pascal's adventures


So my friend and I let our Disney-dorkiness take over on Thursday and we visited the parks dressed as Peter Pan and Rapunzel. It was so much fun, the entire day people were stopping us and asking for pictures and giving us compliments. Brent Rivera and his friends even approached us and told us how much they loved our outfits! It was such a great day!


First in a series of photos of Pascal all over Disneyland.  Pascal likes to hide in the most incredible places and we just wanted to share his adventures!

The bottom is a photo of Halloween Mickey!

All Credit goes to my friend for taking all these amazing pictures you will see!


There is also a tag now added to the page in our sidebar to take you straight to all the pictures of Pascal around Disneyland. As well as many other tags that will take you to just cosplay photos, the pancake trend, disney on ice, videos, and more! Hope you enjoy! :)