pascals law


Pascal’s Law tells us that pressure in a fluid depends on the height and density of the fluid. This is something that you’ve experienced firsthand if you’ve ever tried to dive in deep water. The deeper into the water you swim, the greater the pressure you feel, especially in your ears. Go deep enough and the pressure difference between your inner ear and the water becomes outright painful. 

In the video demonstration above, you’ll see how a tall, thin tube containing only 1 liter of water is able to shatter a 50-liter container of water. Not only does this show just how powerful height is in creating pressure in a fluid, but it shows how a fluid can be used to transmit pressure over a distance – one of the fundamental principles of hydraulics! (Video credit: K. Visnjic et al.; submitted by Frederik B.)

A Whole Family is Missing in France

The last time anyone heard of a member in the Troadec family was on February 16, 2017. That day, mother Brigitte (49) called her bank to report that her daughter Charlotte’s (18) debit card had been fraudulently used to pay for online videogames.

When police in the town of Nantes, in France, were alerted of the fact no one knew about the Troadecs, they investigated their home and found a lot of odd, and certainly chilling, things. They described the house as been “frozen in time”, with dishes in the sink and still wet clothes in the washing machine. All the beddings had been stripped and were hanging up to dry. Brigitte and father Pascal’s (49) vehicles were parked in the driveway, but son Sebastien’s (21) Peugeot wasn’t there. Also missing were the family’s tooth and hair brushes and everyone’s cell phones, except for Sebastien’s, who was found inside the house, with blood on it. The chargers have been left behind, and none of the devices have been used since February 17th.

Police also found traces of blood on the staircase that were matched to Pascal, Brigitte and Sebastien. It appeared like someone had tried to scrub it clean.

Then, on March 1st, a jogger in Dirinon, a town three hours away from Nantes, found a pair of trousers and health insurance card. Both belong to Charlotte. The following day, Sebastien’s car was located in a church parking lot in Saint Nazare, an hour away from Nantes. The car appeared to have been cleaned and the carpeting of the trunk was torn out, but they found a bit of blood inside the vehicle. Police have found other things scattered around, including some books that belong to Pascal.

Authorities are still searching and investigating, but they are operating under the premise that a crime has been committed. Their main suspect at the moment is Sebastien, the son, who has a history of mental illness and was once sentenced to community service after he made threats online in 2013.

UPDATE (March 5)

Two people have been arrested in Brest, where if you remember some of the family items were found. Although police hasn’t released their names, it’s the sister and brother in law of Pascal Troadec. They were both interviewed at the start of the investigation, and said they hadn’t been in contact with the missing family for a long time. But a new clue led investigators back to them: DNA of the man was found in the Troadec’s house and in Sebastien’s car. Police suspect this is related to a fight over an inheritance that started last year.

UPDATE (March 6)

Pascal’s brother in law, identified as Hubert C (46) has confessed to the murder of the four members of the Troadec family. It’s believed he beat them to death with a blunt object in their home and hid the bodies, although it’s unknown if he’s revealed where they are. He said it was over a dispute for the inheritance of some gold bars that Pascal took without the consent of his sister. Hubert’s ex wife, Pascal’s sister, remains under custody but it’s unclear what her involvement was, if any.


Felt like revisiting Chess, which led me to dig this back up.

Check 4:10 for Raul’s adorable, awesome dance moves.  Nobody overrules Barba.  

(FYI - This is from a rehearsal for the Actor’s Fund Concert, hence the lack of costumes and starting/stopping.)

There are more videos which include baby Josh Groban, Adam Pascal’s epic “Pity the Child,” and Julia Murney & Sutton Foster’s killer rendition of “I Know Him So Well.” 


The characters of Shin Megami Tensei: Featuring our Protagonist/’Kazuya’, Heroine/’Yuka’, Chaos Hero/’Takeshi’, Law Hero/’Yuji’, Gotou, and lastly the beloved Pascal in demon form!

Art by Kazuma Kaneko