music festival health happiness and safety tips pt. 1 these are very important tips about music festivals, health, safety, and happiness tips pt.2 specific drug use

these are very important tips about music festivals, health, safety, and drug use. If you don’t participate in those, that’s fine! But please know that some of your followers may be a person who is doing these things or is thinking about them, so it’s good to pass around.

Music Festival Tips

Specific drugs and what you can usually expect from an average amount of them
- Gram v ounce, a gram is smaller and generally used to measure a powder or rock substance, an ounce is generally used to measure bigger drugs like shrooms or weed.

1. Weed
- Easily the most common drug, weed mellows you out, makes your body feel heavier, and can help you sleep. Beginners start usually at an ounce each, 10$ equivalent.
-What can you mix it with?
Anything, if you’re feeling too up and you need to calm down smoking some weed is a good way to do that, weed is one of the safest drugs you can take.
-When should you NOT smoke?
If you are in the middle of a high on something else and are worried you will pass out, not fall asleep, pass out.
If you feel sick to your stomach

2. Alcohol
- most people are drinking at these events, if they can get alcohol they are drinking it. That does NOT mean you have to though, alcohol will blur your state of mind, make you happier, and get your body moving. As you start to lose the drunk you will get blurrier, irritated, and sleepy.
- what can you mix it with?
Juice, or Gatorade is great for in the drink, but as you consume more alcohol your ability to taste it will go away, be conscious of how you feel.
alcohol is pretty safe to mix drugs with as long as you are not in blackout, but I strongly advise only mixing drugs you have personally done, and earlier that night doesn’t count.
- when should you NOT drink
When you’re extremely high on a stimulant (adderall, cocaine, molly (mdma) are some common examples)
If you thought about vomiting in the last half hour
If you do not know what is in the cup
If you are going to sleep within the hour.

3. Cocaine
All the energy. All the energy at once. This high is very short, most people for their first time will do about .25 grams ~20$. You must crush it to a powder, never do coke that you did not witness be crushed or a trusted friend saw crushed, and snort it. Cocaine is a quick party drug that will pick you up for half an hour and then dump you on your ass.
-what can you mix it with
Alcohol and weed are both depressants, so if you think you need to chill out a bit do that. If not, I leave coke alone because it’s so short.
- when you should NOT do cocaine
If you are already way way up.
If you feel unsafe in any way
If you have never done it before and someone offers it to you, they are trying to help you vibe the way they are. You need to be doing your thing far away from them.

4. Molly or MDMA (pure E/ecstasy)
You need to test this. Undoubtably. there are many many drugs that give the same immediate effects as Molly but will fuck you over. Methylone is the only thing I would safely take that didn’t test as molly because it is so incredibly similar that you barely notice. Molly is definitely going to make you dancey, or at least want to go get up and doing something. You are going to touch people because you will want to feel them. Not all people are going to want to be touched, try to eyeball someone around you that you can clearly tell is on your level, dance over to them and jam. Everything will feel incredible, people like to do the sex during molly, make sure you check in with your sober self during that to make sure that’s something you are 100% okay with. The usual dosage for Molly is .25g which is about 20$.
- what can you mix molly with
Alcohol and that’s really it, anything else and you’ll have a great time but you will regret that great time about two hours later. Weed is also available to chill you out.
- when should you NEVER do molly
Past 1am, if you are considering taking Molly at 1am just wait. Wait about half an hour for that urge to pass because you will be feeling so good for the rest of the night just on what you’re on.
If it’s not tested.
If you have felt out of control in the past two hours
If you have severe anxiety

Acid, shrooms, adderall to come next in part 3.

Please add on your information and experiences so we can keep all of the total party people and future people safe and happy