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Thank you for accepting this request! If it isn't too much trouble I would love to see You and Riko in their Mijuku Dreamer outfits? I am not too picky about the pose, maybe something simple like holding hands or smiling at each other.

Hi ms. Pasdechat! Here you are~

Thank you for your request and your patience ; - ;
Hope you like the result!

and 2 more requests to go!

A quick roseali for pasdechat

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43, lucisev

43. undone

Even when the sudden ear-splitting roar threatens to rip apart Severa’s head and makes her vision spin, it still doesn’t really register. Even when all the fighting stops and there’s absolutely zero movement across the battlefield, it doesn’t really hit her. Even when the ground underneath Severa becomes actual dirt instead of the horrifyingly live scales of Grima, it still doesn’t run through Severa’s mind.

It’s only when a hand suddenly grabs her own and Severa gets ready to bite off the head of whoever dares touch her, when it’s Lucina she’s suddenly seeing and suddenly it’s Lucina tugging her over and Severa’s feet are tripping over themselves, and it’s Lucina who just goes ahead and pushes their lips together.

Severa’s hardly dared to breathe when Lucina pulls away with the most brilliant smile Severa’s ever seen from her. Tears fall down Lucina’s face and it makes Severa’s heart beat even faster in panic. But Lucina grins at her, sheer happiness rolling off her entire body, and still, her hand is holding Severa’s so tightly almost to the point of pain, like she’s so afraid that this is a dream.

“You idiot,” Severa blurts out because it’s the only thing she seems to know how to say right now, and Lucina laughs, and laughs, and it’s such a wonderful sound even as she buries her face into Severa’s shoulder and her laughter turns into sobs instead. And that’s when Severa realizes right at that moment, not the triumph over their nightmares, but exactly how far beyond she’s fallen for her Exalt.

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YouRiko - breeze

Uchiura gets some serious breezes, being a city by the sea. You’s lived her whole life in Numazu, so she’s pretty used to it! Riko though–not so much. 

“You alright there, Riko?” she asks, watching Riko struggle to keep her bags in hand. They’re full of magazines and music stuff, things from Tokyo that Riko can’t find in their little stores. The wind picks up, and You rests a hand against the top of her cap, eyeing the way Riko’s hair ripples in the wind. Red hair’s pretty cool, even if it is blowing into Riko’s mouth and eyes. 

“Ptthp–I’m perfectly fine,” Riko says, spitting out strands of her own hair. She opens her mouth to say more, but a stiff breeze cuts her off. It rips a bag from her hand, glossy magazines spilling out and scattering across the ground. You bends down to gather them up.

“Oh. Woah.” Woah is the right word for it, You thinks, because these? Riko buries her face in her hands, a low, embarrassed groan gurgling from her throat. Definitely not the kind of stuff you can buy in Uchiura.

y’all youriko enablers eSPECIALLY YOU @pasdechat 

i love it.  just some cute youriko with the prompt ‘You picking up Riko and finding out she’s ticklish’ from pasdechat because she gives the cutest prompts and i want to write it all.

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24, eleanor/velvet

24. tender

Eleanor stifles the yelp that almost comes out of her mouth. As a warrior and exorcist, she’s no stranger to pain, but she hates that she still cries so easily at the feeling. Velvet glances over at her with an amused look before returning to her task, bandaging the heavy gash on Eleanor’s arm.

“Laphi used to do the same thing,” Velvet starts, “when he tripped and I was bandaging him up, he’d make the same face you’re making right now, trying not to cry.”

Eleanor sputters, cheeks flushing. “Wh–no! I’m not crying.”

Velvet only shakes her head in exasperation. “It’s okay, you know. If it hurts, it’s okay to cry. Just because you’re used to it doesn’t mean you have to like it. You don’t always have to be strong all the time.” She trails off, voice so quiet that Eleanor almost doesn’t hear her next words. “It took me so long to realize.”

Eleanor stares at Velvet, wide-eyed, and Velvet starts to fidget uncomfortably. But Eleanor finally drops her gaze, and stops holding back her sniffles.

