Party Queen

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by AlecSmoothwood

Alec doesn’t think that there’s anyway in hell that he’ll ever have a chance with Magnus Bane, but boy was he wrong. Leave it to Isabelle to some how prove him wrong.

Words: 1374, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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This is for the boy who tells you he’s fine and puts on a smile when all he wants to do is break down and be held. This is for the pretty girl who doesn’t believe anyone could ever see how intelligent she is. This is for the boy who refuses to dance at parties, the prom queen who crumbles underneath the facade, the students who want to make their parents proud. This is for the boys and girls who think they’re never enough, who don’t have their futures figured out yet and those who are too scared to fall in love again. This is for everyone who wakes up with their head spinning and heart aching, for everyone who misses someone so badly they don’t know how to cope. This is for everyone who feels worthless from time to time when they shouldn’t. You’ll be fine you’ll be fine you’ll be fine. And you are amazing.
You are absolutely fantastic and loved and great and you shouldn’t ever give up, especially not on your dreams and on things and people you love. And never ever on yourself. You matter.
—  I needed some positivity today, maybe you did too
The truth is that though I hate loneliness, I love it at the same time. Things like love and forever, I’ve always wanted to believe in these, even when I was young, but a part of me just couldn’t. I wished and believed that someone other than myself would come to understand me and accept me better than I could. I believed and trusted too much at some point, but in the end, I managed to realize it. Realize that I could not believe. I found that I could not share myself with others. It’s not anybody’s fault, nor is it that things were not going well, it’s just that I could not change myself. In the end, I am who I am.
—  Ayumi Hamasaki