first step into her consigned fate, the moon comes out from behind those thunderous clouds with a ghostly blue halo like the touch of worlds above, and there’s a purple shimmer on the horizon; a tiny sunset.

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pasdechat  Here’s a little something just for you ^^

Title:  The Shy Girl Who Had No Friends

Pairing: NozoEri

There once was a shy little girl who had no friends.  She had just moved to Japan from Russia, you see, and even though she understood Japanese really well, she was laughed at and made fun of whenever she tried to speak it. 

The shy girl with no friends had a secret that she couldn’t tell anyone.  She had a secret crush on a cute, but mischievous girl who had lots of friends.  Whenever the shy girl tried to approach her cute crush, those loud and boisterous friends seemed to tighten their circle and shut her out.  It made the shy girl extremely sad, and everyday she watched the cute girl from a distance.

One day, the shy little girl with no friends decided that she really wanted to show her feelings to her cute, mischievous crush.  But how could she do that without running into the other girl’s friends?  She couldn’t write a letter because she wasn’t certain of the proper lettering and she didn’t want to be laughed at. 

Eventually, the shy girl decided that she would draw something.  She drew a little comic about a shy kitsune with no friends and a cute, mischievous tanuki that had lots of friends.  In her comic, the shy kitsune watched from behind a tree, sad and lonely, as the tanuki played with all her friends.  The shy kitsune watched and cried to herself, ‘chika…’.

After the comic was done, the shy girl with no friends placed it in the cute, mischievous girl’s locker when no one was looking.  She wanted to see if her secret crush would like the comic.  If maybe she could convey her feeling of wanting to be friends in that way.  If maybe her cute crush would notice her…

The next day, the shy girl with no friends noticed something.  There, on her cute crush’s desk, was another comic just like the one she drew.  In this new comic, the tanuki was by herself for once and noticed the kitsune watching her play, and even though all the kitsune could say was ‘chika’, the tanuki didn’t mind at all, and they played together for a long time.

Before long, the shy girl and the mischievous girl were exchanging comics everyday.  The story of the kitsune and tanuki evolved day after day, until they were very close friends.  The shy girl still didn’t have any friends, but she felt that she had a special relationship with her cute crush, who she loved more and more as the days passed. 

Then one day, the shy girl drew one last comic.  In her comic, the shy kitsune gave the tanuki a cute little kiss and a cute little silent confession that was an unmistakable declaration of love. 

The shy girl waited and waited for the return comic that would tell her if the tanuki returned the kitsune’s love…but it never came.  One day passed, two, three…nothing.  And then…the cute, mischievous girl approached the shy girl who had no friends for the first time…and responded to her confession with a cute little kiss and a cute little declaration of love. 

And the cute, mischievous girl was still cute and still mischievous, but the shy girl who had no friends now had not only one dear friend, but one wonderful beloved as well.

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NozoEli - dizzy

It is long into the night when Nozomi slowly rises to her feet, turns to Eli with a lazy grin, and holds out her hand in an invitation. With a quick search through her phone for a proper song first, Eli takes Nozomi’s hand after and they soon fall into an easy rhythm with each other as they often do, swaying around their living room with practiced ease. Eli begins to feel that familiar feeling take over as she focuses solely on Nozomi, turning lightheaded and giddy, almost dizzy with the intensity of what she feels.

Even here, in their small apartment they’ve squeezed into to save money, where their light hangs low from the ceiling and their decades old fridge is always faintly humming in the background, where they aren’t sure what tomorrow will bring except each other, Eli would never want to be anywhere else unless Nozomi is there.

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If you're still up for it, Erwin/Hanji office headcanon

Hanji and Erwin’s offices are both messy. Hanji’s office would possibly be the messiest thing ever if it weren’t for Moblit. Moblit needs to keep things organized for his own sake, at least. And Hanji’s fine with that, she’s not touchy about having things organized or moved around.

