This was a series of events told to me by a Tumblr-less friend to post here. Necessary context: a dragonborn rogue, in spite of his class and proficiencies, has a love of fighting with a greatsword - specifically, a unique one picked up a few sessions in that has an undercommon phrase engraved on it that none of the players can read. One session, he goes ahead of his party to investigate in a mansion, and comes across another greatsword hanging on the wall, which has the same phrase written on it.

Rogue: Hey, that’s my sword!

DM: Well, a copy of your sword, basically, yeah.

Rogue: I refuse to share my sword with anyone! I want to sue whoever owns this sword.

DM: That’s not-


DM: You don’t even know who… you know what, fine. Roll Charisma with disadvantage.

Rogue rolls. Lowest roll is a 21.

DM: …you track down the owner of the sword, a veteran fighter, and sue him. The case is taken to court. Roll for how well your lawyer does.

Rogue, laughing, rolls a nat 20.

DM: (having gone from annoyed to greatly entertained) Alright, you perform a ritual and summon Phoenix Wright from another dimension, and he successfully gets the veteran declared guilty of plagiarism. All this took about a week. You receive 1500 gold in “damages” and finally return to the mansion, where the rest of your party has been impatiently waiting to continue your quest.

Other party member: I punch him in the face. (rolls, hits)

Rogue: Can I roll to sue for assault? (everyone glares at him) …I take the damage.


iOS | Android

  • if you record your classes this one’s so great.
  • Allows you to change the speed of the recording.
  • Remembers where you left off which is great if you can’t listen to the whole thing at once.
  • Lets you change the time of the rewind button so you don’t have to go with the standard 30 seconds.


iOS | Android

  • Allows you to easily make and format flashcards.
  • You can download premade decks about the topics you’re studying.
  • Let’s be honest, you’re way more likely to revise or make flashcards if they’re on your phone.

Forest (Studyblr Classic ™)

iOS | Android

  • You plant a tree and if you touch your phone during the time it takes for it to grow, it dies.
  • You can whitelist apps you need for studying dw.
  • You get coins for the time you focus with which you can
    • Buy different kinds of trees
    • Buy ambient sounds
    • Plant a real life tree(!!!)
  • You can compete with all your friends or on a global scale.


iOS | Android

  • Like an RPG in which you level up by completing tasks.
  • Specially great for daily tasks.
  • Every time you do a habit or a daily, it levels up by changing color.
  • You get coins to buy stuff for your avatar!
  • You can join a party and do quests, which you complete by doing your tasks.
  • You lose health if you fail to do a daily.
  • And you damage your party’s other members if you fail to do your dailies during a boss battle (really motivating!).


Android (soz no iOS version. Let us know if there’s a similar one though)

  • Reads digital notes and any other PDFs when you don’t feel like doing it yourself.
  • You can adjust the pitch, speed and choose between different voices.
  • Specially great for reading along with it and getting that visual + auditory learning all at once.

What about you, what are your favorite apps for school?

