Police will not face charges in #pascoshooting death of Mexican man.

Three police officers in Washington state who shot and killed a Mexican man earlier this year during a controversial encounter that was captured on cellphone video will not face criminal charges.

Sant confirmed the decision at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon after considering the findings of a police investigation into the shooting for more than three months. He said Zambrano-Montes was fatally shot for turning towards police with a 2.8lb rock in his hand after repeatedly throwing other rocks at police and cars.

“The officers used lethal force to prevent injury to themselves and others,” said Sant, who described the shooting as “reasonable under the standards established in our state laws” and lacking in malice.

This is an execution. There is no sense in which any of the possible defenses offered to police officers in 4th amendment jurisprudence can apply here. It is outrageous, unacceptable and not only worthy of prosecution but a prosecution is demanded by the evidence. The officer’s claims of justifiable force are laughable. #Hate it!

Washington state police fired 17 shots at unarmed Mexican farmworker, Antonio Zambrano-Montes. Felix Vargas of Consejo Latino in Pasco, Washington, is calling for the Department of Justice to investigate.

“There is an inherent conflict of interest whenever you have a police organization investigating its own,” argues Vargas. Watch the interview on Democracy Now! today.
Girl, 15, commits suicide after friends share nude Snapchat video taken without permission
Levon Holton-Teamer sent her 15-year-old to clean her room Sunday afternoon, not knowing that would be the last time she would see her alive. Minutes later, the mom went to look for her daughter, T…

““Everybody was out there talking about her and calling her names and they said it went up on social media, Snapchat. I’d never heard of that before about 3 something that afternoon,” she said.

Tovonna was dead three hours later.

The Pasco County School District heard the bullying complaints and turned the investigation over to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. Detectives continue to investigate. The school provided a crisis team for students Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Tovonna’s picture had been shared thousands of times on social media with the #stopbullying. The teen’s family is now calling for justice.”

Kids can be cruel and this is the payoff.  This happened just a few days before the Orlando shooting, so you didn’t hear much if anything about it.  This isn’t about boys Vs. Girls it doesn’t say who spread the pic other than friends and now this precious child is gone.

It needs to be spread.