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LuciSev - tender

“Ow!” Severa hisses, before a mulish sort of expression settles across her face. Lucina can practically see how she bites her tongue, determined not to let another sound escape. Lucina pauses in her ministrations. 

“I’m sorry.” 

“… Don’t be,” Severa grunts. She tilts her jaw as if in challenge. That didn’t hurt, I can take it, go ahead and try again. The red welt along her cheekbone blends into the shadows of the tent, like a smear of paint on a dark canvas. Lucina lifts her hand and tenderly rasps the washcloth over the wound, enraptured by the way Severa’s eyes flutter shut in defiance. She presses a kiss below the injury and pulls back just in time to see how Severa’s brow relaxes and eases. The world has battered her enough. Lucina will not be another wound for Severa to bite back and swallow down. 

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47 rose/alisha

47. crave

Rose doesn’t understand it. How can Alisha willingly take solace in the arms of an assassin, especially one that’s tried to kill her before? It bewilders Rose, when she stops to think about everything about them that shouldn’t even be.

Soft noises make Rose look down, just in time to see Alisha curling closer. Hair tickles the bottom of Rose’s jaw as Alisha settles herself into the crook of Rose’s neck.

Warmth blooms inside Rose, a much different one from the passion that’d overtaken them earlier. It makes Rose want to stay, makes Rose want to hold the princess close, makes Rose want to keep Alisha smiling at her even when she should be smiling at someone else instead. The desire runs deep. Rose doesn’t think she’s ever felt anything so strongly than what she’s feeling right now.

Even so, while Rose knows that her own happiness lies with the princess, she’s sure Alisha’s doesn’t lay with her.

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Say'ri/Tiki - sunbathing

Say’ri finds Tiki sprawled across a rock, sunning herself in a manner thoroughly unbefitting of her station and virtue. 

“Milady,” Say’ri says, fighting to keep her voice even and stern. Tiki finds great enjoyment in teasing her, and Say’ri does not wish to give her further material for her pranks–especially not when she has Say’ri at such a disadvantage. Say’ri takes a knee, determined not to raise her eyes. “If you wished to rest, surely the tent would provide more pleasant housing.” 

“Mmm? Oh, Say’ri.” The rustle of cloth, and Say’ri dips her head even further, shameful heat creeping up her neck and cheeks. She can hear the smile in Tiki’s voice. “But the sun is so warm, and the sky so clear. It would be a shame to hide myself away on such a beautiful day, don’t you think?”

“Of course,” Say’ri says. Her gaze is still firmly affixed to the ground, but Tiki has begun to shift on her rock. Her bare legs, patterned with scales the color of forestry, sway before Say’ri’s eyes. “I shan’t ask you to deny yourself the pleasure of a day so fine, but ‘tis dangerous to rest so far from the army. And you are… unarmed.” Bare of weaponry and clothing both, in truth, but she isn’t uncouth enough to say as much.   

Tiki’s hand brushes the underside of Say’ri’s jaw, jolting her from her thoughts. A clawed thumb strokes her cheek, and Say’ri shudders at the sensation of scales against her skin. Gently, more gently than those dagger-tipped hands ought to be capable of, Tiki guides Say’ri’s chin up to meet her gaze. 

“You should join me,” Tiki murmurs. Her eyes gleam as they flicker about Say’ri’s face, a hint of satisfaction in its depths. “It’d do you good to be away from the bustle of march, I think.” 

Say’ri wets her lips. Tiki follows the motion, looking very much like a cat presented with a dish of cream. 

“If that is what milady wishes.” 

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What are some of Rose's favorite moments that she's had in the theater? And also what are some of your favorite headcanons when it comes to Eguille watching over Rose, Mikleo, Felice, Talfryn over the years?

Bless you, Pas.