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Ne valgo ancora la pena?” mi chiese.
Stavamo camminando. Erano le undici di sera quando le chiesi di uscire da casa sua.
Ero nei paraggi e così pensai di fermarmi a salutarla.
Lei uscì e decidemmo di optare per una camminata.
“Ne valgo ancora la pena?” mi chiese.
Non mi aspettavo una domanda del genere, così la prima cosa che feci fu un sogghigno.
Si sentì sciocca nel pormi quella domanda, mentre la verità è che io non credevo mi avrebbe mai posto una domanda simile.
Forse nemmeno più nei miei pensieri.
“No, ok… “ aggiunse “…allora… Come mai eri da queste parti?” chiese, cambiando argomento.
“Ero ad una festa, ma mi conosci. Non sono un festaiolo e quindi sono andato via” risposi.
“Dove era la festa?” mi chiese, cercando di dimenticare la domanda che mi aveva posto prima.
“A casa di Marco” risposi io.
“Ma.. Marco abita vicino a casa tua e tu…”
“Si.. lo so. Non ha senso” dissi interrompendola.
Poi, con un tono di voce molto bassi aggiunsi: “… il fatto è che, avevo voglia di vederti”.
Lei sorrise e mi sentii io lo sciocco.
“Quindi sei venuto fin qua… Per me” e credetemi, lo disse con un sorriso stampato in faccia che mi faceva solo voglia di spingerla al muro e baciarla.
“Quindi sì, mi sono fatto 7,6 km di strada per te. Contenta ora?” dissi ricambiando il suo sorriso con uno mio, ma poi evitammo gli sguardi e piombò il silenzio.
“Cosa stavi facendo?” chiesi poi.
“Stavo guardando un film, ma l'ho visto così tante volte che ormai lo conosco a memoria” rispose.
“Ti va di fare una cosa pazza?” le chiesi, lei annuì e aggiunsi: “Ho un telo in macchina, ti va se… No, lascia stare”
“Dai, dimmi” insistette.
“Ti va se.. lo mettiamo sulla strada e ci mettiamo a guardare le stelle?” mi sentii veramente sciocco, ma venni fermato da un altro suo sicuro “Sì”.
Stendemmo il telo e poi ci stendemmo noi.
Le stelle brillavano in cielo e noi le guardavamo come un film già visto.
I miei pensieri erano come le stelle, infiniti, ma anche i suoi occhi erano come le stelle, luminosi e perfetti.
“Siamo mai stati perfetti secondo te?” mi chiese, spostando lo sguardo su di me.
L'avrei voluta baciare, ma anche questa volta mi limitai a risponderle: “No, noi eravamo sbagliati, ma nel momento giusto”
Ed era vero. Eravamo nella maniera più sbagliata perfetti assieme e quell'esserlo ci rendeva uguali, ma separati l'uno dall'altro.
“Siamo ancora qualcosa noi, ma che non ha una definizione e mai ce l'avrà, ma sai quale è il vero problema? Io sto  li” e gli indicai con un dito una stella “ mentre tu lì” e gli indicai la Luna.
“Ma la Luna è un satellite, non una stella” specificò.
“Esatto. Ciò che voglio dire è che siamo nello stesso spazio, ma distanti e diversi. Tu sei luminosa e vicina, mentre io sono solo un punto.”
“Non riesco a capire, dove vuoi arrivare?” chiese scocciata.
“La Luna c'è, come la mia stella lì. Solo che sono lontano dalla Terra e di conseguenza da te, ma tu sei speciale per la Terra, mentre io… Io sono solo uno dei tanti”
“Aiutami a capire?” disse, confusa con tutto.
“E quindi non so nemmeno io più cosa sto dicendo. È solo che.. Sì!” risposi.
“..‘Sì’ cosa?” chiese infine lei.
“Sì, varrai sempre la pena” conclusi.
In quel momento mi resi conto che erano le stelle a guardare noi, come un film già visto, ma che in fin dei conti, non stanca mai.
Poi me ne fregai di tutto, di ciò che avevo appena detto, di ciò che pensavo e feci l'unica cosa per la quale ero davvero andato da lei, scappando dalla festa.
Ebbene sì, ci baciammo quella sera ed eravamo ancora sbagliati, ma nel momento giusto, ma in fin dei conti, a chi importava.
—  ricordounbacio
Games and the illusion of choice

We finished our session of d&d about an hour ago, and then I gave a ride home to our dm. And we were talking about a lot of things, including the premise of Dungeons and Dragons. He explained that d&d is a world exploration game with a story line, and that the dm is in charge of running that story and taking into account the choices our characters make.

I mentioned that, as a child, I had a choose your own adventure book. It was about a group of kids who find this alien creature thing in a pond. When I first read it, I went through it like you’re supposed to. Then I went back to the last choice I made and changed it, to see what ending I’d get instead. After that, I started from the beginning and looked into every choice I could make to see what affect it had on the story. I thought it fascinating the way one path of choices gives you one ending, but I different path can give you the same ending, but with different events in the middle. I learned how every decision you make adds to the story, and I was never disappointed with the end result.

Now there’s this game called Untill Dawn. I know Markiplier and jacksepticeye played it. It’s based around the butterfly effect, the idea that every decision influences the way the story goes. But as I watched mark play it, I realized that this wasn't​ true. The decisions you make don’t change the story, just who dies. Say your character is running through the forest. You see two paths, the left one an overgrown shortcut, the right a clear path that takes much longer. Say you choose the right path. Nothing happens and the story continues as planned. But if you take the left, a bear jumps out and eats you. The story still continues, but with a different character. So the choice to go left didn’t drastically change the story, in fact it barely did at all. And maybe youll get an alternate ending, but not because of your decisions.

