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“I hate reading all those confessions slamming Kate for working for her parents. I work for my parents because, like the Middletons, they run a family business and want to give their children experience and opportunity rather than to a stranger they don’t trust. Many families do. No, I don’t intend on working for them forever. I’ll eventually move on, just as my brother before me did and, I’m sure, my brother after me will. You don’t know what Kate’s intentions were after her twenties.” - Submitted by Anonymous
The Birth of Party Pieces... - Party Pieces Blog & Inspiration
Carole Middleton founded Party Pieces in 1987 after finding it difficult to source fun, simple party products for her children’s parties. Now more than 23 years on the company is still going from strength to strength. 1. What were you doing before Party Pieces? I was lucky enough to be a full-time Mum. 2. What inspired …

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Okay, here's what I'm wondering about Kate/Party Pieces...

When Kate worked for Party Pieces, what were her responsibilities? Is she credited on their website or in their print materials? Did clients and suppliers ever get calls from her? Did she take meetings with her parents? Like if Carole had a meeting, would Kate be there with her asking questions and keeping track of things? I work for my mom, and when she does a show, I’m there all day keeping track of things and making sure her orders are carried out. Do any former Party Pieces employees remember receiving orders from Kate, or working along side her? Maybe she worked online, but I’ve never heard of her having computer skills. Also, why did she major in art history and not business, or marketing, or web design, or any kind of graphic design or merchandising? I understad it may not have been her plan from the beginning to work at Party Pieces, but let’s not pretend she was intending to be an art history professor or work as an art dealer or at a musuem, because that just doesn’t make sense with what we’ve seen. I don’t remember her ever showing any interest in art.

I understand the issue of her not being seen much at the headquarters, but were her parents there most days? Maybe she was with Mike and Carole, taking meetings with them and helping with shipping.

Those skeptical of Kate seem to act like she had no job at all, whereas her fans act like she had responsibilities and did a lot to support her family’s business.
Ambitious Pippa Raises Party Profile

… someone was JUST saying they think Pippa deserves to be treated as a private citizen, because they don’t think she’s at the status of “public figure” yet. 

My argument is that I definitely think she’s trying to get there - she published a book, to much fanfare (but horrible results), and now she’s promoting herself on her parent’s much-viewed website.

… the girl wants the attention. If she gets it, she can’t cry party-foul.