Plagues Against Mankind That We Shouldn’t Have To Deal With At This Point What The Huck

  • When your hair looks beyond amazing but no matter how many pictures you take it looks bad on film so you’re left alone in your room at 4:43 am suffering because you’ll now never have photographic evidence of the time your hair looked like it was styled by the angel’s themselves just in time for you to rush off to the Royal Ball. Only you will ever have this knowledge. You know the hair will be a mess by the time you see another human being again. Cursed.
  • Un-skippable ads in the MIDDLE of videos. what the hell.
  • When you order a Bloody Mary but it just tastes like straight tomato juice and nothing else
  • When you’re romantically frustrated and No One Wants To Take One For The Team And Just Date You Already
  • M. Night Shyamalan announcing a live action Avatar: The Last Airbender Two in 2017 the Year the Lord Abandoned Us, Apparently
  • The unseen forces that walk and jump on your roof all night long. They sound too heavy to be squirrels or raccoons. You never see anything up there when you check outside. You go back inside and the noises immediately resume, only this time you can now hear them laughing at you. Why Cant The Invisible Edgelords Remain Calm
  • Those birds that just dive right in front of your moving car
  • Owls in places and times where there Shouldn’t Be Owls
  • Donald Trump
  • When the dude living in your walls won’t stop blasting his techno bop music 
  • Having to use your rock pet to kill attacking bugs because you have no other means of defense 
  • the fact that I don’t know how to access podcasts and if I ask I’ll sound stupid
  • When your glasses are always smudged or dirty no matter what the hell you do seriously how the hell has no one invented something to stop this yet
  • When the Slurpee machines are always out of blue raspberry 
  • When people reference ‘the office’ while talking to you but you don’t get the joke because you’ve never seen ‘the office’ and when you tell them that you’ve never seen ‘the office’ they look at you as if you personally skinned their great grandmother alive
  • That…the fricking,,,,,,warm thing in the air that makes my body moist. Why that there. unnecessary attack from the planet. why. I want sweaters not sweat 
  • the fact that I Have No One To See Spider-Man:Homecoming With And I Am Distressed
  • When the wild rabbits don’t pick up on your psychic communication that you are one of them and they run from you
  • When the wine is expired 
  • When your favorite flowers only bloom for like one week a year
  • The fact that you are currently not eating chocolate 
  • Donald Trump
  • The fact that there currently is not Buffalo Chicken Dip entering my body
  • Those people that walk up moving escalators 
  • The guy that dresses up as Sulley in Disney World that grabbed my ass when I took a picture with him
  • Every Villain Is Lemon 
  • When all of your facebook memories are boring or depressing
  • The Cicadas That Are Laying In Wait
  • Those people that are rude to waiters and waitresses 
  • When you wanna write something but you’re hit with the overwhelming feeling that no one will ever wanna read it so What’s The Point
  • Batteries dying
  • The Vampire That Twerks Behind You Every Time You Look In A Mirror But You Can’t See Him Because He’s A Vampire But You Have The Overwhelming Feeling Of Knowledge That There’s A Vampire Twerking Behind You
  • The fact that Owen Wilson will never truly know we Value Him
  • When you’re not even making noise but a random old man complains about how much noise you’re making
  • The fact that there isn’t a 24/7 Law and Order: SVU channel 
  • People who can’t make up their minds about Dr. Phil
  • Cramps
  • really just wanna circle back here to the fact that my hair looks amazing right now I look like a 16th century maiden who is escaping her tower to attend the ball where she must slay the beast to save the kingdom this is my authentic past life coming through to make my hair look effortlessly gorgeous but the camera is not cooperating and No One Will Ever Truly Know 

