pascale draws


Heya folks, long time no see huh ?

Here’s a little more news about my little comic “Berzerkid” some wips n sketches for your eyes.

And a little preview on a new project i’m working on at the same time.

That may talk about witchcraft, adolescence, and feminism .

I won’t talk a lot about it right now but I wanted to show you some WIP about it.

So heeeeh take care dear web wanderers, do not hesitate to ask questions if you have some.

Share the love and if some of you are wandering if I may take some comissions.

I’m always free to discuss about how to help you in your projects, if you need illustrations etc etc.

Take care, have a good weekstart. Virtual Hugs. cya.


Been readin Hijack fics and been watching Tangled so this mess of an au was doodled