See there’s this thing with cons that I’ve learned from tv and books. To run a truly successful con, you let the target think they are in control. You let them think that any idea they have is theirs, though you planned it out. With my cyoa book, every choice I made freely. I knew somewhat of the affect it would have. So when I got to the end, I was happy with the ending because everything I did led up to it. I had that control. But now games like Untill Dawn, Mass Effect, and probably any Telltale games have limited endings. So what you choose really doesn’t affect much.

I have a great respect for DMs. They create a beautiful fantasy world that you want to explore every inch of. But there is still a story you should follow. Yes I could easily wreck the game and do whatever I wanted. One of our campaigns is in the underdark, but I could easily leave to explore the surface. But then I would never experience the story. So I try and follow it along, because I know it will show me even more about this strange new place. But DMs can never plan for everything. They have this one path that they try to keep us on. So they have to give us this illusion that we are in control of what we do. DMs give us choices of how we want to do things, and I think it’s fucking incredible. They have to plan for what they want us to do, and find ways to hint, and yet still be able to completely improvise on the spot.

It just reminds me of this moment from Critical Role. Matt Mercer is DMing his party on a quest. The party stops at a village and decide to go into the local temple. Matt whips out a map he’d drawn up beforehand. One of the players commented “You drew the temple because you knew that’s where we’d go?” And Matt replied:

“I drew the entire city, because I didn’t.”

Our DM regrets everything

So our level 7 party was hired by a king to get an object from a dragon’s lair in exchange for an items that was part of one of our party member’s personal story quest. We got into the blue dragon’s lair, killed it’s children, then waited ambush style for it to get home. The fight basically went like this:

DM: The blue dragon flies into its lair

Party: Surprise Round!

DM: Yup… Surprise Round

Sorcerer: Hey, do you two want 150ish hitpoints and to hit like a fighter twice your level?

Bard: Sure

Fighter: Sure

Sorcerer: I use twin spell to cast polymorph on both of them. They’re both giant apes now

The party proceeded to beat down the dragon while one giant ape beat on it and the other grappled it to the ground. We then leveled, got 100,000gp each, and got magic item loot from the dragon’s hoard. Our dual-classed Arcane Archer Kensai Monk (basically Zen archer for 5e) got the Oathbow.

A few encounters later, our party is now level 8. As a level 8 party of 7 characters we decide to fight the Pit Fiend in front of us instead of run away. Here’s how that fight went:

DM: The Pit Fiend hasn’t noticed you yet.

Party: Surprise Round!

DM: Yup… Surprise Round

Sorcerer: Who wants to be giant apes?

Bard: Sure

Fighter: Sure

Sorcerer: I do the thing.

The party then proceeds to fight the Pit Fiend. The Pit Fiend knocks the bard out of giant ape form and knocks him unconscious, and the fight is getting pretty rough. That’s when our SuperArcher decided this had gone on for too long…

Archer: So it’s taken 5 rounds of great apes, paladin smites, chromatic orbs, and oathbow shots right?

DM: Yup

Archer: Alright. This combat is taking too long. Action Surge, Sharpshooter on all four attacks, that’s 22, 23, 21, and 21 to hit?

DM: They all hit

Archer: That’s 1d8+3d6+15 four times… 

DM: *proceeds to close his Monster Manual and start folding up his DM screen*

Archer: That’s 112 magical piercing damage total.

DM: You all triple level… yay…

‘you should have been born a boy’
she said to the excitable kid
with scraped-up knees
muddy hands and
unruly tangled curls
coming in from playing football.

‘i’m sure you should have been a boy’
she said to the child sat
crying over an argos catalogue
because the red power ranger costume
didn’t come in ‘girls sizes’.