  • Good tv shows getting cancelled 
  • People that unironically wanna have sex with Bill Cipher 
  • Being awake at 5:36 in the morning
  • The glowing orb that refuses to move out of your sock drawer 
  • Those little green men that sometimes escape out of jars in your cabinets and you gotta battle them for dominance of your own kitchen or else they’ll add too much paprika to all your meals…like, what’s their deal?
  • cats that don’t love you back
  • papayas 
  • Clovers that don’t have four leafs 
  • When you have to have matching socks to look professional 
  • ageing 
  • the T-Rex that insists on stomping down the street every time you’re trying to sleep
  • Aliens being hidden by the government 
  • When you rhyme by accident 
  • When you try to rhyme on purpose but can’t think of anything 
  • The fact that I just had to google how to spell ‘rhyme’
  • Gender Stereotypes 
  • The decreasing firefly population 
  • 7th graders that constantly stick their fingers through circles as a means of silently making sex jokes
  • Weeds that are taller than me I must be the Dominant Inconvenience
  • Fahrenheit vs Celsius
  • Telemarketers
  • Those guys that come up to your house to try to get you to buy Verizon Fios 
  • We’re Running Out Of Chocolate 
  • When John Oliver Steals Words Out Of Your Mouth Before You Can Even Think Them Like The Creature From Midnight
  • Zac Efron not showing up to the HSM 10th anniversary party
  • People who just really causally do splits or impossible stretches while your tensed up immobile ass is forced to watch
  • When You start doing squats but it starts making your butt get smaller and you grow distressed
  • People that are, like, unironically mean to other people. What the f o c k
  • All my socks developing holes in them
  • Crushes that go nowhere
  • the fact that no one ever thinks to respect the soft, gentle Molepeople that have been quietly helping our civilization along without reward for hundreds of centuries 
  • Werewolves getting mistaken for Skinwalkers 
  • The giant ball of flesh under the ocean that’s just waiting to destroy us all
  • People Who Don’t Get Your Sense Of Humor 
  • No one acknowledging your selfies
  • Hunters and Cryptozoologists not taking the hint that Bigfoot simply isn’t interested 
  • The fact I can’t figure out a clever way to end this post

  • Mankind Becoming the Plague Itself 
  • Conan O’Brien and his immense hidden power that everyone chooses to foolishly ignore. One day, he will reveal his true form and strike.

Cute and sweet boy, deep voice, what a perfect combination! 😍
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Kang Dongho Hogwarts AU

(while i was looking for pics of dongho for this collage i had to fucking PAUSE because he’s so hot like wtf dude chill a bit)

