blood still stains when the sheets are washed,

sex don’t sleep when the lights are off,

kids are still depressed when you dress them up,

and syrup is still syrup in a sippy cup x 

((yes i made melanie’s wings yellow bc of troye’s petals, I’m trash))


#nothingwithoutlove - Ending Scene 1x19

This isn’t a particularly romantic moment, but it is a powerful one.

Regina has had control over almost everything and everyone in Storybrooke since she enacted the curse. So much control, in fact, that she just got Sydney to confess to a crime he didn’t commit, very nearly framed a completely innocent woman for murder, and can essentially do whatever she wants because everyone is terrified of her. Because when she pushes, no one pushes back. That’s the nature of the curse.

That is, until Emma.

Emma, who sees her as an equal right out of the gate, who walks straight into her living room and intertwines herself into Regina’s life without fear or hesitation, and who, when Regina pushes, pushes back so hard that she severs apple trees and wins elections and does not. stand. down.

In this scene, Emma spells out in big, bold letters that she is not willing to play by Regina’s rules, not willing to go quietly, and not willing to be another pawn. That she will fight back.

So here we have Regina – who has spent the better part of three decades bored to tears because nothing and no one could challenge her, who was so fed up with the impossible monotony of an endless groundhog day that she actually tried to ask Gold for help, and who loves Henry more than life itself because he can and does stand up to her, because he’s the only one who can –

And I think it’s here that Regina realizes that, in Emma Swan, she’s finally met her match.


So here is the Raven dress up previw;)
The book includes about 20 pages with a dress up Raven with three different hairstyles, 9  sheets of colored and 8 uncolored outfit stickers (boxart style). The stickers cover all doll lines + one extra outfit.

My highlight is definitely Raven’s tea party outfit. I love tea party Raven and it’s a pity she wasn’t released as a doll (I still hope, that one day she will be released at last!).