pascals law


Pascal’s Law tells us that pressure in a fluid depends on the height and density of the fluid. This is something that you’ve experienced firsthand if you’ve ever tried to dive in deep water. The deeper into the water you swim, the greater the pressure you feel, especially in your ears. Go deep enough and the pressure difference between your inner ear and the water becomes outright painful. 

In the video demonstration above, you’ll see how a tall, thin tube containing only 1 liter of water is able to shatter a 50-liter container of water. Not only does this show just how powerful height is in creating pressure in a fluid, but it shows how a fluid can be used to transmit pressure over a distance – one of the fundamental principles of hydraulics! (Video credit: K. Visnjic et al.; submitted by Frederik B.)


Felt like revisiting Chess, which led me to dig this back up.

Check 4:10 for Raul’s adorable, awesome dance moves.  Nobody overrules Barba.  

(FYI - This is from a rehearsal for the Actor’s Fund Concert, hence the lack of costumes and starting/stopping.)

There are more videos which include baby Josh Groban, Adam Pascal’s epic “Pity the Child,” and Julia Murney & Sutton Foster’s killer rendition of “I Know Him So Well.” 

An air cannon using Pascals Law to turn a relatively low force into a high pressure point, forcing the air to rush through the small gap at high speed.

*note: there is no machinery invloved, all they are doing is hitting the drum on the back of the device.

Gif thanks to Hawaado, go check out his blog