Pascal Fessler (from Switzerland) was born in Geneva in 1960, grew up in New York until the age of 10 and returned to Geneva in the 70’s where he currently lives and works. His artwork is very much influenced by his american period. As a kid, New York had a huge impact on him: the skyscrapers, the lights, the big cars, the noise… His work is also influenced by black and white thrillers and horror movies of the 60’s which he was and still is a big fan. Being inspired by movies explains his choice of figurative style. He finds his settings, characters, landscapes, lighting in movie stills with an addition of imagination. He has never managed to completely overcome his return to Geneva so his work became a therapy: his paintings recreate a fantasized childhood in America as well as symbols of an inner rage, a tearing pain of having to leave what he considered at the time, his home.

Pascal Fessler is exhibiting in WORKS ON PAPER at The Brick Lane Gallery from 5th - 15th March 2015. To find out more about WORKS ON PAPER or to exhibit in a future exhibition please email