We’re very clear that we need to build an independent, autonomous and strong progressive left if Hillary Clinton is elected, to hold her accountable. The reality is that this momentum is also a message for the Democrats and for Hillary Clinton. Our feminism is very different from her feminism.

The right wing and the alt-right is going to be organized. If Trump loses, we have to be clear that there will be organization and there will be racist and xenophobic backlash at the local level.

We’ve got to draw the line with Trump, but we have to really give the message to the Democrats if they get elected that we need something dramatically different. Who is president of the United States matters not only to us, but to people around the world. We don’t want Hillary Clinton to be the 21st century, American Margaret Thatcher if she wins.

The movement’s moving.
—  Cindy Wiesner, a core organizer with #GOPHandsOffMe and the national coordinator of the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

“Pussy Grabs Back” Organizers React to Debate, Plan Ahead Post-Election

On Jeonghan’s 22th birthday …………………. 

“Dino whose baby are you?”


Party never ends

[Person: Just did a crazy amount of partying so I better sleep I guess.

Alright, mmmgoodnight. I’m just kidding.]


character aesthetics ≡ bill cipher; if you just tell me that equation, finally your dimension will be free! anything will be possible! i’ll remake a fun world, a better world! a party that never ends with a host that never dies! no more restrictions! no more laws!