Fate Doesn’t Need to Know Our Names

When I first met you,
you electrified me to my very core
To this day, I swear 
that every color in the world
burned in your eyes that night
The moment
they looked in mine

We had only just been introduced,
and yet, beyond any sense of logic or reason
I truly, honestly
felt like I knew you somehow

There was an immediate
and unexplainable comfort in you
Like we had known each other once
In some far-off world
long ago

Even though everything felt familiar,
we were still just strangers at a party
Forming a connection
We both knew we shouldn’t

I remember when you led me outside
into the rainstorm that night
After we had laughed and talked for hours 
in that gloriously shitty blanket fort we made
And everyone else had left

We shared a $4 bottle of wine on the porch steps
And then I watched you from the driveway
as you walked to the middle of the empty street

You looked up at the wild midnight sky
and took in its intensity for a moment.
You let it surround you completely,
then you closed your eyes
and breathed steadily with the rain 

You had this adorable,
whimsical smile on your face
toward the end
As if that night was some kind
of enlightening experience
You would remember

Maybe you were right,
because during the party
I couldn’t take my eyes off you.
Nearly everything you did was mesmerizing
You made sparks fly
around you
I would never forget.

Eventually you met my gaze,
and half-smiled
You held your hand out:
A shy invitation to dance 
under the streetlights

The tranquil sounds of the heavy rain
mixed with our
quickened heartbeats
And made for the perfect background music
as you held me.

With our skin drenched,
and bodies touching
You whispered to me 
the most pure words I have
ever heard spoken

Genuine truth
that came from
all we had discussed that night
That’s all it was.
And in that moment
I knew.

I knew we were meant for other people
I knew you would be
my greatest mistake
But it was one I’d make forever
In the face of 

I knew that the most.