“What?” Matthew asked with a laugh, his lips curled into a smile, as he looked at the man behind him in the mirror while he finished adjusting himself. “It’s been awhile since I’ve worn them so I guess they’re a bit tight?” He playfully defended himself as he tried to make the black board shorts he was wearing more comfortable. “It doesn’t look bad does it, be honest.”

Calum is your neighbour but he’s the most annoying person in the world. He always parties all night and the loud music coming from his house doesn’t let you sleep. You start receiving his mail by mistake so one day you decide to knock on his door to give him his mail. He opens the door with messy hair, a sleepy face and shirtless and you just keep staring at him in awe. He smirks and grabs the letters in your hand. “Thanks darling. Would you like to come in?” You nod and he leads you towards the living-room. You spot a bass against the wall and ask “Do you play?” so he grabs it and he starts playing a random song and that’s when you realize he’s not a bad person after all.

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In case you don't understand the struggle of being asexual

I came out to my father last month as asexual. His exact response was: “That’s not a thing. Asexual refers to plants. Are you a goddamned plant? Don’t fucking pretend to be something for attention just because nobody ever has crushes on you. Asexual didn’t exist in the past. It didn’t exist 20 years ago, it didn’t exist 10 years ago, it didn’t exist 5 years ago. That’s not a thing.”

After two weeks of explaining to him that I wasn’t just “waiting for the right person” and this wasn’t some phase, he finally said that he came to terms with it and accepted my sexuality.

But now that a friend of the opposite sex has invited me to his house for his birthday party, he’s right back to arguing that this is just a phase and I don’t really know who I am and I just THINK I’m asexual.

Please, somebody—anybody—help.

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maybe frazel as parents¿

  • They have two kids, twin girls.
  • Frank is really nervous when they’re born. But he’s in love when he gets to see them.
  • Hazel is usually really tired since she has to take care of both of them and so is Frank since he tries to let Hazel sleep at night.
  • The first time the girls shift into an animal, they’re both a mouse. Hazel freaks out cause she can’t find the babies and there’s mice in her house.
  • Frank calms her and tells her that the mice are their kids.
  • As the kids get older, Hazel is the one dealing with punishment. 
  • Frank is a big softy when it comes to his girls. 
  • Frank does what ever his girls want, tea parties, playing house, changing into a puppy so they can play with him, literally anything.
  • When they get older, Hazel teaches them how to cook southern food and basic cleaning skills. 
  • Frank teaches them how to control their shape shifting and do basic repairs.
  • Unfortunately Frank is the one who’s around when one of them gets their period for the first time. And he tries to tell them what’s going on until Hazel comes home.
  • When they get into high school, one of them comes out as a lesbian and Frank and Hazel support her. 
  • Both of them start dating around the same time. And Frank is that over protective dad to both of them. But more over protective to the one with a boyfriend.
  • Hazel cooks comfort food when their hearts get broken and then takes them out for a girls day.
  • They both help them move into their dorm rooms at different colleges. And both of them cry when they leave.

SMS;; Amelia ▻▻▻ i’ve had a
SMS;; Amelia ▻▻▻ err…
SMS;; Amelia ▻▻▻ sudden change of heart?

[ SMS; Mike ] I mean it’s fine…. 
[ SMS; Mike ] I was up anyways 
[ SMS; Mike ] How’s the party house?

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Since Bernie Sanders is running for President as a Democrat, does that mean he changed his affiliation and is now an official Democrat in the Senate?

No, he’s still registered as an Independent in the Senate, but he has always caucused with the Democrats during his time in the House and Senate, so his party affiliation is more of a political statement than anything else.

Being the star quarterback of a state championship football team definitely had its perks. He could go into the town diner and get a burger for free, he was invited to dinners coordinated by the mayor, and teachers loved him and would let him slide on any assignments he needed. But it was nothing like this–this feeling of camaraderie. They had just won the homecoming game thanks to Alex’s countdown to the clock pass that was caught in the endzone. He was a hero. And to celebrate in his honor an impromptu party was thrown at his house since his parents were off at some retreat. Pats on the back, offerings of beer and shots. This was a King’s welcoming. Alex wasn’t really one to drink himself if it was in his own house since he wanted everyone to make sure they got somewhere safe, so he denied all beverages. It was hot and sweaty inside and he wanted to take a break, so he slipped outside and took in the fresh air, letting the autumn breeze kiss his skin. Sighing, he took a seat on the side of the building and let the night consume him.