Erwin’s is rather messy because he has other things to worry about. It’s rather tidy when you look at it, but he has books out that he hasn’t touched in months, strategic maps that are outdated, old letters that ought to be in the trash. They’re all in nice little piles but they shouldn’t be there at all.

They like meeting in Hanji’s office best. Hanji feels like she’s getting whatever is left of Erwin then. The Commander exists in his office, but when they’re in her space, it’s like Erwin, the person, is coming to see her.

Erwin tries not to delve too deeply into symbolism like that, but he can’t lie and say that he doesn’t feel more like Erwin and less like Commander Smith the second he leaves his office and walks into hers.

They probably shouldn’t cling to silly intangible things like that, but they take whatever they can get.

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NozoEli + 19

19. With no space left between us

Nozomi’s room is dark save for the nightlight near the foot of the bed and the moonlight shining on them through the window. The way Nozomi grips her hand and purposely plays with her clothes with the other is also more than enough to distract her from Eli’s fears for the moment.

“Elichi, it’s getting late, shouldn’t you be getting home?”

Eli cranes her head to where her phone is on Nozomi’s stand but it isn’t as if she can move for it anyway, not with Nozomi bearing all of her weight down on her right now. She doesn’t mind though, she feels far too comfortable to even lift a finger.

“I could stay over tonight,” Eli murmurs.

“Oh?” Nozomi’s voice is playful. “Can’t get enough of me, can you?”

“… the reason I can’t move is because you’re on me, you know that right?”

“Do you want me to get off?”

A moment passes before Eli gives her answer, a squeeze of her hand. Nozomi answers in kind, pressing back.

Their hands remain tightly clasped, and nothing else is said.

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MakiPana - flowers

“You just… give her the flowers, don’t you?” Rin only said in a confused tone, raising an eyebrow as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I know, but it’s my f-f-first t-time g-giving her flowers,” Maki stammered out, hating how completely embarrassing it sounded. “W-what am I supposed to do? I don’t think I’m just supposed to… hand her the flowers, right? Don’t I have to say something?”

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Nozomi + Nico - pokemon au (I could not resist)

“What were you doing just now?” Nico hears, and she blinks up at the girl standing over her, purple hair tied into two low pigtails, with a gastly floating behind her.

“Skitty and me were practicing for the contests,” Nico answers as she smiles confidently, “and if you’re going to watch them, you should vote for me!”

The girl blinks at her for a moment, seemingly taken aback before she gives Nico a mysterious smile and replies, “Alright then, I’ll be sure to watch you.”

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I would love to see more Maki and Hanayo cuteness.

“It’s okay, you can reach out!” Hanayo urged, trying not to smile at how the normally confident Maki suddenly seemed so hesitant. The alpaca stood at the railing, watching Maki with a wary eye. “You just, have to do it slow, not fast, otherwise they get scared, you know?”

“Yeah,” Maki said, inching her hand forward at the same speed she had been for the past minute, still a long way from the alpaca. After what felt like an hour, Maki’s hand finally reached the alpaca, petting it hesitantly. Hanayo let out the breath she held when Maki looked awed, as if she couldn’t believe she was petting the alpaca. “It’s… it’s so soft!” she said in a breathless voice.

It was… strange, to see Maki like this, expression full of amazement as the alpaca continued to let her stroke its soft fur. When she turned her head to look at Hanayo…

For once, Hanayo could see the emotions Maki usually restrained all over her, the joy and relief reflected in her eyes as she laughed again about how soft the alpaca was, smiling excitedly when the alpaca let her put her other hand on it. Hanayo could only smile back at her, happy that she could see this rare side of Maki.

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Armin/Annie, childhood friends

She doesn’t push him away — not even when he links his fingers through hers or kisses her cheek or sits so that their shoulders are touching or leans his head against hers — not like how she pushes the others away.  She wants his warmth, his smile, the bright blues of his eyes, the shy flush of his cheeks, the love he gives and gives and gives. Annie holds his hand, her fingers trembling because she’s so afraid of him slipping away, as they watch the sun set and the day come to an end.