‘for god’s sake, i thought i raised a girl’
she said to the teenager asking
for a laser quest party for their 16th
for clothes from the men’s section
for permission to cut all their
‘beautiful long curls’ off that you always said
you hated.

but then you discovered that you
didn’t raise a girl.
and you also didn’t raise a boy.
you raised something,
in between
new, remixed, not-quite-girl
and they wanted to be called they.

and you said you still loved them
and you said you would try
but nothing changed.

i am the daughter
i ‘should have been born a boy’
i am ‘them’

surely your first born is worth the effort of
a single syllable

i’m from a straight cis family
in a straight cis community
so how are they supposed to know
that every
feels like a punch in the gut and every
feels like a razor cut and
trust me
i know exactly what that feels like

‘all you talk about is pronouns
there are people fighting wars!’
well i’m at war with a world
that doesn’t believe i even
fucking exist
fucking deal with the fact that
the world is changing and
people are
finding themselves

you encouraged me to be myself
to aim high and achieve my dreams
well i HAVE found myself

and they are right here, in front of you, bearing their soul
opening themself up to you
straining for your approval
for your acceptance
for your

so whether i was raised a girl
or should have been born a boy
this is what you’re stuck with
this is WHO you’re stuck with
so suck it up
because i don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

—  a single syllable - daria
Half Naked

Fandom: Heroes of Olympus

Pairing: Leo Valdez x Reader

Warning: N/A

Request: requested by @theheroesofmyheart; Could you write me a Leo Valdez x reader pool party fic? Make them all embarrassed about each other in their bathing suits:)

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vintage club penguin things part 2 (part 1)

  • popcorn everywhere when the veggie villain plot happened
  • similar effects for other missions, like the malfunctioning snow forts clock for clockwork repairs and the abyss for mysterious tremors
  • the recycling center
  • dig out the dojo
  • the dojo being an actual empty room before that and having a giant octopus in it for the water party
  • snowballs turning into water balloons for the water party
  • the winter fiesta
  • the 2008 penguin games to tie in with the beijing olympics
  • rock the iceberg
  • wave cutouts from the migrator catalog
  • new year fireworks on the ski hill
  • throwing snowballs at the gongs in the ninja hideout
  • the medieval party quest where you could get potentially infinite numbers of the treasure pile furniture item (I took 37)
  • the festival of flight where the entire fucking island got lifted into the air
  • the box dimension
  • the fall fair and getting teddy bears, candyfloss and candy necklaces
  • related: forgetting that you lost all your fair tickets when you logged off
  • puffle shuffle
  • puffle paddle
  • that one game with the hairdryer where you had to blow the hot air balloon around and avoid the cacti on either side
  • the old coffee shop music
A 50lb boot

-So in the last session, our goliath barbarian(GB; male. Man of few words) and half elf ranger(HER; male) made off with a bunch of gold from the party ‘quest’. GB got some sick enchanted boots with tremor sense but hasn’t told anyone what they do yet, including the major enchantment. We all eventually meet up again in a tavern. So, my character, a half elf sorcerer(HES; female), decides to figure it out. 

HES: So~, why’d you get metal boots? 

GB: Cuz I didn’t want to step on something sharp. 

HES: Well that’s generally what shoes do but why metal?

GB: *shrugs* I dunno, it’s how I got ‘em. 

HES: You didn’t request them that way? 

GB: Uh.. No. You want to look at them?

HES: Of course! *Frantic* Just not on the table!

GB: *Takes the boot off and tosses it at me*

GM: [HES] make a str saving throw.

HES: (aw fuck, 10? :D)

GM: So the boot lands on HES’s chest, tips the chair over and shatters it, you take 5 pts of damage. When you land on the floor, the entire inn shakes, bottles falling off the shelves, people having to grab something for support. Dust falls from the roof above. This can be felt on the upper floors.

HER: *2nd floor, in room* (Ok, I’m going to jump out the window of my room)

GM: Ok, you do so and you fall.. You keep falling till you make a splash into the ocean at the foot of the cliff you just jumped off of.

HES: (Well, guess who’s going to be more specific next time ;D) *currently in immense pain on the bottom floor cuz she only has 3hp left*

Fui sincero come in confessione: la donna a me non piaceva intera, ma… a pezzi. Di tutte amavo i piedini se ben calzati, di molte il collo esile oppure anche poderoso e il seno se lieve, lieve. E continuavo nell'enumerazione di parti anatomiche femminili, ma il dottore m'interruppe:
— Queste parti fanno la donna intera.
Dissi allora una parola importante:
— L'amore sano è quello che abbraccia una donna sola e intera, compreso il suo carattere e la sua intelligenza.
—  Italo Svevo, La coscienza di Zeno
Ritorno sempre sui miei passi.
Perdonami, ma ho una reputazione da difendere.
La stronza strafottente sono io, da queste parti.
Troppo instabile mentalmente.
Un giorno ti prendo e ti pretendo, in un altro ti appendo. Poi magari ripasso perché mi manchi…poi mi passa e mi ricompongo.
Via dai coglioni
—  FreeSoul02

(We’re playing a homebrew campaign where our party is on a quest to find the Necropolis, where all the dead go, to bring back the King’s daughter’s soul. Our party managed to win a difficult fight against a golem-like creature, which gives us the right to ask it one question. At the moment, my warrior is uncounscious and halfway through a wall because of said fight.)

