EKAI  OTEMARU-XING - Bvttleshots’ first male model

Growing up with two siblings in the Otemaru household had its pros and cons. For him, there were too many cons as he looked too much like his father. Following in his father’s footsteps, he joined the military. As an adult, he is now a Sergeant Major after many successful campaigns. However, as an outlet, he models for Bvttleshots Agency while on his break.

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Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.
You claim to love her, inside and out, but the only time you call her beautiful is when it’s 3 in the morning and I’ve already turned you down.
—  girls tell each other everything, c.j.n.