parvathy jayaram

karmukil  asked:

hey about your tags on that cadbury ad, was Jayaram's marriage really because of an epic love story?

ah, well I don’t know if you’d call it epic; it’s more like the ‘classic indian love story’. they were essentially the first of the controversial celebrity marriages in the malayalam industry (not that there’s been too many). according to parvathy, they were dating for 4 years prior to their wedding in 1992 (which means they basically started dating on the set of aparan which was their first full fledged film together/as brother and sister lol). but her family didn’t approve of jayaram because he was an actor/in the film field and they didn’t think the marriage would last (a solid fear considering how prevalent infidelity is within the industry also see: dileep/manju) . i think they both waited for her parents to approve but her parents (especially her mother) wouldn’t so eventually they married regardless of what happened. to hear it narrated by her it sounds like they were both really adamant on being together no matter what, and all the opposition only cemented their resolve further. it’s cute because jayaram’s actor friends would cover while they secretly made phone calls and went on ‘romantic endevours’ eg. on the set of innale suresh gopi would call her house first (because they were like brother and sister) and then he’d give the phone to jayaram once her parents were out of the way (did someone say ‘premam’?). eventually suresh gopi got into shit with her parents for it lol. and according to rizabawa when parvathy was filming for ammina tailors jayaram would call on set at the hotel reception for her (which he’d picked up a few times) and one day when they were looking for her on set to start shooting rizabawa had to tell everyone that she was sick when in actual fact jayaram had come on set and secretly whisked her away (and i can totally imagine a young leather jacket clad motorbiking jayaram doing that). honestly tho, they’ve been married for 23 years and have 2 beautiful kids and they still seem so in love- i think that’s pretty epic ;) #relationshipgoals