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- Boys are not allowed to participate in my tea parties! ~~ the-angerborn // smollness rules, yeah?

The draconic man raises a eyebrow at the female.

[Child M!A hasnt started yetttt]

What is a bigot and why should they burn?

A bigot is a person who uses religious scripture to support being intolerant toward those holding different opinions, and feels justified to inflict pain and suffering on those people.   Generally speaking, you can detect a bigot because they will cause real suffering in people, based on the principals established in their relationship with an invisible friend.

I have lived a very unconventional life all my life and I don’t make it one week without someone trying to tell me how I am wrong…
When people come up to me and start explaining to me how I should live my life based on what their invisible friend thinks, I don’t always tell them to fuck off, but when I do, they fuck off.  
During my time on the planet, i have actually found a better way to punish bigots that harsh my mellow… make ‘em burn. 

In this instance we mean the slang term: to burn emotionally.   

We live in a time where our freedom can only be protected by expressing our freedom to express ourselves.  ERGO ;)  When someone tells you that you don’t have the right to do anything as a consenting adult, you go ahead and do it right in front of them.  For example, Someone tells you that you are wrong to love the person you are holding hands with, give your lover a passionate kiss. That will make them burn.

If they threaten you or try to hurt you… THAT IS A HATE CRIME!  
Report it.

Sexism and Misogyny is bigoted.
homophobes are another good example of bigotry.
Hippie bashing is another really good example of a bigot.
Religious wars are a bigoted response to differences of opinion.
Witch burning and things not catholic being the work of satan is bigoted.   

What does this have to do with our party rules?

Everyone has an opinion, and that is a good thing.  
Gay bashing and Religious Boycotting are a serious risk to safety and a really wild time.  JX and the Badwells will have no part in enabling this kinda stuff and anyone who exhibits malicious intolerance will get bounced.

The more members of the LGBT community that make it to a party, the better that party will be.  Same goes for hippies, fetishists and open minded people.  It is as true as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Ultimately we want to be known for throwing the best parties in the music industry, so be tolerant and you might just discover another way to enjoy the freedom we fight so hard to have.