Rose tends to play lead roles since she’s a) got a lot of bravado and b) really damn good at memorizing her lines quickly, so she can spend more time focusing on honing her delivery. Any play by Lord Avon that she gets to be in is a favorite moment. That’s where she gets to really bond with Alisha, since they both adore his works. She can really throw herself into the grandiose stories he weaves. She loves whenever she gets to interact with Mikleo a lot since their natural banter makes for a good transition to show banter. She works with him best, though she’ll never admit it. She also loves the duel with Dezel in “I Want to Be Your Canary” since he’s a fantastic battle coordinator. There’s a flow and a flourish to it that she never tires of, which is why she was pretty disappointed she never got to give that encore to the Alexandrian audience, but she was supposed to be kidnapping a princess, so.

And you probably saw it in the doc, but Eguille is goddamn batman with these kids. He loves them and adopts them and also teaches them how to be the best damn actor thieves they can be. Rosh had been his right-hand man for a while, and they were just scrappy kids trying to make a living once, too, so taking in young Dezel, Talfryn, and Felice was an easy enough decision. Even if they were still too young to be decent parental figures. Besides, with Eguille’s connections to Regent Zenrus, he figured they’d be safe even if one of their, uh, “escapades” went badly. Rose came along quickly after when she was very young, three or so, when Brad–a friend of theirs and local mercenary–had passed during an attempt to clear out a monster nest. Though, Rose was his adopted daughter, so her biological parentage is unknown. He found Mikleo a year or two later just toddling along by himself, four or five and not a soul around who even knew where he came from. All Mikleo knew was his name. Eguille gave him the surname “Tribal,” pulled from a character, clever and kind, in a play, and Rose had quickly insisted that it be her name, too. 

They were always a rambunctious bunch. Rose liked to pick on Mikleo and Talfryn (despite Talfryn having six or so years on her) and Felice would just roll her eyes as Dezel would yell at them to break it up, and Eguille would just laugh, grateful for the ruckus. He always wanted a lively home. The adventure that comes with their performances and cons is just a bonus. (It is, though, a welcome relief when wandering dragon knight Lailah stays with them for a while and magically gets them all to behave, at least for a few periods during the day. Though he kind of sees her as another kid, too–she’s not much older than Dezel.)

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You don't have to draw it but I like the idea of Corrin having an Eevee (and possibly a Noibat?), Azura having a Vaporeon, and some of the other royals having Eevee evolutions (Elise would have the cutest Sylveon). Hinoka would probably also have a Rapidash. Pokemon Go has given me far too many cute crossover thoughts.

I might do the others!! But for now have a super rough hinoka

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NozoEli and "Just Once."

23 - “Just Once”

“Just once,” Nozomi says, and Eli can’t help but oblige.

“Just once,” Nozomi says, but it’s never just once.

Soft kisses in the morning are the biggest culprit. “One more before work,” she says, purple hair still braided over her shoulder. The earliest to rise but the latest to work; how is that fair? Eli can’t argue with her though, even with the clock ticking down and her coat half on. It’s only one more kiss, how can she deny it?

It’s never just one.

It’s dozens. Small ones on Nozomi’s cheeks and warm ones on her lips and little nose bumps shared between them. Eli covers Nozomi’s face with kisses, memorizing the smoothness of her skin and the curve of her mouth so that it will get her through the day.

“You’ll make me late,” Eli says.

“Elichi makes herself late,” Nozomi says, and pushes Eli out the door.

But not without one more kiss.

Eli isn’t much better herself, really. She curls up next to Nozomi on the couch, watching her edit picture after picture after picture with constant focus. Eli knows she shouldn’t distract her — wants to, anyway, wishing she could be selfish just this once. But it’s never just once.

“Take a short break?” she asks, and Nozomi simply kisses her on the head and turns back to her computer. In another ten minutes Eli will get bored and ask again. They both know this, both know that a break isn’t possible, not yet, but they both look forward to those moments.

Just once is better than never, but it’s never just once.

“Just once,” they whisper, sharing a kiss under the covers. The light is off, the sky dark, the stars glowing on the walls and ceiling. It’s time for bed. Time for sleeping, dreaming, cuddling close. Just one more kiss, and then they will rest.

It’s never just once.

They never want it to be.