Dear Diary,

It’s been an extremely long time since I’ve written something personal, I know that this blog is normally just pictures and edits, but I also know a lot of our followers deal with similar issues that us girls that run it deal with as well, so I’m posting this here. 

It’s no secret that I went through an extremely ugly breakup last August with someone that I had been dating off and on for over a year. He was the love of my life, and I still love him to pieces, even though I hate what he did. He had me on a roller coaster that changed me forever. I was a different person with him and I’ll never be that innocent, carefree girl he met again. Instead I’m guarded, cold, and I now know what it is I want thanks to him. 

He cheated on me one night at a house party he threw with one of his girl friends I had always been suspicious of. He assured me a few times before that they were just friends, and thats all they ever will be. He was wrong because that night, my world came crashing down without me even being conscious. I was home, asleep while all of this happened. He had just called me goodnight, told me he loved me, called me princess, and I went to bed for work early the next day. Instead of being responsible and telling me, he just dumped me. He told me I no longer made him happy and that he didn’t want to be with me. Little did I know this was just a cover. He knew he couldn’t be with me, but didn’t want to be a man enough to tell me, instead he blamed me - the innocent one. And I blamed myself. I was devastated, I’m actually tearing up writing this thinking of all the dark thoughts that entered my mind during this time because I really, truly, thought I was going to marry him. He was everything to me. I would’ve taken a bullet for Matt. 

A month later I found out the truth by one of Matts friends. At this point I had already tried moving on to someone I reconnected with that I went to high school with. The day after I found out, Matt and I agreed to talk. I wanted an explanation, why he let me blame myself, why he let me get so dark because he knew I blamed myself. Why he was so selfish. I cried in his arms because I was so hurt and everything had opened up again like throwing salt in a wound. Crying in his arms led to us kissing. Which led to us realizing yeah, he messed up but we did love each other. 

Theres a saying “if they cheat, their feelings aren’t real.” and I’m not positive I believe that. Cheating is never okay, but it didn’t mean that Matt did not love me. I know he did and still does. 

From September until honestly May, which will be a surprise to the other girls of this site, him and I were off and on. I had him wrapped around my finger and I jerked him around for months. He did a lot for me and I just treated him like my rag doll. I still saw the kid from high school when Matt and I were off and then in May I met someone else. Someone who gave what I thought was courage to finally say goodbye to Matthew once and for all, after all I was going to disney! I knew I couldn’t be with him for the program I was doing, there was no way we could be able to trust each other while I was there. 

The courage didn’t last long, just long enough for Matt to hate me. 

Without Matt, I don’t think I ever would have applied for the DCP. He gave me a lot more courage than I give him credit for. He taught me so much about life and love and myself. And for that, as much as he thinks I do, I could never hate him. I have nothing but love for him, I just wish circumstances were different. 

I know this is super long, and I’m sorry! If you read it - thank you. This is the only place I can vent like this. So if you’re going through a break up, hang in there. It does get better. I promise. 

- Cait

okay, so like everyone else, same-sex marriage was awesome in my personal hardcore opinion so I decided I’d celebrate with not forgetting about the other lgbqt+ community by giving you a sort of genderfluid!Percy inspired by enbyofdionysus’s trangender!Percy. Totally rad stuff so check that out. Also, please understand that I’m not a genius in this stuff but I tried really hard so if there’s anything wrong please tell me.


Percy is at a house party (or really just a huge scale dinner with big kid company officers Sally is forced to attend to after being officially – and somewhat desperately – named supervisor of the candy store she works at) when it happens, but “technically it’s still a house party” and his mother will fight him for it if he disagrees, so yeah. It’s a house party he’s at when it happens.

