pasand apni apni

mike5sworld  asked:

Aap ka anal sex ka experience share kare ? Anal sex ke bare me aap ki views kya hai maja kisme jada ata hai?Choot aur gaand

Sbki apni apni pasand hai…..waise meri experience toh acchi hi rhi hai anal sex ka



how the hell didnt i know about Imran and Ranbir being in a movie together? :O

THIS IS CRAZY!!! and what the hell, it’s releasing in June next year! this is such a shock and this is just…. WOW! THIS IS AWESOME! this is crazier than crazy! this is mindblowing!! 

does anyone know whether they have started shooting for it or not? 

THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! and it’s a comedy film where they are fighting over the lady they both love! it’s is gonna be so funny and hilarious to see them both on screen together!

this is the best shock ever! :D