Rogue (OOC): I ask him what football is.

Cleric (OOC): What? Why?

Rogue (OOC): I heard about it in the last city and I need to know!

Cleris (OOC): But you already know! You actually play football!

Rogue (OOC): My character doesn’t know.

DM: That’s very much not what you’re here for but it’s too late to change your question, now. The golem looks at you, and it does not have feelings but you know that if it could feel, it would be very disappointed in you. It says, “You take foot. You take ball. You hit ball with foot. Football.”

Rogue: Yeah alright, seems legit.

Cleric: Can we ask another question?

DM: Well, if you beat it again, sure.

(We ended up taking the quick way to the Necropolis.)

How to Tell if You’re In a Dragon Age Fanfic:
  • You go to the Fallow Mire and Someone in Your Quest Party (Usually Love Interest, sometimes You) falls ill. Fluff ensues; sometimes Smut, too.
  • You ‘remember’ flashes of A Terrible Secret: though, after Chapter 2/3, it’s not even brought up until Chapter 20-something, and has been pretty much entirely forgotten by Chapter 40.
  • Your entire family is dead.
  • You are (endearingly) clumsy and awkward, and yet somehow deadly talented with your Weapon of Choice, and still managing to charming the pants off of everyone. Including all Non-Canonically-Romanceable characters and the entire Orlesian Court.
  • You are a Dalish Elf that continues to call Solas “Hahren” after the initial argument Dalish Elves.
  • Solas has hair.
  • Thedas has high schools. Or coffee shops. Or Anything remotely modern.
  • Cassandra is a lesbian/has been this whole time?
  • Everyone’s Sexuality is more Fluid than any fluid previously known to science.
  • Cullen and Solas are Totally Cool with You bouncing between them as L.I. every time one of them hurts your feelings and/or apologizes for hurting your feeling. All is forgiven. They only want Your Happiness.
  • Cullen and Solas are only Not Totally Cool with You bouncing between them  as L.I. when the Plot requires Angst and/or Sexual Tension.
  • Varric and Hawke are dating and/or sleeping together.
  • Varric and Cassandra are dating and/or sleeping together.
  • Isabela and Merrill are dating and/or having an inordinate amount of sex that neither has any problem sharing in Graphic Detail with anyone who will listen.
  • A Major Character has a child/children.
  • And/or You are pregnant.
  • “Eventual” and Excessive Smut.
  • No One Dies that was not already dead. Not even during Adamant/in the Fade.
  • You’re a Virgin and your L.I. is “honored” to be your first.
  • Alternately, You ‘remember’ Sleeping with Anything that Breathed before, but now you only want your L.I. and no one else is even attractive to You.
  • But Everyone is Attracted to You.
  • Your relationship with your L.I. begins as a rivalry, and progresses slowly, without any actual acknowledgement or discussion of shared feelings, resulting in excessive Sexual Tension.
  • Oral is way more fun. You are also incredibly good at it, despite Probably being a Virgin.
  • Same for Butt Stuff.
  • Sex lasts all night. Loudly. Usually in a tent, with the rest of your companions only inches away, none of which complain until the next day or file a complaint to HR.

@tel-abelas-mofo I literally wrote all this like, an hour/two ago, NO JOKE.  

Sono loro che mi fanno essere così.
Sono loro che incitano la stronza che c'è in me.
Cercano di entrare nella mia vita e poi spariscono, a poco a poco .
Credono di poter conquistare il mio cuore e poterne fare quello che vogliono .
Non è così.
Il cuore è MIO.
Non lo regalo a nessuno, non lo presto a nessuno.
Nessuno lo merita .
Anzi, vi dirò di più. Io il cuore non ce l'ho.
È capitato che mi sono infatuata, è vero…ma mi è passato subito, tempo un giorno. E questo vuol dire che mai nessuno è stato per me importante. Mi dispiace.
In questo mondo non si può avere un cuore.
Le infatuazioni ti ingannano se non gestisci bene le emozioni…e io ho imparato a gestirle tutte .

