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Calvin took those girls to party at his house with those two other guys after the media caught Rita in Mexico with Justin Bieber. That part is true for sure, but there were also reports Justin was touchy, feely with Rita when they were in the recording studio together, & Calvin was told about it. I think Calvin was really hurt by Rita, & some of the things he did was just hurt & anger, till he got into a rebound relationship with Aarika, & he dumped her too for using him.

I did some research back then as a real creeper I am (Calvin taught me) and I found out that Rita was in Mexico to celebrate her friends bday party. And her friend was close to Khalil who’s JB best friend so thats why he was there. It wasn’t the case that Rita went on vacations with Justin. Those touchy-feely in studio rumors spread after it was confirmed they were in Mexico together so I believe its bullshit. I mean u have this girl who just broke up and u see her with the most problematic dude out there who fucks around. Of course you’re going to write that right? Whatever she did, I agree she did hurt him. But I dont think she could cheat. I mean u guys did not witness their love. U see photos now when its all done but she loved him so and a woman who loves that deeply doesn’t cheat. About aarika i agree it was a rebound but I dont know about using him though

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Isn't that M/P picture taken at his house? It looks like it. Were they at a club too?

Don’t know if it was at his house, but there is definitely a party going on.

A poem written by Seung-Hui Cho:

a boy named LOSER
a boy named LOSER
walks off the sidewalk, shudders into his house,
and lays his weary head to sleep and dream.
In his dream, he lives two lives,
because in this world he has no life,
no class, no friends—just a Moron in this world.
During its long hours in the real world,
it’s no surprise he is LOSER.
Everyone knows—too bad—they say, only if he had a life.
Under the bright, cruel sun, he hulls his feet into his house.
Thinks about the two other lives.
Keeps on dreaming. Day dream.
What to do, what to say but dream.
That’s what losers do in this world,
where normal guys live their happy lives,
worry-free and be themselves, unlike LOSER.
A normal guy throws parties at his house,
but not LOSER—he has no life.
Be happy, be normal, get a life,
he says to himself; he can only in his dream:
In LOSER’s little mind, he brings over a girl to this house.
Only if he could do that in this real world.
LOSER. What can I say, that’s what losers do. LOSER!
Only if LOSER could live his lives.
Something LOSER can’t ever do!—lives those lives
and be normal and actually have a life.
You know why he can’t do it? He’s LOSER.
With everything he longs for, all he can do is dream
trapped in this world, in this wronged world.
Nothing to do but drag his heavy feet back into the house.
All alone in his little house
he likes to think he’s living his lives,
in his own safe little world.
No one tells him, LOSER, get a life!
No one gives him the hand gesture in his dream.
No one calls him LOSER:
Darn straight! This boy really is LOSER—LOSER with no life!
and he knows it. But he (what can he do) likes to live in his pathetic dream
drowning down in his little quirky house anyway—My Gawd! What a LOSER!

I have a Theory about German pushing Derek into the Trophy Case

I think that the Devil Girls might have done a dance at Derek’s house, like the dance in season 1 episode 5(that’s why Ahsha is all dressed up and German is there). It also could be a charity event that Derek is hosting and the Devil Girls are performing at. They also had the after party at his house. Derek was looking for Ahsha and instead, he ran into German. German started throwing low blows about Derek(his mom, he might have found out about the cocaine and told him that if he didn’t stay away from Ahsha, he would tell the world). German might use that to blackmail Derek by telling him to stay away from Ahsha. But it is not going to work (of course). German and Derek start arguing and Ahsha hears yelling from downstairs so she goes upstairs and sees German attacking Derek. Ahsha and German are still together at this point but Ahsha realizes that German has even more of an aggressive side than she thought. Things go downhill from there.

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Do you think bella will be pissed of with Abel for being around all them girls round his house and the party ?

Well, she knew The Weeknd and his life style before they got into a serious relationship, so she was aware of what she was getting herself into.

Not Just One Night

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Not Just One Night
[Waking up After a night with The Quiett]

Illionaire had just finished filming for there music video, and Dok2 decided to have a blow out wrap up party at his house. Usually he would rent out a club but he wanted something different. You may have had one too many drinks during the party and the last thing you remember was making out with Dong Gab on the dance floor, then stumbling into your apartment, losing clothes on the way to the bedroom.

