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Hi lovely! I was wondering if you had any cute dinosaur diys? Love you blog 💖

Please have a look at my #dinosaur tag for past DIYs! ⭐️

DIY Party Dinos

DIY Dinosaur Ring Holders

DIY Gold Dinosaur Necklace

DIY Colourful Bag Charms

DIY Dino Plush

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DIY Two-Piece Lace Dress Part 1: The Top by ItsJMomo


The Signs During Summer 🔥


Aries: Partying ☼
Taurus: DIY projects ᯽
Gemini: Traveling around the world ➶
Cancer: Going on an adventure ☾
Leo: Tanning ☼
Virgo: Cooking ᯽
Libra: Swimming ➶
Scorpio: At a pool party ☾
Sagittarius: Going to the beach ☼
Capricorn: Riding their bike ᯽
Aquarius: Writing their book ➶
Pisces: Vacationing ☾


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you mentioned a while ago that Doc is kind of like a b-grade supervillain, does that mean they have a secret identity?

No, not in the traditional context. Doc’s held a few civilian identities for various reasons, but they were more a means to an end rather than their ‘real’ self. They wouldn’t be happy living normally, I think.

if there WAS some kinda ‘normal life AU’ thing for Doc though they would ab-so-lutely be one of those bitchy drunk trendster PTA moms who has like, wine tasting parties and a DIY blog and a weirdly competative, dramatic marriage with their partner (who is presumably a spare-parts frankenstein’s monster that Doc built in their basement and named Bentley or Chardonnay or something). 

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Character A wants to plan a cute, memorable first date with Character B, so they invite them to go to a DIY party with them. There, Character A and Character B are given the materials to make matching DIY projects – matching sharpie mugs, glitter slime, paper mache string ball, etc. – overall, it’s a cute, successful date. 

extra credit: the DIY items turn out horrible and Character A feels like they’ve ruined the date, but Character B loves their item fiercely and holds onto it. 


Look alive, sunshines!

First off, I’m really sorry for not using this blog in forever. Haven’t updated since, like… before halloween. Shit’s been crazy since then, so I do have an excuse.

Also, sorry for the shit quality. Took these with my 7 year old android, posted em on instagram, and was literally so lazy I just screenshotted them on my laptop to post here.

But, as you can see, Mousekat got pretty close to being finished. I never patched the face up perfectly, and a lot of roughhousing around in the head cracked it in quite a few places.

You all know me—I’m not satisfied with this head, so I’m selling it to make some money to make a new, more accurate one! what a surprise, huh?

If anyone’s interested in buying this head, I’ll patch up and repaint the face, and fix all of the little dings n shits on the head so it’ll be in good condition. Shoot me a message on my main tumblr, @zygomatico, my insta, @badnewsfromthezones, or my email,

And, as always, tumbleweeds—

Keep Running.