It’s a boring business house party, the kind where Percy has to sit at a large, narrow table surrounded by adults that respectively pour wine into tall glasses every five minutes, just to get the bad taste from the conversation he just had with the man to his left out of his mouth. Percy is six and wears a tux that chokes him from the throat, sitting fidgety in his seat and very uninterested in what everyone is talking about and he just wants to leave. He looks down the table to his mother, whose chatting pleasantly with no person in particular at the end of the table, her hair set in even curls by her cheek. It’s one of the only times he’s seen her dress up so elegantly in his entire life; it makes him feel a little lighter. Sally eventually spots him staring and spares Percy an encouraging, almost apologetic grin before sliding back into her discussion with the group of adults.

Percy wants to cry as he looks around himself, strangers four feet above his head, and urgently tries absolutely not to bury his face in his arms. (He’s not being a crybaby, he is not.) It’s only then that he notices the woman a few chairs away from him: she’s a lanky, short thing with long hair stretching down her chest. She’s pretty, but not in the way that wealthy women Percy sees usually are, but in a natural, fresh from swimming kind of way that poorer women – women like Sally – usually are. She wears a modest, fire copper dress with a shawl wrapped around her arms; she sticks out brightly against diamond bracelets and long gowns, and Percy wonders how he didn’t notice her before.

She has a fist against the side of her mouth and looks just as bored as Percy feels. She looks over at Percy after a minute, slowly comprehends that he is watching her, and smiles sweetly, just like Sally smiles at him. It’s in that moment that he decides he likes her. “Hi,” she greets, all candy-mouthed and lake blue eyes,

“Hello,” Percy answers, stiffly and awkward. He points to her neck, childish in the way he jabs the air for emphasis. “That’s a very pretty necklace.”

She reaches up and grabs hold of the small necklace hung over her collar, and holds it in her palm in a self-conscious sort of gesture. “Thank you.”

Percy nods, agreeing. He jabs again. “Could I try it on?”

The woman gives him a look of surprise. “Are you kidding?” she asks, and in that constricted, white-hot second Percy’s heart sinks and he feels nothing but embarrassed, his cheeks burning with shame. “This is a really expensive necklace and my mother would kill me if she caught me without it.” She hands him a toothy grin, amused and bright, waggiling her eyebrows in a way that makes Percy giggle the anchor or shame in his gut away. “But I have a whole bunch of other ones in my trunk. Follow me, my good sir.”

That’s how it happens: a woman (Hestia, she would later tell Percy, just call her Hestia) would bail Percy out of a boring dinner party with boring people to haul him into her car to try on various necklaces stuffed in her trunk: cheeky collar necklaces, hoops of bracelets, shy rings. (Hestia tries one on, showing them off. “How do I look?”

“You look like a princess,” Percy giggles, twirling. He falls down on his back, still laughing hysterically.

“And you’re the prince,” Hestia says, patting him.

Percy narrows his eyes. “I’m the queen.”

Hestia nods solemnly. “Always be sure of who you are, Percy Jackson.”)

They try them on and laugh and twirl until the sky is blue with the stars in the sky, Percy so filled with gold he starts to doze off on Hestia’s shoulder, warmth soaking into his whole body. That night, Percy and Hestia have more fun than anyone else at that party.


Percy is standing in the middle of the woods, sticks in his hair and the adrenaline of playing Capture the Flag washed out of his body entirely. There’s blood up his sleeves from getting pushed to the ground, and some of that sticky, golden dust sprayed all over his armor, but that’s not what Percy notices; what he notices instead is the blue glow above him, lighting up everything he sees with a popsicle halo.

He watches as campers around him start to gasp, falling on their knees by what seems like habit, but their eyes are trained at the glow above his head the whole time. The comprehension of what’s happening dawns on him slowly, and in that moment Percy abruptly – randomly is possibly the better word – a day in health class a few weeks ago, sitting by the window and tapping his pencil, counting the seconds until he’s dismissed. He also remembers the hazy, background music of his teacher talking, explaining that when someone panics, time seems to slow down, and it gives the mind some time to think thanks to hormone cells in the brain and blah blah blah.

