It’s so weird than people don’t understand my almsivi headcanons until I flat out explain they were close friends with each other? Like, I know theyre Chimer but still, three people that spent a huge portion of their lives together and trusted each other enough to share godhood couldn’t be anything else? Vivec explicitly refers to Sotha Sil as a brother, Almalexia and Vivec lived together, Almalexia and Sotha Sil knew each other before they even met Vivec

Of course they’d be close, of course they’d love each other, that’s why the ending of morrowind is sad for them, loosing godhood fucked them up enough for seht to abandon them and ayem to feel betrayed for loosing contact and love from everyone around her

They’re not evil masterminds, they’re just loosing everything they love and on the verge of being kicked out by their people

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How to seduce Bunbun? (Pretend that you don't have manju or your "manju" aren't impressive)

Give him looooots of books. Rare books. I mean, he collects even cooking books even though he doesn’t really cook, so. 


IDK if the Bunbun would actually see me as a love interest if I’m more of a book/knowledge type person instead of fluff and feeling like MC hahaha. I’m totally not a mushy person. At least not with words? I can’t say sweet stuffs. Writing is a bit better, but it still makes me nervous LOL. 

I’d be like…

*shows him Art of War*

Me: “I just read this book like you told me to. I find in interesting that in the section discussing concepts such as “swift as the wind” differs. In the Chinese manuscripts it says “dense as the forest”, but for some reason it has transformed into “silent as the forest”. As Sun Zi does not elaborate what advantage does the army have by marching in a “dense” formation, what do you think caused the change and which version do you think makes more sense?”

(TL;DR: blah blah Art of War blah)

^ I think he wouldn’t believe me, then he’d try to go find actual Chinese text to compare with the Japanese, and then… IDK, either we have a fight over disagreeing opinions or we have geeky boorkworm discussions

LOL, I mean, I like Mitsunbun precisely because of his bookworm side. His awkward derp tsun is adorable ofc, but I like the geeky bookworm things more. Which is… probably why I don’t draw Bunbun fanart too often. Because it’s not very fun drawing piles of books, ahahahahahaha… 

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So, we all know your primary business is show business. But isn't it also true that in your spare time you protect the city from Ink-based threats? How does that work exactly? Do you have a hotline phone to the mayor's office? Does a grim faced officer come to your door to let you know that trouble is afoot? Is there a Bendy Signal? Or do you just wait around for someone to scream "Help help I'm being attacked by an ink monster!"?

“Betty and I worked together to build a radar system! It predicts the location and severity of Ink-based paranormal activity with up to 85% accuracy! I’ve been researching the Ink for, well, years now. But I don’t have much experience in… Electronics. She does, and has been a tremendous help to me. I learned a lot in the process.

She’s the one who watches the monitor, she has the placement and her radio station already has a sizable transmitter, and since she’s the one who communicates the most often with the others, it’s incredibly convenient that she also knows how the system works - having helped build it, I mean. It’s… Almost hard to believe how convenient it is. Maybe it’s luck.

Lucky or no, we did work very hard on it. It certainly wasn’t easy to make the process of tracking something as elusive as the Ink with radio waves into a tangible reality. Sometimes there are anomalies. Spikes in energy that are of a nature that’s undocumented… (Magic, in other words. But don’t tell India I used that exact term…). Once a truck transporting ink merely stalled on a highway and we were sure it was paranormal in nature, but on arrival all the team managed to do was terrify the driver. Predicting the location of… Ink activity isn’t an exact science. Yet.

But we’re close enough that our system definitely works. There is no “Bendy Signal”, novel a thought it may be. Occasionally the police will contact us directly, and yes, trouble does seem to find us on its own often enough. But our radar system has been the best tool we’ve had for arriving as promptly as possible to the location of Ink-based-threats.

I have a nearly identical radar system in my lab as well! But… Eh…

Actually paying attention to it is a job definitely more suited to Betty than I.” -GG

it’s going to rain tomorrow, i held off on telling ppl, i’m pretty sure i didn’t tell the wrong ppl or didn’t tell them the right way, and one of the role model elder gay ppl i was rly looking forward to seeing died and his funeral is on the same day 

honestly my biggest worry about my wedding tomorrow is that nobody will bother to show up, just like my open mics. it will be my wife, her boyfriend who will get grumbly, my mom and dad glaring daggers at each other, my brother and 4 of his punk friends whose names i don’t remember, a dude my wife met at a convention 2 months ago, and my best friend from middle school who drove in to get her cat back. the cake will not show up and i will be judged for my choice of venue, food, and date. 

a) is this normal 

b) would my shitty bachelor party where i only had $20, went to 2 of my cheap favorite industrial bars with my friends and couldn’t afford the cover on Sports Event Night, went to the bar my brother works at for solace and food and found neither, came home to find out that all the pizza places were closed, and wrote a blog about it be more/less funnier more/less sympathetic if i was a dude 

c) what do normal women do/worry about the night before they are about to get married