pary for gaza

“Astaghfirullah” means “I seek Allah’s forgiveness”.

Our beloved Prophet used to do Istighfar 70 or more times during the day, so did he wait to see something he highly disagrees with and finds extremely wrong to say it? No. Repeating this word calms you, takes away all anxiety and stress. May Allah forgive us!

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I am afraid

This is where I’m at. I’m terrified for people there (in Paris), people in Lebanon and Baghdad. I’m terrified of people who died, who are injured, who are trying to find their loved ones. God bless humanity today.

I am afraid for the pilgrims in Iraq gone to visit the grandson of the prophet, I am afraid their children and parents and spouses will not see them come home.

I’m afraid that if it happened in Paris, it can happen in Canada. And one day my mom will be justified in her worry when she calls me on my commute home and I don’t pick up. I cannot imagine the mothers in Paris today who sent their children to a concert and waited for them to come home. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

And when we step out of our grief and begin to analyze what happened, I am terrified for myself and others around the world who fear backlash and violence from wounded hearts driven by hatemongerers. I am terrified for Muslims around the world who will once again step up and apologize for someone else’s crimes fearing association with terrorism if they don’t.

I fear what this will mean to hijabis living in Paris who already feel so isolated and alienated from their anti-hijab policies.

I fear what this will mean for Syrian refugees who are trying to find safety in the arms of the humans in the west. I fear Muslim refugees will be persecuted for the crimes of others. I fear the immense efforts of governments, celebrities, public figures will go to waste because of these inhumane attacks.

I am afraid.

I am afraid this act of inhumanity will bring out the inhumanity of us all. And I am terrified that we will turn on each other and on innocents to fight the inhumane.

I am afraid


More than 160 civilians, including more than 40 children, have been killed in Gaza since July 7, when Israel launched its anti-Hamas military operation. “According to preliminary information, 77 [percent] of Palestinian fatalities so far have been civilians, raising concerns about respect for international humanitarian law,” the UN wrote in a July 16 report.

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