That means it gives a lot of time for Percy to think of what Chiron, sunken to his knees, will say in front of all these people because he’s heard about the claims and he knows Chiron has to say son or daughter and Percy is worried. Chiron knows him almost as well as Grover, and even though during class he always used ‘him’ there was always that twitch in his eye like I know. Chiron’s always known everything.

“All hail Perseus Jackson,” Chiron says, “heir to Poseidon,” (Percy’s heart lifts just as his mouth does, high and arched.) “God of the seas.”

Percy doesn’t remember ever feeling so relieved as he does now.


Jason is new to all this, Percy knows, and that’s why he doesn’t blow up when Jason asks him questions methodically while he sits, staring solemnly at the loose seam on his blanket and picking at it. Jason grew up in a Roman influence, Percy also knows, something people might even call religious if it wasn’t for the fact that was highly, highly out of context. But he can still forgive him for this, at least as long as he thinks of it like this.

“So you like neutral gender pronouns, but on certain days ‘him’ and ‘his’ is alright, right?”


Jason. “So, like, ‘their’, ‘theirs’, and ‘they’?”

Percy. “I was thinking more along the lines of your majesty.”

(Snorts.) “Dumbass.”

“Yeah, that works, too, I guess.”


“Gaea only needs a female and male blood drop to awaken,” Annabeth says again, trying for even more urgency, discipline. She’s leaning her elbows steadily on the table they sit at, and the way her eyes shine with lightning makes Percy want to cower. It occurs to Percy in that second, her face straight and jaw firm and set that she subconsciously takes after her mom more than she realizes. “Everyone has to be on high alert.”

“Okay, wait, wait, wait,” Leo interrupts, “so Percy isn’t, like, just one gender, right? So doesn’t that mean he’s sort of like both?” He motions with his hands, not so very subtle when he swipes a finger across his neck and jerks his head in Percy’s general direction.

Everyone knows where Leo is heading with this, but Piper’s the closest, so she’s the one that gets to sock him in the head. “Don’t be an ass, Valdez; and grow up a little.”

Like most of Leo’s bad ideas, they end up true in the end when Percy is knocked to the floor with his blood painting the grass copper, and a trembling of the earth and a terrible, bass deep laugh makes Percy’s gut constrict. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see Leo shove Piper in retaliation.


There are more pressing matters at the time: Norse gods are apparently, well-true and alive; Nico also, apparently, knew about it (as per effing usual); and there’s these things – these weird, slimy and slithering things that Percy has never even seen before, not quite sure where the right place to hit is so he just slays; blood and scratches cover his entire face, and Jason is just there sitting on his ass.

“Take your time,” Percy calls sourly, stabbing another through the chest, “I can handle these guys.”

Then Jason does something amazing – something Percy should tell Chiron after all this is over with, just so they can add another miraculous, Superman like specialty under Jason’s name. Jason is known for his inability to ever get the fuck out of the spotlight. A sword runs through reptile skin right next to Riptide faster than the words have left his mouth, and the monster bursts to white powder and goo not much unlike clouds and rain. Jason Grace, naturally, seemed to have teleported to the spot.

Percy is panting, heavily dedicated to being entirely cross with Jason, but the look he’s giving Percy makes it really, really hard.

Percy shrugs self-consciously. “What?” he grunts.

Jason grins happily. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

Percy opens his mouth multiple times before anything finally decides to come out. “I don’t know if I should consider that a neutral adjective or not.”

“Shut up, it is,” Jason repeats, just for good measure, “You’re beautiful.”