The night was filled with breathy pants, hungry kisses, and sensual moans. You’d always been attracted to him, but he was your friend. You never pursued him, at risk of making things awkward. Yet here you were, one drink too many and you tossed away all discretion.

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life is simple in the moonlight

“There’s chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and gold adorning the walls and Harry feels so out of place in his second hand jeans and Burberry boots. He wanders away from Niall for a few minutes, claims he has to go to the bathroom, but in reality ends up wandering around looking for something to eat. Zayn texts him about how he should’ve gone to the party he was throwing at his girlfriend’s house. Harry groans because quite honestly he’d rather be drinking a Corona instead of a bottle of wine he can’t pronounce.”

Niall is Harry’s rich boyfriend who works at an office and who just happens to drag his favorite person ever to the company New Year’s party, but Harry has other things he would rather do.

ok this girl who used to study in my uni decided to move to LA and try to become a singer (her ig is @mickyycohen support her) and she fucking met Leo Di Caprio yesterday and she went to his house to an after VMA’s party wtf

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I've been on a bunch of dates with this guy and tonight I went to his house for a party and like tbh I'm so in that beginning mood where everything he does gives me butterflies and he's so cute 😊😊


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Character: Miles Hollingsworth III
Appears in: Degrassi
Commonly interpreted as: Straight

But really: He had a brief relationship with Zoe Rivas during the summer, had a crush on Drew Torres, and then had an on-again, off-again relationship with Maya Matlin. At a party at his house he and Tristan kissed and entered a relationship, but Tristan broke up with him because he was interested in Maya again. (or was pretending to be to try to push Tristan away, it’s uncertain)

It’s commonly suggested that he was just using Tristan to anger his father, but it’s a bit ridiculous to say he was maintaining an act in public and private throughout his entire relationship with Tristan despite the problems it caused in his life. He also repeatedly denied not really being interested in Tristan.

Stefan Brogen, one of Degrassi’s producers, directors and actors, has confirmed that Miles is bisexual.

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You wake up. You see your mom go to work. You go to school. You come home. You hate your life some more. You go back to school. Your friend has a birthday party. His house is bigger than yours. Now he can never come to your house, cause you live in the back of your aunt’s house, across the street from the oil refinery in a gang-infested neighborhood where everyone is related to you. So you’re embarrassed about that. You go home, do your homework.

Your mom comes home, makes nothing, tries to figure out how to make you not realize that you’re poor. Because where I live at, the state that I live at, an apartment in a bad neighborhood is $800, $900 a month, for one bedroom. That’s a lot of money if you getting paid minimum wage. But your kid has to have the nice shoes cause he has to deal with the other kids, or he gotta go to the school where they have the uniforms. But you have to pay for that, too, so you’re not really running from anything.

So you’re spending your whole life trying to catch up to something that you don’t know why you’re chasing and trying to disguise your kids from something that they already noticed, based on their own interactions. That’s the beginning of life. That’s before you have bills — as a kid — and before you have to pay taxes. That’s before you’re elderly and you can’t take care of your own self. So my question is, with all these things in your way before the phones, before interactions with other people that could be negative, you trying to scramble for no apparent reason. When do you have time to sit down and think?

—  Vince Staples on the topic of right, wrong, and reality on Microphone Check
EXO in fanfiction
  • Lay:is either a fucking brainless chicken who doesn't even know his own name or a doctor or some sort of healing shaman unicorn
  • Chen:troll. troll. laugh. troll. just trolling and laughing 24/7
  • Xiumin:that background character who says a word every ten minutes. You know he's there, but he's not important
  • Tao:Gucci. Gucci. Sass. Gucci
  • Luhan:pretty-enough-to-be-a-girl boy with the big "doe eyes"
  • Kris:swears every 0.001 seconds
  • Suho:rich. money. dollar signs. holds frat parties at his 35758984 story house.
  • D.O:satan. the spawn of the devil. is also the cook who makes gourmet french cuisine every chance he gets
  • Kai:the fuckboy. the manwhore. is always found fucking some girl every chance he gets. Is also a dog pervert
  • Sehun:spoiled cheeky brat who does aegyo for a living. Yehet ohorat
  • Baekhyun:loud ass fucker who fucks shit up
  • Chanyeol:a tamer version of Baekhyun, but is still loud and fucks shit up

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My nephew wanted a zombie themed birthday party for his birthday on Saturday so my mom and I decorated the house in all of our Halloween finery and are just going to keep it up for the next two months