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my sister has a budgie named Marty so I usually just call him smarty marty, farty marty, party marty or marty mcfly

As soon as I read Marty I screamed “marty mcfly” and was v excite to find that was a nickname. Better go get that beeb a DeLorean!

We narrowly avoided an angry mob in dnd yesterday. We still got to kill the elf-hating blacksmith who incited it, though! After we peacefully left town, he and two of his friends tried to ambush us. It was great.

The last one alive tried to flee. I used ghost sound (DnD 4e wizard) to produce a Dalish-accented shout of “There’s the shem!” from the direction he was headed, to make him think a group of angry Dalish elves were coming to murder him from that direction. He climbed a tree. There’s two mages in our party. He died.

Also Marty failed a sneak check while we were going through town and attracted someone’s attention. Then failed a diplomacy check to convince the villager/potential angry mob member to leave him alone. Then Ayu (our templar and only human) also failed a diplomacy roll. So Dwayne (our Qunari warrior) rolled to intimidate. Got a 32. The guy pissed himself.

(We only attracted the mob when the injured elven NPC we were with nat 1ed an athletics check to flee the town. We will abandon no elf to human violence!)
Animal Crossiing #1 | The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
*****CrystalFace Description Show***** Even though it isn't the Animal Crossing on Wii U everyone wants, it's the Animal Crossing on Wii U we deserve. I don'...

Just started a gameplay thingy for Animal Crossing, my favorite game EVER!

Even though it isn’t the Animal Crossing on Wii U everyone wants, it’s the Animal Crossing on Wii U we deserve. I don’t know what that meant lol, but Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival actually looks awesome. I may be biased because I love Animal Crossing so much, but at least it’ll be a GOOD Mario Party alternative. I haven’t played Mario Party 9 or 10, but they don’t look great! I’ve heard bad things of both of those games, I’ve also heard that the only good Mario Parties are the N64 ones, which I disagree, I don’t remember disliking any of the Mario Parties. I guess I can’t form a legitimate opinion on Marty Party 9& 10 because I’ve never played ‘em. BUT HEY ANIMAL CROSSING AMIIBO FESTIVAL!!  

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Back To The Eighties - Part 2 Movie Poster (Clubs & Parties)

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“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads”

Following my hugely successful “Back to the Eighties Movie Poster” I decided to create the “Back to the Eighties – Part 2 Movie Poster”!
This is a professional Designed Party Flyer Poster with a MOVIE POSTER Look. This Poster was inspired by the original movie poster from 1989 “Back to the Future – Part 2” film starring Michael J. Fox. This will look amazing in any type of 80’s event, such as: party, concert, gig, show, karaoke, bar, etc.

It comes in full resolution 300 dpi, in A3 format plus bleed, that you can easily resize to a smaller size if you need. The Photoshop file is fully editable with easy named layers, so you can edit and customize it to your needs. ALL text is editable and it uses free fonts, including the top title.


Photoshop A3 Poster file (420×297 mm – 16.5×11.7 in + bleed); PDF Help file with screenshots;


This template uses FREE Fonts, that are not included. You can download them here:


The Rocker Model Photos shown on the preview above are NOT included. Links are available on help file.

Thank you for watching, and don’t forget to rate it if you like it!

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Maui surfer girls Staff party with marty dread 😎

PWG's Battle Of Los Angeles Night 2 Card

The BOLA is coming up fast, one of the best tournaments in all Pro Wrestling, and you can get your tickets now. Here is the card for night 2 of the show

Stage Two of the 2015 Battle of Los Angeles will feature:

2015 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match
“Party” Marty Scurll vs. Rich Swann

2015 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match
Chris Hero vs. Timothy Thatcher

2015 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match
Angélico vs. Jack Evans

2015 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match
Tommy End vs. Drew Gulak

2015 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match
“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Drew Galloway

2015 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match
Ricochet vs. Zack Sabre, Jr.

Non-Tournament Six Person Tag Team Guerrilla Warfare Match
Biff Busick, Andrew Everett, & Trevor Lee vs. Super Dragon & The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Non-Tournament Tag Team Match
Aero Star & Fénix vs. Drago & Pentagón Jr.

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