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i’m very excited to upload this one, it took me quite the time!!! i could put more details in the background but i like it anyway..

“Methods of flying”


Did a bunch of Yogscast doodles during tech week, finally finished them and put them on here! Tried to draw all of them, but I’m fairly certain I forgot a few. :)


Decided to revisit my Nano’s Village/Animal Crossing pic from May, since I was never to happy with how it turned out.

So have some already featured villagers, plus some Yogs and friends that I’d love to see show up in the series later :3


Just a bunch of cheebs. I tried to draw some that I haven’t drawn before. .o. (But, of course, fox!Parv, tiger!Strife, bat!Rythian, and lion!Duncan snuck their way in there, oops.)

Kitsune!Lying has three tails that are twisted together and kirin!Dave has a third eye and greenish innards. Nano is a tanuki, but not that good at controlling magic, unfortunately.