Sono io la stronza da queste parti .

—  FreeSoul02
Ecco il mio segreto
Anto feat. The Little Prince
Ecco il mio segreto

“Sono qui. Sotto al melo.”
“Chi sei? Sei molto carino…”
“Sono una volpe.”
“Vieni a giocare con me. Sono cosí triste…”
“Non posso giocare con te. Non sono addomesticata.”
“Ah! scusa. Che cosa vuol dire addomesticare?”
“Non sei di queste parti, tu. Che cosa cerchi?”
“Cerco gli uomini. Che cosa vuol dire addomesticare?”
“Gli uomini hanno dei fucili e cacciano. É molto noioso! Allevano anche delle galline. É il loro solo interesse. Tu cerchi delle galline?”
“No. Cerco degli amici. Che cosa vuol dire addomesticare?”
“É una cosa da molto dimenticata. Vuol dire creare dei legami.”
“Creare dei legami?”
“Certo. Tu, fino ad ora, per me, non sei che un ragazzino uguale a centomila ragazzini. E non ho bisogno di te. E neppure tu hai bisogno di me. Io non sono per te che una volpe uguale a centomila volpi. Ma se tu mi addomestichi, noi avremo bisogno l'uno dell'altro. Tu sarai per me unico al mondo, e io saró per te unica al mondo. La mia vita é monotona. Io dó la caccia alle galline, e gli uomini danno la caccia a me. Tutte le galline si assomigliano, e tutti gli uomini si assomigliano. E io mi annoio perció. Ma se tu mi addomestichi, la mia vita sará illuminata. Conosceró un rumore di passi che sará diverso da tutti gli altri. Gli altri passi mi fanno nascondere sotto terra. Il tuo, mi fará uscire dalla tana, come una musica. E poi, guarda! Vedi, laggiú in fondo, dei campi di grano? Io non mangio il pane e il grano, per me é inutile. I campi di grano non mi ricordano nulla. E questo é triste! Ma tu hai dei capelli color dell'oro. Allora sará meraviglioso quando mi avrai addomesticato. Il grano, che é dorato, mi fará pensare a te. E ameró il rumore del vento nel grano… Per favore… addomesticami!”


"La colpa é tua. io, non ti volevo far del male, ma tu hai voluto che ti addomesticassi…”
“É vero.”
"Ma piangerai!”
“É certo.”
“Ma allora che ci guadagni?”
“Ci guadagno… il colore del grano. Va’ a rivedere le rose. Capirai che la tua é unica al mondo. Quando ritornerai a dirmi addio, ti regaleró un segreto.”


"Voi non siete per niente simili alla mia rosa, voi non siete ancora niente. Nessuno vi ha addomesticato, e voi non avete addomesticato nessuno. Voi siete come era la mia volpe. Non era che una volpe uguale a centomila altre. Ma ne ho fatto il mio amico ed ora é per me unica al mondo. Voi siete belle, ma siete vuote. Non si puó morire per voi. Certamente, un qualsiasi passante crederebbe che la mia rosa vi rassomigli, ma lei, lei sola, é piú importante di tutte voi, perché é lei che ho innaffiata. Perché é lei che ho messa sotto la campana di vetro. Perché é lei che ho riparata col paravento. Perché su di lei ho uccisi i bruchi (salvo i due o tre per le farfalle). Perché é lei che ho ascoltato lamentarsi o vantarsi, o anche qualche volta tacere. Perché é la mia rosa.”


"Ecco il mio segreto… É molto semplice: non si vede bene che col cuore. L'essenziale é invisibile agli occhi.” 
"L'essenziale é invisibile agli occhi…”
“É il tempo che tu hai perduto per la tua rosa che ha fatto la tua rosa cosí importante.” 
"É il tempo che ho perduto per la mia rosa…”
“Gli uomini hanno dimenticato questa veritá. Ma tu non la devi dimenticare. Tu diventi responsabile per sempre di quello che hai addomesticato. Tu sei responsabile della tua rosa.”
“Io sono responsabile della mia rosa…”

( to my family, with love )

Non muovere mai l'anima senza il corpo, né il corpo senza l'anima, affinché difendendosi l'uno con l'altra, queste due parti mantengano il loro equilibrio e la loro salute.
—  Platone