  • kang dongho is like hottest gryffindor to walk the planet and he knows it
  • even your fellow housemates– SLYTHERINS– worship the ground that he walks on
  • what happened to slytherin gryffindor rivalry
  • he is hot you have to admit
  • ((especially after a quidditch game when he’s sweaty mM)
  • (you’re thirsty but whatever)
  • as a slytherin, people will be rude to you guys sometimes regarding the dark past of the house
  • it’s not uncommon for you to get jinxed in the hall or for your bookbag to ~magically~ fall apart
  • one time you were leaving class when you heard someone shout really loudly
  • “what the hell do you think you’re doing?”
  • the person yanked you behind them and cast a Protego spell
  • it was kANG DONGO :))))))))))
  • “a-ah, i didn’t realize you two were friends”
  • apparently some seventh year gryffindor was going to jinx you as you walked away?
  • “even if we weren’t, that doesn’t give you the right to cast a spell on someone’s back, you fucking coward”
  • just looking up at his back as he defended you made your heart beat a little bit~
  • but then
  • “wait we’re not friends”
  • dongho turned to you with a small smile on his face when the jerk left
  • (you hissed “jackass” after him as he walked past)
  • “no?” he asked, cocking his head. “i would have thought maybe we would be after that?”
  • “well, i dunno, you don’t seem the type to make friends with fifth-year slytherins”
  • dongho kind of frowned and patted you on the shoulder
  • “house doesn’t mean anything to me” he said firmly, sending you the world’s most adorable, fluffy smile
  • (yall know which one i’m talking about)
  • “well, thanks for saving me, i guess” you said stiffly, making him chuckle
  • “anytime” he grinned, waving as he walked off
  • “but i didn’t need saving!” you yelled after him, feeling your cheeks heat up a bit at the interaction 
  • dongho just laughed and kept walking
  • that night at dinner your friends teased your MERCILESSLY about it
  • news travels fast a hogwarts
  • and for some reason hwang minhyun, a fellow slytherin who was also close with dongho, kept looking at you, as though he was trying not to laugh?
  • the next day after charms, you’re leaving flitwick’s classroom when you bump into a chest
  • a very muscular chest
  • “ready?”
  • dongho smiled down at you, taking your charms textbooks from your arms
  • cue the blushing
  • “what are you doing?”
  • “walking you to your next class… obviously”
  • “yeah, but why?”
  • “just getting to know my new friend”
  • you were like 87% sure that he was flirting with you
  • but it’s kang dongho there’s no way one of the hottest guys at hogwarts was flirting with you
  • but pretty soon he’s meeting you after your classes and walking you to your next one
  • and people start asking you if you’re dating??????
  • “w-what? no! no, no way!”
  • lots of blushing
  • then one day after potions, he meets you and is visibly nervous and youre like ummmmmmmm
  • “hey, i have a question”
  • “i’m not doing your homework”
  • “no! thats no what i was going to ask”
  • you laugh at his panicked expression
  • hes such a fluffball omg
  • “actually, gryffindor has a really important match coming up… i was wondering if you wanted to come and watch it?”
  • “it’s not against slytherin, right?”
  • “no, it’s against ravenclaw”
  • “yeah, sure!”
  • as the match approaches he keeps bothering you to wear gryffindor gear
  • “i would never be caught dead in such traitorous clothing”
  • “pleaaaaase?”
  • he keeps begging and begging and finally you’re like
  • ‘oKAY jesus will you stop sending me owls every two seconds asking?”
  • “yes”
  • the morning of the match you’re eating breakfast with your friends
  • and he comes up behind you and drops something on your head
  • “what the hell is this?”
  • “my hoodie!”
  • he gave you his FUCKING gryffindor quidditch sweatshirt
  • you grumpily put it on, refusing to admit how warm and cozy and snuggly it is
  • as soon as he leaves the shitstorm starts
  • minhyun and jonghyun won’t stop laughing at you
  • “piss off, mr. emotionally constipated”
  • you end up going to the match with minhyun and jonghyun anyways since they cheer for dongho
  • (i live for interhouse friendships)
  • and he does amazingly
  • he keeps scoring and scoring and scoring and it’s amazing?
  • what are skills?
  • you’re a little worried for the gryffindor keeper who collided with a ravenclaw chaser at the very end of the match
  • but gryffindor wins!!
  • and you congratulate him and he’s super happy and smiley
  • “the sweatshirt looks good on you, you should keep it” he told you after the match as you walked back to the castle together
  • “i would never do something so traitorous”
  • he invites you to the gryffindor afterparty
  • and gryffindors know how to party
  • people are drunk as hell by the time you get there
  • dongho isn’t drunk, but definitely celebrating 
  • he’s surprised that you showed up at all
  • “wow, you look nice”
  • the incredibly intelligent gryffindors decide to play spin the bottle
  • but there’s no time to investigate because of course, it lands on you
  • and everyone’s cheering and dongho smiles that kind of sheepish smile and you guys lean in and kiss
  • and oh is that his tongue yes it is you two are making out in front of a good 50 drunk teenagers
  • who are all cheering
  • loudly
  • you separate breathlessly
  • “that was something” dongho looks over the moon
  • “it was”
  • and you’re blushing again
  • “fuck off seongwoo”
  • both of you tap out of spin the bottle and just snuggle up on one of the comfy couches by the fire
  • “i guess it’s pretty obvious that i like you, (y/n)
  • “it was kind of obvious when minhyun kept making fun of you whenever you talked to me”
  • “that fucking snake”
  • “um, yeah”
  • he’s so cuddly and adorable but also hot as fuck?
  • you get offended by his face like 24/7
  • he continues to walk you to class
  • one time this ravenclaw kept trying to hit on you
  • and you didn’t really want to tell dongho because you knew he would go a bit insane
  • and so one time the ravenclaw was talking to you after class and dongho greeted you and just pulled you into a kiss like RIGHT in front of him
  • “you’re such an alpha male it’s incredible”
  • “you love it, though”
  • “i could do with a bit of chill, dear”
  • i just really live for kang dongho what a beautiful man

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| 171001 JYP Party People |
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EXO vs EXOLS 😂😂😂😂

when entire fandom was doing kokobop challenge I was like WTF 😂 THEY ALL LOOK LIKE A AHJUMMA TRYING KOKOBOP CHALLENGE …. well don’t take it personally 🙊 Even EXO noticed the difference 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I Stan some nasty cheld 😂😂😂 that’s why I love them 😎😂😂
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E 💜💜 X 💙 💙 O 💛💛
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박진영의 파티피플 10회 SBS 20170930 찬열은 감미로운 목소리로 크립을 열창하기 시작한다. 홈페이지

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