These two on #WyattOliver’s birthday!! The big 2! HAPPY BIRTHDAY cous! 🍰 #wilderness #party#babytattoos #toddlers #sundayfunday#RiverIsaac @swrightolsen @ericcolsen

Estes dois nos anos do Wyatt! 2 aninhos… Parabéns primo!
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Got to play my Orge family tonight. The welcome wagon came, Justine and Marty Keaton, Mama and Eldon Hicks. Jolly and Marty became friends during the visit. Once the welcome party left, Marty came over to hang out, guess he liked the Orges a lot.

They jammed to “Tongue Tied” for a bit. 

Nooo, Jolly. Don’t get drawn in by the fruit cake. He might be okay since he likes eating out the garbage.

Fifi: So…are all the neighbors…um…colorful as you?

Mama Hicks: What? This outfit is old, not even worthy of notice. Thank you anyway, hunny. Aren’t you a sweetie?

Jolly fell for the fruitcake. He is regretting it now. LOL

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Your birthday is so close to Halloween :O and yes, Queen ^^

I know! I used to always have a hallowe’en themed party every year up until my 16th (with the exception of my 15th - i had a murder mystery instead). For my 17th and 18th I lived so far away from anybody that i didnt have parties, i instead went to the officer’s mess with my parents for drinks with soldiers i didn’t know :/ But my 19th and 20th were just spent partying at university. This year for my 21st, I want to do a Back to the Future themed party because MARTY MCFLY VISITS THE FUTURE ON THE 21ST OCTOBER 2015 …and that just so happens to be the day of my 21st birthday. I want people dressed up from any of the eras in the three films: western, 1950s, 1980s, alternate / bad 1980s, or ‘predicted’ 2015. It’s gonna be a blast! 


So my uncle is a huge fan of Back to the Future. But there’s more to it than that. His birthday is on the 21st October. That is the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrived when they went to the future (this year actually - they went to 2015) in the second installment of the trilogy. So obviously this means a huge deal to him, being a huge fan of the films and all. 

So when he had to pick a theme for his stag party this year, which would be in Carrick-on-shannon, it was no surprise he picked Back to the Future. It was a great success, all the lads looked great and had fun. He then went on to have a Delorean as his wedding car (of course).

He made a pretty cool video showing off one of the best stag parties that has ever been seen in Ireland. It was uploaded to Youtube two days ago and has gotten over 2,600 views so far - and thats a lot for an amateur actor from Donegal! It has been picked up by local and national news websites, including the Donegal News, the Irish Daily Mirror and the Irish Examiner. 

Watch it yourselves and see the pics of the guys in their costumes - they are compared with the characters/props in the film (and some of them are dead ringers, and one or two may be very punny).

Zack Sabre Jr. gana el PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2015

El luchador británico Zack Sabre Jr ganó hace tan solo unos minutos el torneo PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2015, al vencer en una triple amenaza a Chris Hero y a “Speedball” Mike Bailey en la final del torneo. Sabre Jr. llegó a la final luego de vencer a Pentagon Jr. en los cuartos de final, y a “Party” Marty Scrull en la semifinal, además de Ricochet (ganador del torneo en el 2014) el sábado en el…

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