Asia was a little nervous about going over to Mason’s house for a party - especially since all his friends and family would be there, celebrating his father’s business promotion. The petite girl had dressed herself in one of her most dressy outfits, it was a sundress, still casual enough for a backyard party. It was yellow with pink, green, and white floral accents and a small slit in the mid stomach, the length reaching just beneath the knee and a pair of white wedges. She thought that it worked well with her hair left natural and a subtle amount of mascara topped off with some pink lipgloss. Asia had been very indecisive about the outfit, wanting to make a good first impression - which also made her feel confused, considering the fact that her and Mason weren’t even dating, of course they were seeing each other, and of course she was developing strong feelings for the boy, but she couldn’t bring herself to say a word about it to him, knowing that she would just regret it in the long run. Asia had never done commitment well, and even just letting herself get as close as she was right now - by going to this event - it scared her. She had just grabbed her phone and was getting a drink of water from the kitchen when she heard a familiar knock on her door - knowing it would be Mason coming to pick her up. Asia took a deep breath before shuffling over to the door and pulling it open, a smile forming when she saw the boy in front of her. “Hey,” she muttered before spinning around playfully to show off her dress. “What do you think?” she giggled.

The Handsome Host (TOP Scenario)

Requested by anonymous

Finally finished this! ^^ I’m so sorry for making you wait for so long.

I had the majority of this story finished when Word decided to be a bitch and delete the entire document… >____< BUT! I didn’t give up, because I wanted to finish it for you :) Even though this is a few months late in being finished… Also, since I could lead the story wherever I wanted to; this is what it eventually turned into ^^

I hope you like it! Enjoy! ^^

Summary: When you go to a party at his house

The music was blasting from the speakers placed all around the room. People talked, laughed and danced – most of them with drinks in their hands. The party had been in full swing for a couple of hours now and it honestly didn’t look like it would stop any time soon. For an apartment, it was a pretty spacious one – allowing quite a large number of people to crowd in the living room. Some had taken refuge out on the balcony, for some fresh air and a chance to talk without having to shout.

It was a great party, no doubt about it. To think that you almost didn’t go made you want to slap yourself.

Your friend had called you earlier that day, asking if you wanted to come to a party that she and the rest of your group of very close friends were going to. Since it’d been one of your rare days off, you’d been hesitant. Did you really want to spend one of those rare days partying, when you could be having a nice and lazy day at home – resting and recharging before you had to get back to reality? Thankfully, your friend had been persistent and you’d eventually agreed.

Partying was fun for you and once you’d agreed to come; your mind had instantly started getting pumped up – yet still somewhat nervous, since your friend had also informed you of who the host was. Honestly, who would say no to a party thrown by the one and only Choi Seung Hyun – TOP of BIGBANG? You definitely wouldn’t – ever. Since he was somewhat of a household name to the public, with many friends from the same industry, you could only imagine the kind of well-known people that would be at the party.

You yourself were one of those well-known people; a female rapper, part of a girl group that’d debuted close to a decade ago. You’d only been a mere high school student back then and the confidence you’d shown on stage at that point had been so rehearsed, it made you cringe thinking about it. You’d grown a lot over the years and your group’s popularity had done the same. The public didn’t see you as a mere idol group, but as experienced artists who’d made their own mark on the Korean music industry. You’d all worked very hard and had definitely earned respect from the public.

The friend who’d invited you was also part of the music industry; a producer. Actually, the entire group of close friends you’d gone to the party with was part of the music industry, in some way. You’d known them for many years now and considered them to be a very important part of your life.

“Glad we convinced you?” one of those friends suddenly appeared at your side, handing a new drink over to you - one that you gladly accepted, giving her a smile.

“Yes”, you responded and glanced around the large living room.

Actors, singers, producers and people like that could be found all around the apartment. You knew many of them, having been a part of the entertainment industry for so long. You were also quite a social and outgoing person, so making new friends was fun for you.

“Have you talked to him yet?” your friend asked you.

She was one of your best friends, to be honest, and also happened to be your personal stylist since five years back.

“Who?” you asked, confused.

“The host of the party”, she said and smirked when she saw how the sudden surprise on your face turned into a blush within moments, “Choi Seung Hyun, you know? TOP, the rapper with the deep and powerful voice; part of the super group BIGBANG, a man who-“

“Okay, stop!” you interrupted her and simply just sighed as she giggled.

“Maybe he’ll fanboy over you, just like you fangirl over him”, she said and winked, making you slap her arm lightly as you glared at her amused expression.

