pas de poisson


Summary: Intertwine blue and brown and let the colors paint themselves. Let them run wild in their own city that never sleeps and let them fall asleep under the twinkling eyes of hundreds. A ballerino!Phil & hairstylist!Dan AU.

Genre: Fluff, Humor, getting together, AU, ballerino!Phil, hairstylist!Dan  

Warnings: None (literally the happiest series I have ever written wtf).

Word count: 5572 words

Status: Complete

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Pas De Chat (pt 1) || Pas De Valse (pt 2) || Pas De Poisson (pt 3) || Pas De Deux (pt 4)

A/N: This AU may take me a while to finish so please bear with me. Also shitty summary ok good bye.

Using Negatives in French

A negation changes the meaning of a statement to its negative. Most French negations are constructed out of two words that surround a conjugated verb.

Je ne comprends pas. — I don’t understand.
Il ne parle pas anglais. — He doesn’t speak English.

Note that the particle ne elides before vowel sounds.

Vous n'avez pas de chien. — You don’t have a dog.
Ils n'aiment pas le menu. — They don’t like the menu.

Along with ne…pas, there are a number of other negations you can use.

Ne…plus  not any more/no more/not any longer/no longer
Ne…jamais  not ever/never
Ne…rien — not anything/nothing
Ne…personne  not anybody/nobody/not anyone/no one

Elle n'a plus de lait. — She has no more milk.
Il ne peut plus marcher. — He can’t walk any longer.

Je ne sais jamais. — I never know.
Je ne gagne jamais. — I don’t ever win.

Je n'ai rien. — I have nothing.
Elles ne voient rien. — They don’t see anything.

Je ne vois personne. — I don’t see anybody.
Il ne veut voir personne. — He doesn’t want to see anyone.

Note that in negations, indefinite and partitive articles change to de.

Elle n'a pas de lait. — He doesn’t have milk. (Not du lait.)
Je n'entends plus de bruit. — I don’t hear a sound anymore. (Not un bruit.)
Je n’entends plus d’oiseaux. — I don’t hear birds anymore. (Not des oiseaux.)

Of course, there’s an exception: when negating être, all articles may be used.

Ce liquide n'est pas du lait. — This liquid isn’t milk.
Ce n'est pas un couteau. — That’s not a knife.


In addition to the negative adverbs above, you also have the option of starting a sentence with a negative adverb, which acts like a masculine subject. Both personne and rien can also be negative pronouns if you put ne after them.

Personne ne means “nobody”.

Personne ne sait. — Nobody knows.
Personne n'aime cela. — Nobody likes that.

Rien ne (“nothing”) is the pronoun version of ne…rien.

Rien n'est parfait. — Nothing is perfect.
Rien n'est si dangereux qu'un ignorant ami. — Nothing is so dangerous as an ignorant friend.

The negative conjunction ni can be used to add something to a negation and is similar to the English “nor”. Think of it as a negative form of et (“and”). Ni can be used instead of negative adverbs or in addition to them.

Elle ne connaît ni toi ni moi. — She knows neither you nor me. 
Je ne veux ni ce repas ni cette boisson. — I want neither this meal nor this drink.
Il ne fait pas chaud ni froid. — It is neither hot nor cold.

When ni coordinates multiple conjugated verbs, each verb must be preceded by ne.

Je ne lis pas, ni n'écris. — I don’t read or write.
Il ne veut ni ne peut manger de la colle. — He neither wants nor is able to eat glue.


When the negated verb has a pronoun object, it belongs right after ne.

Je ne l'aime pas. — I don’t like it.
Je n'en ai pas. — I don’t have any. (Lit: “I do not have some of it.)

When a negation is used with an inversion (to ask a question), the whole inversion must remain inside the negation.

Ne comprenez-vous pas ? — Don’t you understand?
Pourquoi ne l'as-tu pas ? — Why don’t you have it?

Unconjugated verbs like infinitives must come after the negation.

Ne pas toucher. — Do not touch.
Elle choisit de ne pas manger. — She chooses not to eat.

Extra adverbs that modify the verb usually come after the negation. Otherwise, they follow the rules from "Adverbs 1”.

On ne marche pas vite. — We aren’t walking quickly.
Elle ne vient jamais ici. — She never comes here.


In English, two negatives may make a positive, but in French, they usually don’t. For instance, consider ne…jamais rien, which is “never…anything”, not “never…nothing”.

Ils ne vont jamais rien perdre. — They will never lose anything.
Elle ne mange jamais rien. — She never eats anything.

The particle ne is often skipped or slurred in casual speech. It’s also omitted for short phrases that lack a verb.

Pas si vite ! — Not so fast!
Pas de problème. — No problem.

Remember that verbs of appreciation (e.g. aimer) require the definite article in French. Negations are no different.

I don’t like fish. — Je n'aime pas le poisson. (Not Je n'aime pas de poisson.)

Fic: You Run

Inspired by a spoiler for 5.15 (“Bash”), Kurt’s put himself in the hospital for a stranger and, for the life of him, Burt cannot understand why.

Length: 1.5K

Warnings: spoilers, homophobia, talk of violence

This is not intended as prediction or speculation. I look forward to seeing (and crying through) the canonical scene that turns this story into an AU.

Thanks to my betas gluttonouspenguin and amongsoulsandshadows for their support and mad skillz.


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“What on earth were you thinking?” His voice echoes in the silence of the hospital room, and Kurt flinches at the sudden sound.


“No, don’t Dad me.” Burt sits beside Kurt’s bed, hands on the side rails, but his fingers say that he wants to be pacing. They twitch, tapping out a silent staccato beat as he keeps talking, voice as measured as he can manage.

“You don’t get to shut this down, not when you were bleeding and, according to the paramedics, there— there was a lot of blood, Kurt.”

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