paru lol


“Yui and Paruru have a special relationship where only the two of them are in it. There are things that Paruru wants to only be understood by Yui. I think Yui wants to listen to what Paruru says.”

“It’s alright even if no one understand me, I want to be understood by Yui only.”

It’s not really related, but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEAUTIFUL ANGEL YOU! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Fan: I really like Paruru. This year I want to go to the firework festival with my boyfriend, I’m thinking about it… lol
Paruru: Enviable

Fan: Paruru’s new 755 account picture is cute~ I’m looking forward to the feeling of summer
Paruru: In summer, you will want to do group dating. The feeling of youth!

Fan: Where do you want to go on a group date?
Paruru: BBQ, summer festivals, fireworks, swimming pool. Really SUMMER

Fan: Fireworks are fun, right? So Paruru likes the colorful firework? or the incense stick firework?
Paruru: Incense stick firework

Fan: If you go on a group date, who do you want to go with?
Paruru: Eh, can I specify a man?

Fan: Paru-chan~ Let’s go on a group date with handsome men lol
Paruru: Party people

Fan: Is your ideal group date like the feeling in Eien Pressure??
Paruru: “In midwinter" is a wrong time, isn’t it? (Eien Pressure lyrics)

Fan: Why does group date have to be done in summer!? lol is it because there are a lot of things that can only be done in summer?
Paruru: Summer is for a group of people. Winter is for 2 people only. This feeling, do you feel the same?


[Instagram] Itano Tomomi 2016.03.30

Paru-chan, happy birthday 🎂

[Instagram] Nagao Mariya 2016.03.30


[Instagram] Itano Tomomi 2016.03.30

切らずにそのまま食べたいです♡ ってそのまま食べる、ぱる🙄💕
“I just want to eat it without cutting it ,” she said as she really eats this as it is, Paru 🙄💕

Oh, I get it (lol)


Yuko’s Ameba blog post 19/2/14

[Japanese Here

Filming AKB48’s short play ‘Nani mo Sokomade’, I realised this was my last short play!!!

My work in AKB is becoming ‘the last’ more and more

the short play will make you say what…

Doing a monster trio lol

Paru chan is Dracula, Mariyagi is Frankenstein 

I’m the werewolf

Very fun

I love short plays, [I love to study] the timing, tempo among other things although, 

I look forward to the different opportunities that are being put in place(*^^*)

Mariyaki carried Paru chains cloak for a long time

it was very cute

Fan: I heard that Paruru was suspended in today handshake round 2, is everything okay?
Paru: Manager was late so we couldn’t catch up on time. Everyone was waiting

Fan: Oops? It’s really rare for the manager to be late. It seems like you’re angry? (laughs)
Paru: Well, actually this is very common. Feeling unwell? Or oversleep? Such things will be asked a lots in handshake so I’m really upset (laughs)