“I don’t fangirl over him”, you told her in an annoyed tone, “I just respect him a lot as a rapper”

“So, you have multiple photos of him saved on your phone… Because you ‘respect him as a rapper’?” she asked you, unable to stop herself from laughing.

“Shut up”, you muttered and pouted, turning your gaze to the rest of the people currently in the large living room.

You did respect him a whole lot as a rapper, but you still couldn’t deny the fact that the older man was infuriatingly handsome. Despite his decision to pretty much never show a lot of skin, he still managed to make girls and women of all ages swoon. Not many people had that power and you were quite fascinated by it, to be honest. The fact that you were one of those young women swooning over him whenever you saw a picture, well… That was a different other story.

The party continued on after that and the clock soon hit midnight. At that point, it finally hit you that you hadn’t even said hello to the handsome host. You’d seen him quite a number of times, at different places around the apartment – as he was talking to different guests. The nervous beating of your heart had stopped you from approaching him, though. You did kind of fangirl every time your eyes landed on him; something you refused to admit to your friend. She’d tease you about it for the next month, no doubt.

Once the content of the bottle in your hand was all gone, you felt the need to get some fresh air and therefore made your way out onto the large balcony. There were only a few people out there, which you were happy about. You needed a few moments of quietness.

It was a pleasantly warm night, despite it being so late. Taking a deep breath, you felt how your head was spinning ever so slightly – the alcohol starting to take effect on your body. You’d always been able to hold you liquor very well, so since you felt tipsy it meant that you’d had a few too many drinks. You didn’t really care though, because it was worth it. It was a party and you were definitely allowed to get drunk! Truthfully speaking, you were probably one of the most sober people at the party.

Smiling to yourself, you bowed your head slightly in politeness when the other people who were out on the balcony started making their way inside. Left standing out there alone, you relished in the quietness. Loud music and dancing was really fun and all, but moments like these were greatly welcomed.

You knew that your head was going to hurt tomorrow, as well as your throat and ears. But, again, it was worth it. You’d been so busy lately with promotions for your new solo album, that you didn’t even remember the last time you’d had a day off.

A deep voice suddenly calling your name caught your attention, making you turn around to see who it was.

To your surprise, the owner of the voice turned out to be the one person you hadn’t had the courage to talk to all night. Choi Seung Hyun, the handsome host.

Feeling the nervousness rush through your body, you quickly and awkwardly bowed as a greeting. This only made him chuckle, though, as he bowed his head somewhat in return. Your action was so far from the tough image you had as a rapper. It was kind of adorable. He then made his way over to where you were standing by the railing, which had your heartbeat racing as a result.

Why was he so handsome? You’d been around handsome idols for years now, so you should be used to guys who looked like him. So, why did he make you react like this?

“I’ve seen you during the entire night, but I just realized I haven’t even talked to you”, he said, resting his forearms on the railing, leaning forward slightly.

“A-ah… Yeah”, you smiled awkwardly and scolded yourself for acting like such a fangirl. You were a professional rapper, dammit! You’d even branched out into acting a few years ago, so you should know how to hide your inner fangirl.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” he turned to look at you, an almost invisible smile on his face.

“I guess so”, you felt thankful that he was taking charge of the conversation. With his questions, you were able to distract your speeding heart, “MAMA 2013, right?”

“It’s been that long?” he chuckle and took a sip of the wine in his hand, “feels like yesterday, to be honest”

“Yeah”, you nodded and smiled, “you were really good in Tazza 2, by the way”

“Thank you”, he said, a small smirk on his face.

The fact that you’d fangirled hard when his topless scene had come on was a fact you were not going to share with him. You’d even felt embarrassed yourself over your reaction.

“You released a solo album a while back, didn’t you?” he asked, turning his gaze to you.

“Yeah”, you nodded and smiled.

The conversation naturally went on after that and you felt amazed over the fact that you could talk to him so calmly, despite the fact that you heart was hammering like crazy inside your chest. It felt like no more than five minutes went by, but when you finally checked your phone, you realized that it was close to 2 AM. There was no way you wanted to go home now, though. Not when you’d finally gotten the chance to really talk to Seung Hyun, undisturbed. Well, almost undisturbed. There had been short interruptions when other guests had come out to the balcony, either to join the conversation for a while or to say their goodbyes to the host.

