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Thank you for accepting this request! If it isn't too much trouble I would love to see You and Riko in their Mijuku Dreamer outfits? I am not too picky about the pose, maybe something simple like holding hands or smiling at each other.

Hi ms. Pasdechat! Here you are~

Thank you for your request and your patience ; - ;
Hope you like the result!

and 2 more requests to go!

A commission for @pasdechat, based on this post – Thank you a hundred billion times for commissioning me! Every little step in the right direction towards my noble goal to actually live on things I enjoy and am also good at makes me happy.

Give her some love!

I’m also sure that everybody will appreciate RosAli being all domestic and adorable, and I needed it on my blog. Honestly tho, ask your prime lord for help, Rose, groping your girlfriend doesn’t bake a cake

A quick roseali for pasdechat

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43, lucisev

43. undone

Even when the sudden ear-splitting roar threatens to rip apart Severa’s head and makes her vision spin, it still doesn’t really register. Even when all the fighting stops and there’s absolutely zero movement across the battlefield, it doesn’t really hit her. Even when the ground underneath Severa becomes actual dirt instead of the horrifyingly live scales of Grima, it still doesn’t run through Severa’s mind.

It’s only when a hand suddenly grabs her own and Severa gets ready to bite off the head of whoever dares touch her, when it’s Lucina she’s suddenly seeing and suddenly it’s Lucina tugging her over and Severa’s feet are tripping over themselves, and it’s Lucina who just goes ahead and pushes their lips together.

Severa’s hardly dared to breathe when Lucina pulls away with the most brilliant smile Severa’s ever seen from her. Tears fall down Lucina’s face and it makes Severa’s heart beat even faster in panic. But Lucina grins at her, sheer happiness rolling off her entire body, and still, her hand is holding Severa’s so tightly almost to the point of pain, like she’s so afraid that this is a dream.

“You idiot,” Severa blurts out because it’s the only thing she seems to know how to say right now, and Lucina laughs, and laughs, and it’s such a wonderful sound even as she buries her face into Severa’s shoulder and her laughter turns into sobs instead. And that’s when Severa realizes right at that moment, not the triumph over their nightmares, but exactly how far beyond she’s fallen for her Exalt.

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These morning assemblies are always so dull.  Halfway through and Rose is already contemplating trying to sleep with her eyes open.  Though she thinks better of it when she notices Edna watching her with a frown, no doubt ready to poke her in the side for zoning out during Eizen’s speech.

With a roll of her eyes, Rose turns her attention to the podium and subtly shifts closer to Sorey.  Just in case. 

Once Eizen finally finishes, it’s time for the student council president to share various announcements which signals the end of the assembly.  At least the president is cute, which is more than Rose can say for Eizen.

The president approaches the microphone and Rose doesn’t even hear a word that is said, too busy admiring the cut of the cheerleading uniform that Alisha is currently wearing.  She is suddenly very thankful for the athletic department and their scheduling.  Game days are wonderful.

An elbow rudely digs into her side and Rose inhales sharply, turning to glare at a smirking Edna.

Rose shares a rude gesture before turning her focus back to Alisha.  She manages to catch the tail end of the last announcement, something about cheerleader tryouts coming up.  It lingers in the back of her mind, a whisper of an idea beginning to form.  She’s certainly athletic enough. 

How hard could it be?

AAAAAAAA I LOVE THIS AND I LOVE YOU, I MEAN DAMN. PAS COMING THROUGH AND DELIVERING THE USELESS CHEERLEADER LESBIAN ROSE AU WE DESERVE. Also I giggled hard at Rose’s judgments over Eizen. Poor Eizen. Someone thinks you’re cute, I’m sure. But aaaaaaaaa this made my morning-afternoon, thank you ♥♥♥

y’all youriko enablers eSPECIALLY YOU @pasdechat 

i love it.  just some cute youriko with the prompt ‘You picking up Riko and finding out she’s ticklish’ from pasdechat because she gives the cutest prompts and i want to write it all.

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NozoEli and "Just Once."

23 - “Just Once”

“Just once,” Nozomi says, and Eli can’t help but oblige.

“Just once,” Nozomi says, but it’s never just once.

Soft kisses in the morning are the biggest culprit. “One more before work,” she says, purple hair still braided over her shoulder. The earliest to rise but the latest to work; how is that fair? Eli can’t argue with her though, even with the clock ticking down and her coat half on. It’s only one more kiss, how can she deny it?

It’s never just one.

It’s dozens. Small ones on Nozomi’s cheeks and warm ones on her lips and little nose bumps shared between them. Eli covers Nozomi’s face with kisses, memorizing the smoothness of her skin and the curve of her mouth so that it will get her through the day.

“You’ll make me late,” Eli says.

“Elichi makes herself late,” Nozomi says, and pushes Eli out the door.

But not without one more kiss.

Eli isn’t much better herself, really. She curls up next to Nozomi on the couch, watching her edit picture after picture after picture with constant focus. Eli knows she shouldn’t distract her — wants to, anyway, wishing she could be selfish just this once. But it’s never just once.

“Take a short break?” she asks, and Nozomi simply kisses her on the head and turns back to her computer. In another ten minutes Eli will get bored and ask again. They both know this, both know that a break isn’t possible, not yet, but they both look forward to those moments.

Just once is better than never, but it’s never just once.

“Just once,” they whisper, sharing a kiss under the covers. The light is off, the sky dark, the stars glowing on the walls and ceiling. It’s time for bed. Time for sleeping, dreaming, cuddling close. Just one more kiss, and then they will rest.

It’s never just once.

They never want it to be.

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I could see Sorey getting so excited about relaying the history and meaning behind his name that he forgets the actual question that was asked.

PRETTY MUCH WHAT HAPPENS. Hahah. He just wants to have a nice discussion about literature!

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this is beautiful

“It’s a very old but popular myth in which a young man is tasked with purifying the world and– hey, where are you going? Alisha, did I say something wrong to them?”

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24, eleanor/velvet

24. tender

Eleanor stifles the yelp that almost comes out of her mouth. As a warrior and exorcist, she’s no stranger to pain, but she hates that she still cries so easily at the feeling. Velvet glances over at her with an amused look before returning to her task, bandaging the heavy gash on Eleanor’s arm.

“Laphi used to do the same thing,” Velvet starts, “when he tripped and I was bandaging him up, he’d make the same face you’re making right now, trying not to cry.”

Eleanor sputters, cheeks flushing. “Wh–no! I’m not crying.”

Velvet only shakes her head in exasperation. “It’s okay, you know. If it hurts, it’s okay to cry. Just because you’re used to it doesn’t mean you have to like it. You don’t always have to be strong all the time.” She trails off, voice so quiet that Eleanor almost doesn’t hear her next words. “It took me so long to realize.”

Eleanor stares at Velvet, wide-eyed, and Velvet starts to fidget uncomfortably. But Eleanor finally drops her gaze, and stops holding back her sniffles.