What made you feel very happy was the fact that Seung Hyun didn’t seem to think about ending the conversation, at all.

“I almost didn’t go”, you confessed once you’d enjoyed a moment of comfortable silence, “since it’s one of my rare days off, but my friends convinced me in the end”

“I’m glad they did, since I asked them to bring you tonight”, he said.

Turning to look at him, you gave him a surprised look, “what?”

All he did as a response was smile down at you, before taking a sip of the refilled wine in his hand. He’d asked your friends to bring you? You were about to say something again, when the opening of the balcony door interrupted you. It was you best friend, who had a somewhat annoyed look on her face. Had you done something or was it someone else’s doing?

She informed you that your manager had just called her.

“He’s awake right now?” you questioned, surprised.

“Yeah”, she sighed in annoyance, “apparently they’re expecting really bad weather in Japan tomorrow night, so we have to fly out earlier”


“When I told him that we were at a party, he got really mad at me and said to take you home so you could get some sleep before the flight”, she and your manager had known each other for many years, but often managed to piss each other off over small, irrelevant things. It was honestly kind of hilarious, except for right now when your manager effectively managed to piss you off as well. You didn’t want to leave the party, not now!

But, you knew you had to. If you didn’t get some sleep before the flight, the next few days were going to be pure hell.

“I’m going to go say goodbye to some people, so meet me by the front door in a few minutes, okay?” your stylist and best friend said before turning to Seung Hyun, “it was a really awesome party, Seung Hyun-ssi! I really hope this won’t be the last”

“It won’t, I promise”, he said and chuckled.

As she disappeared into the apartment after closing the balcony door, you turned to look at Seung Hyun. You felt sad and annoyed that you had to leave, especially since you’d had such a good time.

“It really was a great party”, you told him and smiled up at him, receiving a smile back.

“I’m glad you came, because it wouldn’t have been quite as great without you”

His words surprised you and you felt your cheeks heat up because of them. He couldn’t truthfully mean that, right? How could you be more special than all of the other guests at the party?

“I doubt that”, you said, but gave him a grateful smile nonetheless.

“I’m always happy when you’re around” he smirked at your surprised expression, “and this isn’t the first time something’s turned out more fun because of you”


He had to be lying, right? There was no way those words could be true, though you hoped that they were and so did your racing heart. Your wishes were answered a few moments later and the possibility of you passing out because your heart was beating so fast increased.

Seung Hyun turned his body towards you completely and cocked his head to the side, studying you with that nearly invisible smile on his face. You looked back up at him, feeling very nervous at the sudden realization that he was standing very close. You’d talked to him for a very long time, but only now did you realize that he was in fact… Very close.

A moment later, without warning, Seung Hyun leaned down and placed his lips on yours for a very short kiss that still managed to make your heart skip about two beats and had your head spinning a great deal. Had he really just…?

Choi Seung Hyun just kissed you, on the lips. What?!

Looking at the complete shock on your face, Seung Hyun chuckled quietly and studied you as you tried to get your head back to reality. He had a pleased smile on his face.

“How long are you going to be in Japan?” he asked after a few moments.

“Five days”, you managed to answer, despite the fact that your head was a mess.

“I’ll call you then”, he said and walked over to the balcony door. He opened it and waited to you to walk inside first.

“But… You don’t have my number, though?” you felt confused as you forced your body to move towards the doorway.

“I might not have talked to you for most of the night, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t talk to your friends”, he said, a smirk on his face as he followed you inside the apartment.

Yes, you were definitely very happy that you’d gone to the party. Though, this was pretty much the last thing you’d expected as you’d gotten ready all those hours ago. You weren’t complaining, though.

Not one bit.

Ben walked out to the house party, seeing a bunch of familiar faces. Wearing his Fraternity shirt with his letter on it and a pair of gym shorts and a pair of speedos underneath. “I’ve never worn these kind of underwear before… I feel stupid…” He grumbled and looked around, taking a cup of alcohol.